DAA and GHenerate

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  1. whats the milligram per cap of the SAMe?
    1g TMG with DAA

  2. the sam e is 400 mg, it seems like alot cuz the bottle was prettty xpensive...... it says take on an empty stomach so when woudl u recommend? and how much?

  3. wait im confused why the samE
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  4. if you guys read the app nut lit up-write up, srry i cant post...its on here
    they discuse the use of tmg and same to better activate the recpetors in the brain and the conversion of DAA to NMDA to be used to make test...i would do 1g TMG, 400mg SAMe, and 3g DAA empty stomach first thing in the A.M.

  5. heres the link:
    anabolicminds dot com/forum/supplements/163367-applied-nutriceuticals-litup dot html

  6. I woudl say its a good stack Im on hrt but know a few friends that liked when they stacked hcgererate with TCF-1 after cycle.
    one of them posted he used it like this (if i remember correcly):
    basic nolva PCT after cycle then-
    wk1-6 HCGenerate 3 caps ed
    wk1-4 TCF-1 (not sure dose but i assume the standerd as on bottle)

    and he told me he feels it helps alot with boosting test.

    not sure if that helps but its me 0.2 cents.

  7. yea i was lookin into HChenerate but its expensive lol


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