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  1. Thumbs up AI Cynostane LOG.. 01.11.2010

    For any gym junkie who gives a Shizzle!

    Welcome Iron brothers!! So here I am 3 years on and ready for my 1st ever PH cycle. I have read many reviews and had great feedback from users at my gym using Cynostane, so I decided to take the plunge and hopefully 'reap the rewards' in the 30 days!!

    About me:

    26 years old
    BF % unknown (guestimate 12-14%)
    3 years gym experience.

    I have supplemented before with N.O supplements, Test Boosters, creatine etc

    My staple have been taking for sometime now and will be taking whilst on cycle:

    Gaspari Myofusion
    High strength fish oil (tablespoon in AM)
    flaxseed oil (tablespoon in PM before bed)
    Dymatize Super Amino 4800MG
    Holland and barrett Glucosamine 2000mg daily
    Holland and Barrett Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium.
    Max strength Multi-Vitamins

    What I have pre loaded so far since 25.10.2010:

    CEL Cycle Assist @ 4 caps AM 4 caps PM
    Himalaya Liv-52 initially 4 caps a day 2AM, 2PM along side Cycle Assist.

    Cycle begins 01.11.2010

    Cynostane at 30mg that's 3 pills a day will try space them out minimum 4 hours apart.
    Will continue taking CEL Cycle Assist at recommended dosage but will take first dosage 4 hrs before my first Cynostane pill.

    Will look something like this:

    6am CEL Cycle Assist/ 1 Liv 52
    10am Cynostane
    2pm Cynostane
    6pm Cynostane
    10pm CEL Cycle Assist/ 1 Liv 52

    Any recommendation on times? Here the dosage of Cycle Assist is longer that 12hrs I read somewhere that there should be a minimum 4 hrs gap between any PH and a support supplement? Is this true?

    My cycle will run for 30 days.

    PCT I have decided to stay OTC. pls fellas no flaming about SERMS needed and they are a must! It's a weakish PH and SERMS carry there own risks. I will use a SERM when I do a stronger cycle. I PROMISE!!

    Ok so I have Iforce Reversitol V2
    What should the dosage be? It says 3 caps a day for 4 weeks I was thinking doing 3/2/2/1? Any thoughts?

    Biotivia bioforge pro max @ 3 caps. (Recommended is 2 caps daily)

    DS lean extreme cort blocker.

    This is PCT.
    Wk 1-4 reveristol v2
    Wk 1-4 bioforge
    Wk 3-6 lean extreme
    Also at wk 1 will take Primoridal Creapure to compensate for any loss in strength. My staple will also be during and after cycle. Should I purchase another bottle of cycle support for pct or is it not needed?

    Calories: I'm not going to give you a break down of what I eat and when. What I will tell you is that my Carbs will come from Wholewheat Pasta, wild basmati rice, brown rice, Ezekiel bread, wholegrain bread, oats and lots of fruit and veg.
    Protein- shakes, protein bars, milk, chicken, eggs, fish, kidney beans, chic peas, etc etc blah blah blah......

    I will add Cardio to my regime as I want to reduce some BF this was another reason I decided to go with Cynostane.

    Any Q or advice most welcome.



  2. Cynostane log day 1.

    My epic journey has begun. I dropped my pills at the stated times in previous post.

    All day I had a feeling of well being, felt focus and happy?! Could this be possible on the 1st day or am I just thinking it? Lol

    Anyway, Iv just got back from gym. I train I the evening as work comes 1st! I have had my super amino pills and also PHD waxy vol. The feeling in the gym was amazing!! The parts I trained today feel tight and during workout they were ready to pop! Veins showing a little during workout but nothing major!!

    So far so good... Feel normal, no mad head rushes, no unusual pain.

    Winter is approching here in the UK, so people are walking around in long coats, hats etc.. I was wearing a T-shirt at work and whilst out and about. So the stuff has given me a warm feeling inside thermogenic shizzit kickin in?

    This is what I trained.

    All my weights are in KG.

    Bench press:
    Warm up 20kg 30 reps
    1st- 80kg 10 reps
    2nd- 100kg 10 reps
    3rd- 110kg 5 reps
    4th-60kg 20 reps (burn out)

    Upper chest incline DB press:
    1st- 32kg 10 reps
    2nd- 34kg 10 reps
    3rd- 40kg 5 reps

    Lower chest decline press:
    1st- 80kg 10 reps
    2nd- 90kg 8 reps
    3rd- 100kg 6 reps

    Pec Deck:
    1st- 75kg 10 reps
    2nd- 89kg 10 reps
    3rd- 109kg 6 reps
    4th- 55kg 15 reps (burnout, wanted do more but correct form was not in play!!)


    Standing bicep curl with bar:
    Warm up 10kg 15 reps
    Set 1-3 were all 30kg and 10 reps

    Preacher EZ bar:
    1st- 30kg 10 reps
    2nd- 35kg 10 reps
    3rd- 45kg 6 reps

    Hammer curls across body:
    1st- 15kg 10 reps
    2nd- 17.5kg 8 reps

    please note the weights im pushing have nothing to do with Cynostane as these are what i have built upto.. I did state iv trained for 3 years but tbh the first year i wasnt really into it that much, as time progressed, i have been more commited and over the last year and a bit iv dedicated more time to gym and realised the importance of a balanced and healthy diet.

    I was running late today so didn't get time to finish off properly at the gym. I may change my training to volume training whilst on Cynostane depends how I feels I want to go heavier during PCT. any thoughts?

    Food intake was good quality food. Carbs were high and so was protein. Fats im snacking on nuts and also the fish and flaxseed oil.
    Consumed 3 litres of water.

    Any Q or ideas most welcome.



  3. Cynostane log day 2.

    My dosage of pills and times remains the same. Woke up this morning feeling 'tight' my biceps and chest felt as if i had just trained them. Again, feeling really warm come a point at work i had to pop into my local Boots and get some deodrants etc. LOL Walking around with the 'Alpha male' feeling or maybe listening to too much Rap music.. ha ha (joke)

    Ok so iv finished my second workout this evening.

    what i trained today:


    warm up lots of stretching

    Chin ups:
    body weight only, 30 sec rest between sets.
    1st- 10 reps
    2nd- 10 reps
    3rd- 10 reps

    Barbell Rows:
    1st- 65kg 10 reps
    2nd- 85kg 10 reps
    3rd- 105kg 8reps

    Lying T bar row close grip:
    1st- 40kg 15 reps
    2nd- 60kg 10 reps
    3rd- 80kg 6 reps (wanted push 2 more, but correct form was not in motion)

    Seated Cable rows:
    1st- 75kg 10 reps
    2nd- 95kg 8 reps
    3rd- 115kg 6 reps

    Rear Delts (machine)
    1st- 48kg 10 reps
    2nd- 61kg 10 reps
    3rd- 75kg 6 reps

    Rear shrugs: (long bar)
    Sets 1-3 70kg 10 reps (nice slow motion and a little pinch at the top, hold and release) yeaa baby!!!


    close grip barbell bench press:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd-90kg 8 reps
    3rd- 100kg 6 reps

    Skull crushers:
    1st- 30kg 10 reps
    2nd- 40kg 8 reps
    3rd- 40kg 8 reps

    Cable rope overhead ext:
    sets 1-3 40kg 10 reps

    Tricep Pushdown:
    1st- 30kg 10 reps
    2nd- 35kg 8 reps
    3rd- 40kg 6 reps

    (please note the tricep pushdowns were performed on a lat pulldown machine. Although the weights may read 'light' i can tell you they were tough LOL)

    So, im sitting at home typing this up. I feel absolutely normal. NO SIDES whatsoever.
    NO additional aggression
    NO zits (not yet anyway)
    Libido still were it was.
    NO light headed feeling

    Body feels 'tight' and looks 'pumped'.. The body parts i trained today and yesterday are 'sore' i have noticed that they are still 'hard'....

    Food intake good quality source.

    Water intake 2.5 litres.



  4. subbed!

  5. [QUOTE=Mr.50;2634595]subbed![/


  6. Subbed for the ride! Nice to see someone else use kg's and not only me

    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
    Questions or concerns? → conny[@]

  7. Cheers fellas... Ye all the weight in my gym are in KG. Sometimes I'm reading logs and got a unit coverter open coverting lbs to KG lol

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Magikskittlz View Post
    Cheers fellas... Ye all the weight in my gym are in KG. Sometimes I'm reading logs and got a unit coverter open coverting lbs to KG lol
    Same here brah

    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
    Questions or concerns? → conny[@]

  9. Ok quick update I'm at work today I'm feeling really warm, getting hot flushes, only taken 2 pills so far. Water intake is around 1.5 litres till now, feeling a little 'spaced out'. Been busy at work so I'm just putting it down to lack of food. On my lunch now having chicken and salad with wholegrain large plait. Then knock back some myofusion. Will post tonight after gym.



  10. I have a couple bottles of these stashed...will be following along to see how this treats you!

    Cheers bud!
    Iron Legion Rep

  11. Curious about this one for a while though I never picked it up... going to follow along for the ride.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  12. Cynostane log day 3.

    Firstly, thank you very much guys! i appreciate your support.

    Ok so day 3, dosing remain the same this goes for all. (Support Supplements, Cynostane and also Staple)

    This afternoon whilst at work my body was so warm.. i was letting of so much heat i think i could keep my family warm (for a month at least), save on gas, and invest in some more supps..PMSL
    I am experiencing the thermogenic effect for sure, after all Cynostane does promote fat loss so im guessing its doing just that! After eating and drinking more water i did feel a lot better, all im saying is this stuff cries out for food.. I felt my appetite increase today and because of the busy period at work i kind of neglected myself of food!!

    I trained-


    Standing palms up barbell behind back wrist curls
    1st- 20kg 12 reps
    2nd- 30kg 12 reps
    3rd- 40kg 12 reps
    4th- 50kg 12 reps

    Palm up wrist curl barbell over bench
    1st- 20kg 12 reps
    2nd- 25kg 12 reps
    3rd- 30kg 10 reps
    4th- 35kg 6 reps

    Palm down wrist curl barbell standing
    1st-4th set all 15kg 1oreps

    I felt as if i could do more, but decided i should take it easy as its only my 3rd day on Cynostane, dont want to cause injury so soon..


    Decline crunch
    1st- 15 reps
    2nd-15 reps
    3rd- 15 reps

    All only body weight. Slow movement, hold at top for few secs and release, and repeat

    Leg Raise
    1st- 12 reps
    2nd- 10 reps
    3rd- 10 reps
    4th- 10 reps

    Cable Crunches
    1st-3rd 90kg 8 reps


    Barbell Side Bend
    1st-3rd 30kg 10 reps

    NO SIDES so far!! Perhaps it early but it feels as if im not on anything at all!
    ALL the body parts i have trained since day 1 are still 'sore' and 'hard'.. Looking a little fuller and pumped.

    Food intake was quality. No cheats. Just so you get an idea since day 1 and upto day 30 im consuming/plan on around 600-700g Carbs and im hitting 360g protein

    Water intake 3 litres.



  13. Thanks. So far so good!! Still early and feeling and noticing things already! i have high hopes... Want to share it with my 'E-Family'.. LOL


  14. Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    Curious about this one for a while though I never picked it up... going to follow along for the ride.
    Thanks. So far so good!! Still early and feeling and noticing things already! i have high hopes... Want to share it with my 'E-Family'.. LOL


  15. Cynostane log day 4.

    My dosing of pills was +1 hr of the stated times previously posted. No reason i wasnt experimenting or anything just put my alarm on 'snooze' and slept through till 7am.

    I have noticed a little leaning out so far, nothing major though. its still early days. My intake of food has increased slightly, feeling hungry more often. I dont get the 'bloat' after eating carbs, i have also noticed my stomach tighten up a little and has become flatter. The abs workout may have contributed

    ok so Day 4 workout as follows:


    DB shoulder press:
    1st- 30kg 10 reps (per 1 DB weight stated here so total would be 60kg)
    2nd- 36kg-8 reps
    3rd- 40kg- 6 reps
    4th- 15kg 20 reps (This set was done immediately after dropping the 40kg no rest period)

    Front DB incline raise:
    1st- 7kg 10 reps
    2nd- 8kg 8 reps
    3rd- 8 reps

    Rear Military press:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd- 60kg 8 reps
    3rd 65kg 8 reps

    Bent over Lateral raise:
    1st- 8kg 10 reps
    2nd- 8kg 10 reps
    3rd- 8kg 10 reps


    Plate shrugs:

    1st-3rd 50kg (total) 12 reps

    shrugs using chest press machine:
    1st- 60kg 10 reps (total was 120kg for both sides)
    2nd-80kg 8 reps
    3rd - 100kg 6 reps

    All in all, a good 4 days.

    Food intake is high and quality. No cheats so far.

    Water intake 2.5 litres.

    I am definately feeling the thermogenic effect i had felt this from day 1 tbh. I see my self leaning out a little considering the amount of food im getting down me.

    NO SIDES!!!



  16. Cynostane log day 5.

    This morning i knocked back my multi vit, Super Amino, glucosomine etc and headed to the gym after dropping my little brother off to school. Did 30 min cardio (incline 1.5, speed 8.5) followed by more abs work, nothing major just some cable crunches and leg raises. This was all done on an empty stomach.

    Got home around 9.45am had some oats and myofusion took my 1st dose of Cynostane with fish oil then went to sleep...

    iv noticed this morning that RECOVERY has also kicked in. Usually when i do cardio in the mornings i feel really lazy during the day and cannot be arsed do anything else. BUT today is different!! Will go gym tonight and train legs!!

    Other than that looking a little leaner, more pumped, muscle hardness has also kicked in. I touch bi/tri back etc all 'hard'...Looking forward to see what else this stuff can do for me...



  17. Cynostane log day 5 cont'd.....

    on Frinday evening i hit the gym in the evening just to do legs. As mentioned in the morning log i did cardio and a few ab workouts. The recovery was great!

    Legs are as follows:

    1st- 60kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 8 reps
    3rd-100kg 6 reps
    4th- 120kg 4 reps

    I felt the strength kick in today, usually my 120kg is a 1 max rep! i focus on form and depth, no half hearted lame attempt at squatting! real deep and a big thrust up is how i do these bad boys!

    Leg Press Machine:
    1st- 150kg 10 reps
    2nd- 200kg 8 reps
    3rd- 250kg 6 reps
    4th- 300kg 4 reps

    Again, strength increase here as well. My 4th set is usally a 1 max rep. Wanted to go one more set but will save that for next wk.

    Stiff Leg deadlift:
    sets 1-3 all 60kg 10 reps. Slow and correct form used!

    Standing Calf raise:
    1st- 120kg 10 reps
    2nd-160kg 8 reps
    3rd- 160kg 8 reps

    standing angled calf raise:
    1st-3rd set burnout 50kg

    The 1st five days are over. I have noticed thermogenic effects, food intake has increased slightly, feeling a little more aggressive now, little leaner, muscle hardness..
    and RECOVERY!! its amazing!

    NO shrinkage in nuts
    NO light headed feelings
    NO Acne
    BIG Boners!



  18. Cynostane day 6 and 7.

    The weekend is here and im hard at work. NO gym, just eating lots of food and drinking lots of water!

    Feel like i have recovered well from my weeks workout feeling stronger, raring to go to the gym and see what i can do! 'DOMS' these dont even exist anymore!! LOL
    When i do legs on a Friday i usually feel these hard over the weekend and into the beginning of the following wk but not this time!

    Looking forward to Monday and see if i can bust my Chest harder than last week, hoping to get some bigger number/reps on there!



  19. Nice and consistent log, keep it up!

  20. Cynostane log day 8.

    So the weekend was manic. Was busy at work, Sunday was out with family during the day, and friends the evening. Food intake was a little lower than usual.

    Anyway enough of that day 8 (Monday) was feeling a little **** (just lack of sleep) come home from work and just crashed for about an hour... Woke up thinking 'shyte im still tired going to have a pants workout'...... well........


    Bench press:
    1st warm up- 60kg 12 reps
    2nd- 100kg 10 reps
    3rd- 110kg 6 reps
    4th- 120kg 4 reps PR!!!!

    Incline DB press:
    1st- 35kg 10 reps
    2nd-40kg 6 reps
    3rd 42.5kg 6 reps

    Decline Barbell Press:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd-90kg 8 reps
    3rd- 100kg 6 reps

    DB flys flat bench:
    1st 17.5kg 10 reps
    2nd- 20kg 8 reps
    3rd- 25 kg 8 reps


    Standing bicep curl barbell:
    1st-3rd 40kg 10 reps

    seated concentration curls:
    1st- 12.5kg 10 reps
    2nd- 15kg 8 reps
    3rd- 17.5kg 8 reps

    standind cable curls:
    1st-3rd 40kg (total) 10 reps

    Regardless of the 'lower' food intake the night before, the lack of sleep and the fact i felt like shyte i actually bust my chest harder, bigger weights and reps. Was impressed considering how i was feeling!

    This stuff is treating me well so far. I have already put on some size on upper body, clearly visible.

    RECOVERY is FANTASTIC!!! i cant stress this enough.
    Strength increase is now evident.
    getting leaner seeing new 'cuts' appear
    Thermogenic defo kicked in big time

    NO sides!!!

    Food intake quality. Water 2.5 litres.



  21. Cynostane log day 9.

    straight into the workout....


    Barbell rows:
    1st- warm up 60kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 10 reps
    3rd 100kg 6 reps
    4th 120kg 5 reps

    one arm DB row:
    1st- 44kg 10 reps
    2nd- 50kg 10 reps
    3rd 50kg 10 reps

    Low Pulley:
    1st- 85kg 10 reps
    2nd-105kg 8 reps
    3rd- 115 7 reps

    Rear delt machine:
    1st- 68kg 10 reps
    2nd- 75kg 10 reps
    3rd- 82kg 6 reps (lost form so didnt carry on)

    Rear Shrugs:
    1st-3rd 50kg 10 reps


    Close grip bench press:
    1st- 60 kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 8 reps
    3rd 100kg 6 reps

    Skull crushers:
    1st-3rd 40kg 10 reps

    Reverse grip pulldowns:
    1st- 35kg 12 reps
    2nd- 45kg 10 reps
    3rd- 55kg 10 reps

    Overhead EXT:
    1st- 20kg 20 reps
    2nd 30kg 15 reps

    Some new records on these workouts. Im sitting at home typing this up right now everything i have trained feels normal. I want to go again and workout. LOL

    Good food intake. Water intake 3 litres.



  22. Cynostane log day 10.

    ok firstly im kind of behind with this log so im playing catchup.. Day 10 was an easy day just bust forearms/abs and did cardio...

    Behind back wrist curl:
    1st- 40kg 12 reps
    2nd- 50kg 12 reps
    3rd- 60kg 8 reps

    Standing forearm curl with EZ bar:
    1st- 15kg 10 reps
    2nd 20kg 10 reps
    3rd- 20kg 10 reps

    Cable wrist curls:
    1st- 30kg 20 reps
    2nd- 40kg 15 reps
    3rd- 50kg 14 reps
    4th- 30kg 20 reps
    5th- 30kg 20 reps


    Leg raise:
    sets 1-3 all body weight. 12 reps each set

    Side 2 side:
    sets 1-3 with 20kg plate each hand. (1 set= 20 reps)

    Cable crunches:
    sets 1-3 90kg, 10 reps (per set)


    45 mins cycling.

    whilst doing foremarms VASCULARITY was amazing!!! Veins were popping, ready to blow!
    Every set felt easy. Rest period was short. The recovery between sets has increased significantly as well. You can see from my sets and reps i went a little 'silly' on forearms but im blaming the Cynostane!! Enough said!

    Cardio was sooo easy. Felt as if i could go on forever.

    Really enjoying Cynostane at the moment...

    Honestly, iv experienced NO SIDES so far! Its as if im not on anything at all!!

    Food intake BIG! water intake 3.5 Litres



  23. Looks good man, you move some weight on the back exercises that is for sure. I will say that 3 liters of water a day seems low, might want to try and double that if you can. It will also help you stay drier in appearance, ie skin tighter and more vascular. I have 3 liters of water before noon everyday!
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).


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