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  1. Cynostane log day 11.

    Didnt get much sleep lastnight, body felt a little tired this morning and then off to work, didnt get home till around 5.30pm. I had alittle 'power nap' then headed to the gym...

    Today was shoulder and traps...


    Shoulder Press:
    warm up (stretching, light weight reps)
    1st- 32kg- 10 reps
    2nd-36kg- 8 reps
    3rd- 40kg- 6 reps
    4th- 25kg 40 reps (burnout)

    Standing Military Press:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd- 60kg 8 reps
    3rd- 60kg 8 reps

    Standing Plate raise:
    1st- 15kg 10 reps
    2nd- 15kg 10 reps
    3rd- 20kg 10 reps

    Incline front Shoulder Press:
    1st- 20kg 10 reps
    2nd- 22.5kg 10 reps
    3rd- 22.5kg 10 reps

    Side Cable Lateral raise:
    sets 1-3 15kg 20 reps each set (10 reps per side)

    warm up with barbell.
    1st- 60kg 12 reps
    2nd- 90kg 10 reps
    3rd- 130kg 7 reps

    angles shrugs using chest press machine:
    1st- 120kg 15 reps
    2nd- 140kg 15 reps
    3rd- 140kg 15 reps

    Considering i was feeling a little worn out.. I pushed myself as much as i could go.. little disappointed with shoulder press wanted to squeeze 1 or 2 more reps on 40kg or even push up to 42.5kg. Saying that my 1st set was up by 2kg this week and did 10 reps and also managed to do a burnout 40 reps... (im feeling beeter now) lol

    So 11 days into the cycle NO SIDES, iv got a couple of zits on my back but im not putting that down to the Cynostane. Everyone gets a couple now and again...

    What iv noticed so far...........

    -Strength increasing
    -NO DOMS
    -Feeling good in myself just generally a happier person....
    -Recovery is immense
    -Needing food more often
    -Leaner (slightly)
    -Erections and Sex is amazing!
    -Muscle hardness/fullness
    -Trying to 'hump' uglier birds?? (this is a side effect) lol
    -Random 'boners'...
    -The 'Boys' are still hanging like before...



  2. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    Looks good man, you move some weight on the back exercises that is for sure. I will say that 3 liters of water a day seems low, might want to try and double that if you can. It will also help you stay drier in appearance, ie skin tighter and more vascular. I have 3 liters of water before noon everyday!
    Thanks. Man i dont know how you do that!! i drink like 3 litres and im happy. Im peeing every like 25-30 mins.. The toilet at work is getting abused! Anglia water must be loving the huge bills it send to my work place!! PMSL!! I will try and up it. Have you done a Cyno cycle or are you planning on? This stuff has given me no issues as yet. Im thinking perhaps increase the dosage and get another bottle.. OR just ride it out at 30mg as its my 1st cycle....



  3. Cynostane log day 12.

    Hoo fcukn ray!! finally up to date.. yee haaaa

    ok so the gym was packed out today. Wanted to begin with Squats but the squat rack was occupied and ppl waiting... I didnt bother using the Smith machine as i dont find it effective at all. Feels like im cheating!


    Leg Press:
    1st- 50kg 8 reps
    2nd- 100kg 10 reps
    3rd-250kg 8 reps
    4th- 300kg 6 reps (extra 2 reps this wk)

    sets 1-3 40kg 20 reps per set (10/10)

    Lying leg curl:
    1st- 20kg 15 reps
    2nd- 35kg 12 reps
    3rd- 45kg 10 reps
    4th- 55kg 7 reps

    Leg EXT:
    sets 1-3 50kg 10 reps (hold at top slowly release, these fcuked me BIGTIME)

    Seated Calf raise:
    Sets 1-4 40kg 12 reps

    Standing Calf raise:
    1st-80kg 12 reps
    2nd- 120kg 12 reps
    3rd- 160kg 10 reps

    Some extra reps on the press and also the calf raises, im sittin home comfortable. No aches no pains... Going to eat my cottage cheese have a myofusion and call it a night...

    Enjoy your weekend ladies/gents..



  4. Whats weight gain like so far?
  5. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by bashman View Post
    Whats weight gain like so far?
    Let's just say it's good!! I'm weighing myself every Monday morning only. Will do that for the rest of the cycle. So far I have gained. But will give my final weight on the 30th day!!

    Sit tight brother!



  6. Cynostane log day 13/14.

    Rest days.... weekend off, just ate and chilled out.

    Cysnostane log day 15.

    OK guys... Half way into my cycle im really looking to go balls out and reach new heights with this stuff....... THATS EXACTLY whats happened...

    Bench Press:

    Warm up with barbell.. combination of slow and fast reps.. lots of streching..

    1st- 100kg 10 reps
    2nd- 110kg 7 reps
    3rd- 120kg 4 reps (this week lifted bar myself off the rack, touch chest and back up)
    4th- 130kg 4 reps (helped off rack, but repped myself spotter on standby)

    ^^^^ IMPRESSED with this!! (Cynostane is my best friend right now, i see it slowly leaving me) LOL

    Incline Barbell:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 90kg 8 reps
    3rd 100kg 6 reps (this felt hard, not sure perhaps because my flat bench took a lot out of me at this point)

    Decline Barbell:
    1st- 90kg 10 reps
    2nd- 100kg 8 reps
    3rd- 110kg 8 reps

    Pec Deck:
    1st- 75kg 10 reps
    2nd-89kg 10 reps
    3rd 109kg 6 reps

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Loving the extra REPS and weights being added! i feel like im the 'daddy' when at the gym.


    warm up....

    Barbell Bicep curl:
    1st- 30kg 10 reps
    2nd- 40kg 10 reps
    3rd-50kg 5 reps
    4th 60kg 2 reps

    ^^^ some new figures on my curl. ALL throughout correct form, slight bend in knees elbows tucked in, squeeze at top.. Felt 3-4 set hard!! WAS unbelivable pump and vascularity!!!

    Standing ALT DB curls:

    set 1-3 12.5kg 12 reps per arm

    Just the two exercises performed on Biceps.

    15 days in.. What can i say.. BLOWN away with todays workout! LOVING this suff!!

    Water intake is now 4 litres. Was told to double up on 3 litres... Im getting there!! ha ha



  7. Curious on your results.

  8. Cynostane log day 16.

    today is back day.. I changed my exercises today...
    warm up, stretching a few pull ups....

    1st- 100kg 7 reps
    2nd- 140kg 5 reps
    3rd 180kg 3 reps (PR!! although this is the 1st time iv listed deadlift my previous had been 1 max rep at 180kg)
    4th- 190kg 1 rep (PR!!)

    ^^^^ for me i think i SMASHED deadlift! i had big men looking at me when i loaded the plates thinking 'ye he lifting that'....

    V-Grip pulldown:
    1st- 60kg 10 reps
    2nd- 70kg 10 reps
    3rd- 90kg 8 reps

    Behind neck wide pulldown:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd- 60kg 10 reps
    3rd- 70kg 8 reps

    Seated Row:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd- 60kg 10 reps
    3rd- 70kg 8 reps

    Rear Shrugs Barbell:
    1st- 50kg 10 rps
    2nd- 55kg 10 reps
    3rd- 60kg 10 reps

    warm up...

    Close grip bench:
    1st- 80kg 10 reps
    2nd-90kg 8 reps
    3rd- 110kg 6 reps

    Standing 'Ski' kickbacks:
    set 1-3 7kg 10 reps (ha ha ye ye light weight)

    Reverse grip pulldown:
    set 1-4 40kg 10 reps

    So some new figures on lifts!

    Im really impressed with Cynostane althought i felt it kick in from an early stage i think its true potential kicks in half way.. Eager to see how the last 2 weeks go. One thing i havent mentioned is weight! i will post this in last update. (day 30) i did notice an increase in the 1st week and i was like 'shyte have i really put that much on'.. BUT this Monday gone it wasnt as much as the 1st week?.. Bit bizarre.. Eating habits are still same if not maybe a little more. BUT saying that looking leaner..
    LIFTS are BIGGER so im not really fussed!....

    Water intake 4.5 litres..



  9. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    Curious on your results.
    Yes, me too. Last 2 wks, so hoping to max it out! I have felt the 'True' difference so far this week...

    Thanks for the interest...



  10. Cynostane log day 17.

    Forearm Curl behind back:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd-70kg 8 reps
    3rd-80kg 5 reps
    4th- 30kg 25 reps (burnout)

    ^^^ HUGE veins!!!!

    Over bench wrist curl palm up:
    1st- 30kg 10 reps
    2nd- 35kg 10 reps
    3rd- 40kg 8 reps

    Seated cable curl:
    1st- 35kg 25 reps
    2nd- 45kg 20 reps
    3rd 55kg 15 reps

    ^^^ Yes, i went silly again on them, just feel so easy when your doing them.. And also wanting my forearm to get a little bigger so it look more in proportion to upper arm ...


    Cable crunches:
    set 1-3 90kg 12 reps

    abs roller coast machine:
    sets 1-4 12 reps (body weight)

    leg raise:
    set 1-4 12 reps

    Increase in weight on some forearm exercises this week. Recovery is great! feeling good.

    No issues to report!



  11. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    Yes, just inputting stuff now. Sorry been busy and spaced out!! lol



  12. Ok, apologies for not updating as regular. Day 18 and 19 i did not train. It was my graduation ceromony on day 18 so was occupied all day, food intake was terrible, then in the evening i hung out with pals and we danced the night away. Day 19 was a shyte day, was at work, was a late night (day 18) so didnt feel like training! Just slept after work..

    Day 20 NO TRAINING!!

    Day 21 was just some Cardio. Combination of treadmill and cycling. total 1 hr.



  13. Cynostane log day 22.

    Woke up this moring feeling really tired. I had enough sleep and recovered from the weekend. Cannot explain why this is....

    So its Monday its chest day:

    Bench Press:
    1st- 70kg 8 reps
    2nd- 100kg 10 reps
    3rd- 120kg 6 reps
    4th- 130kg 5 reps
    5th- 60kg 13 reps

    ^^^ Some extra reps, also burnout done straight after 4th set. Feeling good... Taking more time between sets though.

    Incline Press barbell:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 8 reps
    3rd- 100kg 6 reps (felt easier than last week but didnt manage to get extra rep or increase weight)

    Decline Press Barbell:
    sets 1-3 All 90kg 10 reps

    Pec flyes:
    1st- 75 kg 10reps
    2nd-89kg 10 reps
    3rd-109kg 6 reps


    Barbell standing curl:
    1st- 20kg 10 reps
    2nd-40kg 10 reps
    3rd-50kg 8 reps
    4th- 60kg 6 reps

    ^^^Extra reps on 4th set. feeling easier to curl...

    Incline DB curl:
    1st- 10kg 10/10 reps
    2nd 12.5kg 10/10 reps
    3rd 15kg 9/9 reps

    So a few extra reps on some exercises. I did find week 3 to be the 'kick in' period for me on Cynostane. In this week i also experienced aggression, getting annoyed a lot more and a lot quicker! a few more aches and pains esp in shoulders and forearms when performing lifts. May up the fish oil this week.

    Have been times where i just begin to feel a little 'spaced out'.. No particular time period just random, i find myself at work sometimes and i need to take a seat and just ride it out!

    Other than that everything else seems to be in check.

    'Boys' are still same size
    No Acne
    No backpumps

    Getting huge 'wood' in mornings, sex is great still.. thought this might level off.. but i aint complaining!



  14. i have mis placed the paper with day 23 workout figures. it must be in the car.. Will update tomorrow...



  15. Cynostane log day 23.

    Ok so iv been away from here. So im playing catch up.

    Back workout as follows:

    Barbell rows:
    warm up, stretching etc.
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 90kg 10 reps
    3rd- 100kg 8 reps
    4th- 120kg 6 reps

    Single arm DB rows:
    1st- 44kg 10/10
    2nd- 50kg 10/10
    3rd- 50kg 10/10

    V- pulldown:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 10 reps
    3rd- 90kg 8 reps

    Seated rows:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd-60kg 10 reps
    3rd- 70kg 7 reps


    Close grip press:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 90kg 8 reps
    3rd- 100kg 6 reps
    4th- 50kg 15 reps

    Single Arm pulldown:
    1st, 2nd- 20kg 12/12 reps
    3rd- 25kg 10/10 reps

    Overhead rope ext:
    1st- 35kg 20 reps
    2nd- 40kg 15 reps
    3rd- 50kg 15 reps

    Body was feeling really tired. I slept well, On this matter sleep has been great, really deep been using the sleep cycle on my iphone and it shows how deep i sleep for the period. I wake up 'grogy'... Not sure why this is happening. Usually after such deep sleep i wake up refreshed.

    Aggression is still elevated.

    Other that this NO other sides!

    Water intake has been 4.5 litres.



  16. Cynostane log day 24.

    Food intake was a little down today. Was extremely busy at work. Felt really spaced out and got really agitated from the hunger.


    Behind back wrist curl:
    1st- 50kg 12 reps
    2nd- 70kg 10 reps
    3rd- 80kg 8 reps

    ^^^ some extra reps in here. Veins were mad poppin! Forearm is looking bigger, and more defined. Really like the feeling. And they reckon women find the forearm the most attractive part on a bloke.. PMSL

    Forearm ext, palms facing down:
    1st- 10kg 20 reps
    2nd- 15kg 20 reps
    3rd- 15kg 20 reps

    Single arm DB wrist curl:
    1st 12.5kg 12/12 reps
    2nd- 15kg 10/10 reps
    3rd- 15kg 10/10 reps


    Ab Coaster machine:
    set 1-3 bodyweight 12 reps/set

    Cable crunches:
    sets 1-3 90kg 12 reps/set


    45 mins.

    Water intake 5 litres.



  17. Cynostane log day 25.

    shoulder Press (Hammer strength machie)
    1st- 40kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 10 reps
    3rd- 120kg 7 reps
    4th 140kg 2 reps
    5th- 25kg DB burnout 15 reps

    Arnie Press:
    1st- 20kg 10 reps
    2nd-22.5kg- 10 reps
    3rd- 25kg 10 reps

    Bent over cable lateral raise:
    1st- 15kg 10/10 reps
    2nd- 20kg 8/8 reps
    3rd- 20kg 8/8 reps

    Rear Delts:
    1st- 75kg 10 reps
    2nd- 82kg 10 reps
    3rd- 89kg 8 reps


    Barbell shrugs:
    sets 1-3 100kg 8 reps

    DB shrugs, side:
    1st- 37.5kg 12 reps
    2nd-40kg 10 reps
    3rd- 42.5kg 10 reps

    Felt as if strength has 'levelled' off. Not seen much of an increase in weights this last week. It was all about weeks 2-3, week 3 being predominant.

    NO SIDES to report other than what iv stated in previous posts.

    Water intake 5 litres. (peeing sooooo much)



  18. Cynostane log day 26.

    Only Cardio. 45 mins, combination of treadmill/cycling



  19. Cynostane log Day 27 & 28..

    Resting weekend. Worked, relaxed with friends and family. shot some pool wooped some azz on ps3..



  20. Cynostane log day 29.

    Had a good weekend, food intake was good during the weekend, had plenty of sleep. Sunday was just a pure chillaxin day..

    Ok so today i did legs instead of chest as i felt too tired to work them on friday.

    warm up with bar and lots of stretching.
    1st- 80kg 10 reps
    2nd- 100kg 10 reps
    3rd- 120kg 5 reps
    4th- 60kg 17 reps

    Leg Press:
    1st- 150kg 10 reps
    2nd- 200kg 10 reps
    3rd- 250kg 8 reps
    4th- 300kg 7 reps
    5th- 340kg 3 reps

    ^^^^ BIGGER on reps happy with reps and also the added weight!!!

    Leg EXT:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd- 50kg 10 reps
    3rd- 60kg 10 reps

    Standing calf raise:
    sets 1-3 120kg 12 reps/set

    seated calf raise:
    sets 1-3 40kg 20 reps/set

    Legs felt totally blown up, found recovery immense between sets this is definately evident with Cynostane.

    Water intake 5 litres.



  21. Cynostane log day 30.


    Bench Press:
    warm up, bar 20 reps and stretching
    1st- 100kg 8 reps
    2nd- 120kg 4 reps
    3rd- 130kg 4 reps

    ^^^for some reason didnt do as well as previous weeks. Felt discomfort in shoulders and also forearms as well when lifting. I did make a note of this in previous log.

    Incline Press:
    sets 1-3 80kg 12 reps

    Decline Press:
    sets 1-3 80kg 12 reps

    DB flys:
    1st- 15kg 10 reps
    2nd- 25kg 8 reps
    3rd- 25kg 8 reps


    barbell curl
    warm up with straight bar
    1st- 40kg 10 reps
    2nd- 50kg 8 reps
    3rd- 60kg 6 reps
    4th- 30kg 12 reps

    Seated ALT curl:
    1st- 15kg 10 reps
    2nd- 17.5kg 8 reps
    3rd- 22.5kg 6 reps

    OK so my 'affair' with Cynostane is now over.

    Immense recovery during sets
    Immense recovery after w/o
    Increased appetite more so after week 1
    Felt thermogenic effect quite instantly
    Muscle hardness
    Muscle Fullness
    NO Acne
    NO spike in BP (this is defiantely due to CEL Cycle Assist. My friend did Cyno without Cycle Support his BP was through the roof. Cyno does potentially increase BP so do use some support supp)
    General well being
    Sleep was great
    NO back pumps
    big 'Wood'
    NO shrinkage in 'Boys'

    Aggression (was good IN the GYM, but not so good OUT the GYM)
    Strength levelled out during last week
    Some unexplainable wierd feelings during some days
    Tiredness @ times......

    Overall, im impressed with the 30 days. As this was my 1st cycle i was a little apprehensive to begin with. BUT that all changed as time progressed. I was so glad that i did not experience any major side.

    Will definately do this again solo but at 40mg and 5-6 weeks. I was considering increasing the dose to 40mg half way through but decided not to as i didnt want to push my luck.

    Would definately recommened this to anybody thinking of a PH and wanting to know which one to begin with! (dont forget the support supps though)

    OK so finally, weight gain. I started at 93kg......

    FINISHED 97kg...... total of 8.8lbs increase if my Math is right haha.

    Look a lot more defined, much more def in back, chest looks fuller, forearm is more defined and bigger. A lot of my lifts increased...

    So whats next:


    Wk 1-4 iforce reversitol v2 (3/2/2/1) & Bioforge pro max @ 3 pills/day
    Primordial Creapure

    Day 15 DS Lean Xtreme (week 3-6)

    Anyone looking for feedback or any Q im happy to answer them.

    PS.. Dont forget the Diet, this stuff loves food so keep the intake up. I cannot emphasis this point enough.



  22. Cool log. Very helpful to read before choosing a run.


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