AI Cynostane LOG.. 01.11.2010

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  1. Cynostane log day 23.

    Ok so iv been away from here. So im playing catch up.

    Back workout as follows:

    Barbell rows:
    warm up, stretching etc.
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 90kg 10 reps
    3rd- 100kg 8 reps
    4th- 120kg 6 reps

    Single arm DB rows:
    1st- 44kg 10/10
    2nd- 50kg 10/10
    3rd- 50kg 10/10

    V- pulldown:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 10 reps
    3rd- 90kg 8 reps

    Seated rows:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd-60kg 10 reps
    3rd- 70kg 7 reps


    Close grip press:
    1st- 70kg 10 reps
    2nd- 90kg 8 reps
    3rd- 100kg 6 reps
    4th- 50kg 15 reps

    Single Arm pulldown:
    1st, 2nd- 20kg 12/12 reps
    3rd- 25kg 10/10 reps

    Overhead rope ext:
    1st- 35kg 20 reps
    2nd- 40kg 15 reps
    3rd- 50kg 15 reps

    Body was feeling really tired. I slept well, On this matter sleep has been great, really deep been using the sleep cycle on my iphone and it shows how deep i sleep for the period. I wake up 'grogy'... Not sure why this is happening. Usually after such deep sleep i wake up refreshed.

    Aggression is still elevated.

    Other that this NO other sides!

    Water intake has been 4.5 litres.



  2. Cynostane log day 24.

    Food intake was a little down today. Was extremely busy at work. Felt really spaced out and got really agitated from the hunger.


    Behind back wrist curl:
    1st- 50kg 12 reps
    2nd- 70kg 10 reps
    3rd- 80kg 8 reps

    ^^^ some extra reps in here. Veins were mad poppin! Forearm is looking bigger, and more defined. Really like the feeling. And they reckon women find the forearm the most attractive part on a bloke.. PMSL

    Forearm ext, palms facing down:
    1st- 10kg 20 reps
    2nd- 15kg 20 reps
    3rd- 15kg 20 reps

    Single arm DB wrist curl:
    1st 12.5kg 12/12 reps
    2nd- 15kg 10/10 reps
    3rd- 15kg 10/10 reps


    Ab Coaster machine:
    set 1-3 bodyweight 12 reps/set

    Cable crunches:
    sets 1-3 90kg 12 reps/set


    45 mins.

    Water intake 5 litres.



  3. Cynostane log day 25.

    shoulder Press (Hammer strength machie)
    1st- 40kg 10 reps
    2nd- 80kg 10 reps
    3rd- 120kg 7 reps
    4th 140kg 2 reps
    5th- 25kg DB burnout 15 reps

    Arnie Press:
    1st- 20kg 10 reps
    2nd-22.5kg- 10 reps
    3rd- 25kg 10 reps

    Bent over cable lateral raise:
    1st- 15kg 10/10 reps
    2nd- 20kg 8/8 reps
    3rd- 20kg 8/8 reps

    Rear Delts:
    1st- 75kg 10 reps
    2nd- 82kg 10 reps
    3rd- 89kg 8 reps


    Barbell shrugs:
    sets 1-3 100kg 8 reps

    DB shrugs, side:
    1st- 37.5kg 12 reps
    2nd-40kg 10 reps
    3rd- 42.5kg 10 reps

    Felt as if strength has 'levelled' off. Not seen much of an increase in weights this last week. It was all about weeks 2-3, week 3 being predominant.

    NO SIDES to report other than what iv stated in previous posts.

    Water intake 5 litres. (peeing sooooo much)



  4. Cynostane log day 26.

    Only Cardio. 45 mins, combination of treadmill/cycling



  5. Cynostane log Day 27 & 28..

    Resting weekend. Worked, relaxed with friends and family. shot some pool wooped some azz on ps3..



  6. Cynostane log day 29.

    Had a good weekend, food intake was good during the weekend, had plenty of sleep. Sunday was just a pure chillaxin day..

    Ok so today i did legs instead of chest as i felt too tired to work them on friday.

    warm up with bar and lots of stretching.
    1st- 80kg 10 reps
    2nd- 100kg 10 reps
    3rd- 120kg 5 reps
    4th- 60kg 17 reps

    Leg Press:
    1st- 150kg 10 reps
    2nd- 200kg 10 reps
    3rd- 250kg 8 reps
    4th- 300kg 7 reps
    5th- 340kg 3 reps

    ^^^^ BIGGER on reps happy with reps and also the added weight!!!

    Leg EXT:
    1st- 50kg 10 reps
    2nd- 50kg 10 reps
    3rd- 60kg 10 reps

    Standing calf raise:
    sets 1-3 120kg 12 reps/set

    seated calf raise:
    sets 1-3 40kg 20 reps/set

    Legs felt totally blown up, found recovery immense between sets this is definately evident with Cynostane.

    Water intake 5 litres.



  7. Cynostane log day 30.


    Bench Press:
    warm up, bar 20 reps and stretching
    1st- 100kg 8 reps
    2nd- 120kg 4 reps
    3rd- 130kg 4 reps

    ^^^for some reason didnt do as well as previous weeks. Felt discomfort in shoulders and also forearms as well when lifting. I did make a note of this in previous log.

    Incline Press:
    sets 1-3 80kg 12 reps

    Decline Press:
    sets 1-3 80kg 12 reps

    DB flys:
    1st- 15kg 10 reps
    2nd- 25kg 8 reps
    3rd- 25kg 8 reps


    barbell curl
    warm up with straight bar
    1st- 40kg 10 reps
    2nd- 50kg 8 reps
    3rd- 60kg 6 reps
    4th- 30kg 12 reps

    Seated ALT curl:
    1st- 15kg 10 reps
    2nd- 17.5kg 8 reps
    3rd- 22.5kg 6 reps

    OK so my 'affair' with Cynostane is now over.

    Immense recovery during sets
    Immense recovery after w/o
    Increased appetite more so after week 1
    Felt thermogenic effect quite instantly
    Muscle hardness
    Muscle Fullness
    NO Acne
    NO spike in BP (this is defiantely due to CEL Cycle Assist. My friend did Cyno without Cycle Support his BP was through the roof. Cyno does potentially increase BP so do use some support supp)
    General well being
    Sleep was great
    NO back pumps
    big 'Wood'
    NO shrinkage in 'Boys'

    Aggression (was good IN the GYM, but not so good OUT the GYM)
    Strength levelled out during last week
    Some unexplainable wierd feelings during some days
    Tiredness @ times......

    Overall, im impressed with the 30 days. As this was my 1st cycle i was a little apprehensive to begin with. BUT that all changed as time progressed. I was so glad that i did not experience any major side.

    Will definately do this again solo but at 40mg and 5-6 weeks. I was considering increasing the dose to 40mg half way through but decided not to as i didnt want to push my luck.

    Would definately recommened this to anybody thinking of a PH and wanting to know which one to begin with! (dont forget the support supps though)

    OK so finally, weight gain. I started at 93kg......

    FINISHED 97kg...... total of 8.8lbs increase if my Math is right haha.

    Look a lot more defined, much more def in back, chest looks fuller, forearm is more defined and bigger. A lot of my lifts increased...

    So whats next:


    Wk 1-4 iforce reversitol v2 (3/2/2/1) & Bioforge pro max @ 3 pills/day
    Primordial Creapure

    Day 15 DS Lean Xtreme (week 3-6)

    Anyone looking for feedback or any Q im happy to answer them.

    PS.. Dont forget the Diet, this stuff loves food so keep the intake up. I cannot emphasis this point enough.



  8. Cool log. Very helpful to read before choosing a run.


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