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  1. LG Pre - N.O. - Intra goodies (Sponsored)

    I have been given the opportunity to log the new formula / flavors of Anadraulic Pump citrus blast and BC=EAA watermellon - Kiwi... I will be adding these to my work out program and a staple of mine Anadraulic State GT strawberry lemonade.

    I will be using the following protocol on work out days:

    • single scoop of ASGT approx 45 minutes pre work out
    • two scoops Anadraulic Pump 15 minutes pre work out
    • three scoops of BC-EAA ingesting through out the work out.

    I will be using the following protocol on off days:

    • single scoop of ASGT in the AM
    • Open to LG reps suggestions for use or lack of use of the AP / BC+EAA on off days. I will update the protocol once finalized.

    Start with the basics -

    Anadraulic Pump:

    Smell - Sort of a fusion of lemon and orange to my nose..

    Mixability - Nothin short of amazing... Hardly had to stir!!!!

    Taste - Was definitly a citrus flavor and was pretty darn good. Boy do I wish ASGT was this good and mixed this well!


    Smell - The only thing I could refrence was cotton candy with a hint of strawbery.

    Mixability - Decent but had to stir it longer than the AP. Once disolved was GONE! No grit or anything.

    Taste - I used the recommended 12 onces of water to my three scoops and it tasted a bit watered down. I am sure that less water would yeild a less "watered down" taste (DUH) but I am follwing the directions. It was good just very mild in nature.

    Who do I think I am?

    I have been working out for a bit less than 2 years on a very regular basis. I have used the magazing flavor of the month work outs, a solid 5x5 program, and a few others from here and there. I am currently using MrKleens Warrior Work Out with some modifications due to some injuries. I am further modifying it to get a solid 4 or 5 day a week work out rather than the 3 day full body work out split or I might abandon the program in favor of a more "traditional" 4 day split.

    Age - 42
    Weight - 180 @ 5:30 PM well hydrated and post PWO protein shake
    Height - 5' 10"

    Measurements taken in a relaxed pre-work out state. Depressingly natural...

    Calf - 15"
    Quad / Thigh - 23.5"
    Waist (at belly button) - 34"
    Chest (at nipple) - 40.5"
    Forearm - 11.5"
    Bi/Tri - 13.25"

    Current body fat percent with generic caliper and my feeble ability to use them - 13.8%...

    I have been traveling a good bit and work in airports. Decent food is hard to come by. I am up on body fat and weight after the past two weeks. I have also hurt my knee this weekend and will be avoiding any heavy leg work for a bit (sadly). I am also nursing a long term right delt issue. My body is getting very good at letting me know I am aging!!!

    Pre work out Pics:
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  2. WRAP UP

    Extended travel for work and the bottom of the tub of the Anadraulic Pump / combined with this already being a bit over a month long log have me wrapping up tonight.

    IMPORTANT NOTE OF THANKS: Thanks to LG that allowed me to participate in the goodness and the few that participated in the log. I hope there are more voyers that tracked this and will go out to Nutra and pick it up. When combined with AS-GT is truely is magical. Thanks LG!!!!! PS - Love to see what you have in that new AP mix.

    Anadraulic Pump -

    Taste is GREAT. A solid 8 out of 10 type GREAT...

    Effectiveness is GREAT. A solid 8.5 / 9 out of 10 type of great. I understand that they have yet another trick of thier sleeve and I am hoping to give it a shot to see if its now a 10.

    Cost is UNREAL. A solid 10 out of 10. The price for this is stupid low in my mind. For all the LG folks please read the above as "just right".. Lets not go raising the price!!!

    BC+EAAs -

    Taste is GREAT. A 9 out of 10! Woudl falvor water with it just for the taste. So nice!!!!

    Effectiveness - ?. I am not sure how to quantify this. I stayed very hydraded intra work out and had super recovery, but I have great recovery anyway. I am going to leave this blank and let you figure it out for yourself.

    Cost is again UNREAL... I would pay the price just for the flavor and cool sparkly water...

    I have already purchased replacement tubs of both as they are now staples.

    I have not worked out since Friday afternoon and had many a meal today so all of the measurements should be known to reflect no "pump" and no first AM "fasted" leanness...

    All of this content will be in the second post of the first page as well...

    Old Numbers:
    Age - 42
    Weight - 180 @ 5:30 PM well hydrated and post PWO protein shake
    Height - 5' 10"

    Measurements taken in a relaxed pre-work out state. Depressingly natural...

    Calf - 15"
    Quad / Thigh - 23.5"
    Waist (at belly button) - 34"
    Chest (at nipple) - 40.5"
    Forearm - 11.5"
    Bi/Tri - 13.25"

    Current body fat percent with generic caliper and my feeble ability to use them - 13.8%...

    New Numbers:

    Age - 42 Same - but feel younger.
    Weight - 178 @ 3:30 PM well hydrated and many meals into the day - DROPPED 2 #
    Height - 5' 10"

    Measurements taken in a relaxed pre-work out state. Depressingly natural...

    Calf - 15" - UNCHANGED
    Quad / Thigh - 24.5 - UP 1 Inch and I'll take it!
    Waist (at belly button) - 33.5 DOWN .5 inch
    Chest (at nipple) - 42 UP 2 inches
    Forearm - 12 - UP .5 inches
    Bi/Tri - 14 - UP .75 inches..

    Current body fat percent with generic caliper and my feeble ability to use them - 14.5ish%...

    Sad looking after pics -
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  3. Work out #1 and initial thoughts of product use.

    ASGT - 1 scoop 45 minutes pre work out

    Anadraulic Pump - 2 scoops 15 minutes pre work out

    BC+EAA - 3 scoops intra work out

    Again - not a fan of the ASGT but LOVE what it does and the AP / BC+EAA taste a bit like heaven compared to some of the crap I have had before. HATED the only other N.O. product I have used (once).

    My weight collection goes to 50 pound DBs. Need more/heavier but the cost $.

    Will be laid out with Warm up weight - reps // working set #1 weight x reps // working set (strip set) #2 weight x reps - weight x reps - weight x reps.

    Flat Bench DB Press 30x20 // 50x18 // 50x16 - 40x8 - 30x10

    Flat Bench DB Flys 20x20 //40x12 // 40x11 - 30x12 - 20x16

    DB Bent Rows 30x15 //50x16 // 50x16 - 40x17 - 30x20

    Machine Low Upright Rows (two hand) 50x25 // 100x13 // 100x16 - 80x10 - 60x12

    DB Drag Curl - 15x30 // 40x7 // 40x7 - 30x8 - 20x10

    Pull Down (reverse curl) - 50x30 // 70x20 // 70x16 - 50x20

    Thoughts -

    Loved the taste but taste does NOT get the job done!!!! I have a very difficult time getting a true "pump", always have. Not tonight. Got a mild pump in the back and chest and AWESOME Bicep burn and pump. AWESOME! I have been told that the product will build up over a short duration so I am looking forward to what this does over the next few work outs and weeks! I am use to the weights but had an increase in reps in nearly every lift. My recovery time has always been quite good as well and am looking forward to even better recovery with more days worked out every given week.

    Its only day one but I like it!

    THANKS LG Science / METROBA...

    and all the other reps at LG and loyal LG user community that have interacted with me and keep me going strong. I have goals and have worked at them in a very natural state. The strongest supplement I have used was a fantastic run of Natadrol and Formadrol. I toyed with the idea of going to a PH but am putting that on hold while I assess what I can do with proper diet, solid work out plan, and basic natural supplements. LG has been there for me and I have no doubts will continue to. Solid product - solid/stand up representation!

  4. nice

    you have to try Anadraulic pump with vitamin C it is awesome

    BTW first
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  5. good luck and give it hell E. sub'd. still waiting on mine to arrive.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by princevince View Post
    good luck and give it hell E. sub'd. still waiting on mine to arrive.
    Doing it up right man.... Just downed my day 2 glass of AM AS-GT...

  7. who was the courrier the us post office or ups, if you don't mind me asking?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by princevince View Post
    who was the courrier the us post office or ups, if you don't mind me asking?
    Box is already gone... Sorry, I do not recall.

  9. I watched the Ups drop mine off so ups!

  10. So day 2 with my new friends AS-GT / Anadraulic Pump / BC-EAA went something like this....


    Warm up weight - reps // working set #1 weight x reps // working set (strip set) #2 weight x reps - weight x reps - weight x reps.

    Lat Pull Downs 70x25 // 140x12 // 140x12 - 100x12 - 70x18

    Incline Bench DB Press 20x20 //50x9 // 50x6 - 40x6 - 30x6 // 30x12 for the pump I use to never get but DO NOW...

    DB Upright Rows 20x10 // 40x10 // 40x10 - 30x12 - 20x10

    Super Set

    Ab Crunch 60x25 // 60x25 // 60x25 // 60x25 // 60x25

    Standing Tricep Ext 50x10 // 70x6 // 60x9 // 60x7 // 50x10 - 25x20

    Feeling pretty dang good over all. Arms feel fantastic as does inner/upper chest (a problem spot for me)... My knee is coming along and I hope to be working light legs again next week and slowly / smartly moving up in weight.

    AS-GT continues to do what it needs to and "work" as expected.

    Anadraulic Pump is a pretty cool experiance. Again I have only used one other N.O. product and did not like the feeling!!! This is quite nice and I am looking forward to the cmming days as the product does its thing!

    I was reading some of Rosie's review and she nailed the taste of the BC-EAA... It is definitly a Cantalope with a bit of Strawberry for of flavor. I bumped down on the water a bit and had a great tasting intra work out drink...

    This was quite a late work out due to some other commitments... Heading to get some beauty sleep.

  11. Off day so a scoop of AS-GT before work and called it good...

    On business travel for the next 9 days so I have packed up all the goodies (ASGT - Anadrualic Pump - BC=EAA's) for the trip. Looking forward to ripp'n up the hotel gym!

    Hope this log does someone beside me some good... I do love the AP effect and the taste of both the AP and the BC+EAA's are pretty dang good especially if you do not use the full 12 ounces of water. The taste really shines with 11 ounces if ya ask me.

  12. Made it accross country with AS-GT / AP / BC+EAA's in tact...

    Did most of what I needed to and hit the hotel. Grabbed the Pre-Workout of Champions AS-GT about an hour pre w/o.

    45 minutes later two scoops of Anadrualic Pump, mixed up some BC+EAAs and off the the hotel gym.

    I have been nursing my knee back to health and have avoided doing any leg work... I am no longer walking with a limp but am scared to push it. I will add weights (light to start) next week.

    So... Did nothing but arms for 45 minutes. Bi's / Tri's / forearms.. Did cable work and DB's with little to no rest between sets. Alternating bi's and tri's for a built in rest of that muscle group.

    I have already stated that I like the flavor of the AP and BC+EAA's a great deal. I am not sure how to measure te effectiveness of the BC+EAA's but the Anadraulic Pump is AWESOME.... Boy do I wish my arms could stay looking like they do durring and immediatly post work out!!! The vascularity of my forearms has always been OK. I have a few new ones appearing accross the bicep and that is NOT the norm. It will "disturb" my wife but I am LOVING it...

    I am away from home for a bit over a week and am bound to bust my hump and with the help of LG and a huge amount of effort I will return home a tad leaner and yet fuller.

    I do love the taste of the BC+EAAs!!!!!! I would drink it just for the taste to be honest! The AP is pretty dang good but I like the mellon!

  13. A very lonely log...

    Had a bit better than a scoop of AS-GT / 45 minuted later 2 scoop AP / go to work out after mixing up some BC+EAA's...

    Again, being creative and avoiding doing anything leg related till this knee says "OK"...

    Did Back-Shoulders-Chest and felt GREAT!!!!

    Shoulder (right delt) is finally starting to cooperate a bit. Was able to do standing arnold presses. Not heavy but heavier than normal. The veins in my arms are really starting to "pop".

    Thanks LG!


    Come on folks, getting a bit unruley in here with all the interaction and excitement! Umm, ya...

    Needed a quick work out before a solid two days of WORK or no gym time...

    3 scoops of AP and them beat the hell out of the hotel gym like a steroidal primate... Feels good and I know I have a hell of a pump as even after 20 minutes of steady state cardio I had a post work out yoga work out doing at least 3 million forms and poses while trying to get my shirt off...

    Off to the showers and then breakfast. I liked the AP in the begining but it is actually even more enjoyable now. Love the flavor. Still like the BC+EAAs better but both are GREAT.

    Dear LG give AS-GT the same taste treatment and improved mixability PLEASE.... But please leave all the performance as is - the stuff flat WORKS!

  15. Lookin good so far! I have only used 2 scoops of AP and that has given a great pump!

  16. Just found this log
    Subbed for some nasty pumps in here!

  17. Welcome to NG and Craig...

    Today was going to be an OFF day but I think I might turn it into a light leg day just to see where they are.

    Worst case scenario it gets turned into back and cardio.

  18. Worked an all nighter in Phx for phase 2 of 3 and got little sleep. For some reason was up and quite refreshed after only 3 and a half hours of "sleep"... Breakfast / ASGT / AP / hit the gym for some serious work with BC+EAA's in hand.

    Hit the chest from three different angles and MANY movements.
    Moved to arms and traps

    Perhaps an odd combo but it felt GREAT and the pump was huge! I have never had this type of experiance. Awesome pump and vascularity has been unreal...

    I do not see myself moving away from the AS-GT / Anadrualic Pump / BC+EAAs... I can not wait to see the reviews of the new Fruit Punch AS-GT!!!! If I can get that same performance with a flavor that does not require downing it as quickly as I can; BONUS!

    I am feeling great about this "stack" and do love the flavors!

  19. man only 3 hours of sleep! I dont know If i could make it haha

  20. Quote Originally Posted by naturalgainer View Post
    man only 3 hours of sleep! I dont know If i could make it haha
    Far less than ideal for sure...

  21. Woke up and had me some AS-GT and mixed up some BC+EAAs. I did not bring enough AP on the trip (lesson learned) and had to do without this session...

    Started out with fasted steady state cardio on the tread mill. Knee held up spectacularly and gave me reason to smile. Burned off some of the crap that working in an airport will bring into a diet.

    Moved to LATS / TRAPS / DELTS / (total back) with the cable machine. I do love the constant tension of the cable work. I know others are "it must be free weights" type of guys / gals but for my money the cable and I have a great love afair that makes me feel very good.

    Simply love what the LG guys have going on here with Anadraulic State GT - Anadraulic Pump - BC+EAAs.... The combo is spectacular and I feel great during and after my work outs.

    I nearly went to the Grey Side with a run of a PH but have reason to celebrate natural work again. THe gains are not as pronounced or rapid but for my money I feel more like I earned them the harder way. I know you have to bust your rump either way! No "hate" here!!!

    Still seeing if I can scrape some coin together and work the kinks in my diet and work out program with Rosie Chee Scott... The woman is a wealth of knowledge and more hard core about her goals than the vast majority, all the while being quite easy on the eyes. Hope this comes about!

  22. Yeah free weights are definitely good but some stuff I feel better on machines as well. for example I dont like to do skull crushers and a lot of guys say it is a "must" but for me no matter how many times I checked my form and did them slowly and controlled it just kills my elbows! Id rather do different variations of attachments on a tricep pushdowns.

  23. I am continuing to do my thing. Yesteday was a complete off day as it was spent in the air coming back home and then off to a HS football game (two kids in the band) and its play off time. Waxed the other team 54 - 0...

    Today will be back on schedule and I see me getting my legs back into action! Deads / Squats / Extensions / and probably lunges.

    I am not sure what more of a testimonial I can be to the product other than I have just ordered another tub of both the BC+EAAs and Anadraulic Pump along with some other goodies that where simply priced too good to pass up should I try a hand at a mild PH I will have some on hand at a great price.

    You simply can not beat the flavor of these two. I am eager to try the new flavor of AS-GT as well!!!! Looking forward to the reviews on that.

  24. Damn, not sure how i missed this. In here Emart!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by FlexW99 View Post
    Damn, not sure how i missed this. In here Emart!

    Welcome... Its a lonely place, but a good one!

    Reintroduced myself to the home (garage) gym today after traveling for far too long. Decided that the best bet was a full body beat down.

    Same protocol with the AS-GT - AP - BC+EAAs...

    Flat bench DB - 4 sets

    Leg extentions - 4 sets

    Incline bench DB - 4 sets

    Dead lifts - 4 sets

    super set

    Overhead Tri Extensions / DB Curls - 4 sets

    Ended while gasping for air... Had a heck of a time getting my shorts off for a shower. The mark of a great work out is the inability to remove clothing after the work out! Wife sat on the bed and laughed at me getting stuck with my shirt pulled over my head for a good minute plus. I get no respect...


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