The Final Review
    First I would like to thank the ntbm team for giving this product to me, and showing me to an awesome post work out formula!! Now let me show you some stats discovered by me while taking it, dont take the numbers too serious because it will eventually come down to what you have a taste for I'm just trying to let you know some things for the wondering minds who are not sure if they should purchase.
    The taste is amazing to me because the bulk of the taste is a normal Vanilla that you will be familiar with when you first indulge. As you work your way down to the bottem of your mixer cup though you start to taste the cinnamon bun over tones that bleed through in gracious amounts. It awesome for one if you are tired of being hot and sticky after a long w/o and drinking sludge like over intense flavored proteins ( wich btw will most likely not have as complex of a profile as onslaught ) or if you like a protien that will not bloat you too much. Now on to the mix... oh the mix.


    I tried this protein with all sorts of different mixes, in attempts to cover some of the basis of mixing ive seen in these anabolic mindz alchamist's. I personally dont do some of the mixing on a regular basis that I did with this but I also understand that to give a solid review that people appreciate I must give them something to relate to. With that said I would also like to touch on its consistency before I go into the mixing stats. It mixes very light, from water to whole milk. Suprised? Yeah it mixes light even with that profile. And it maintains its color through the mix. OK now on to the stats.
    Mixed with:
    Water - 2/5
    Skim Milk - 5/5 ( loved this one )
    2% - 5/5
    Whole - 4/5
    Peanut Butter & Skim - 4/5
    Oats & Skim - 5/5
    PB & 2% - 5/5
    Oats & 2% - 5/5
    PB, Oats & Whole - 3/5
    Raw Egg - 5/5 ( love this one also )

    These are just some things I tried for stats and profiling. My personal favorite:
    1 1/2 scoops onslaught
    2 raw eggs
    8 oz. skim milk
    shot of water to help the eggs un sludge.
    Mix and enjoy some recovery.
    Speaking of recovery.......



    My bounce back time is outrageous. No sore ness hardly. I was also using morning proteins from different sources but still I would get dont working out drink my onslaught go to the bedroom and run some call of duty bloat free. Then after supper I would be ready to go hit my muscle group for the day all over again, just to tighten up from some of those extra carbs.
    I was injury free, and recovery was at full speed.

    you already know...
    lol i couldnt find a place to get a pic of the ingredients but hopefully when I am able to do some more searching it will go here _________

    I would have given it a 10/10 but I want to stay optimistic because I could only hope a better protein comes out because this is top notch and if we get a better tasting, mixing, and ingredient bombing protien than this for this price than we have came too far, but I will always be happy to indulge in some " too far ". For now though
    If you are looking for a good recovery agent.
    If you are looking for a tasty protein with a light consistency and little to no froth
    If you are looking for some killer ingredients packed into one jug....

    look no further

  2. very helpful review here

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