Little bout myself, I'm 23 live on the out skirts of "sh*t hole Chicago, Illinois. Been living the iron dream since my father was able to sneek me in the back door of the gym every Sunday. Been body building / power lifting blah blah for 7 years. I'm in LUST with universal nutrition and the ANIMAL line. Been a user of M stak for 6 years and starting now (approx 5 days ago a abuser lol)

    M stak has always worked great for me but now I'm gonna spike it up a notch.

    Gonna take m stak for 42 days stacked with UN iso-stak split up 3 times a day also gonna run 6 tabs of UN sterol complex. Why might u ask? Well cuz they all have methoxy, isopropoxyisoflavone and most importantly ecdystone. I've ordered sic fit ecdy to really spice this up. Hasn't came in the mail yet but that's fine for now.

    Other supps well I take fish oil animal Pak zma a **** load if liver tabs bcaa's eaa's drink 32 oz of egg whites a day I eat 8oz of red meat 4-5 times a day brown rice oats and greens. I hate being hungry and close to never miss a meal.

    I'm on day 5 now (was just advised to log this... Thanks mrdead)

    What I've noticed so far that's diff from my normal mstak cycle is
    Increased pump
    Thick veins
    Increased endurance
    Great mood
    Intensty in the gym is up
    And I sweat like a whore in church while lifting
    Sex drive is up I walk around with my boner flipped up in my waste band all day.

    Shoulders tomorrow
    Peace love and chicken grease
    Ps I will be updating from my iPhone sorry for all grammar and spelling **** ups o I say F*UCK a lot too

    Today was cardio so... Yeah I did 30 mins of cross trainer with my chick then 20 mins on treadmill kept my heart rate around 137-167 the whole time.

  2. Thumbs up

    I'm in.
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

  3. Yeaaaaaaaah buddy!!!*

    I'm not gonna log my meals I eat good trust me

    I suck at logging my work outs completely new to this lol*

    I spend about 25 mins warming up I *have really bad shoulders.

    Dumb bell shoulder press
    Working sets*
    I was feeling strong so I did decided to do some flat DB press
    130x5 130x4 failed on 5th rep (I think that's a personal best for flat DB presses)*
    Did another set of shoulder press 90x10 dropped to 70 for 12 or 15 can't remember*
    Four sets of lateral raises did some negs and drops high reps never heavy with these 25lb -35lb DBs I did the same for rear delts

    Up right rows 100lb bar 4 sets 10-12 reps
    Did some abs and some cables and of corse shrugs (my traps are lacking)

    Over all I had sick pumps, veins vascularity and strength are all up a little.

    1 Iso stack with breakfast / animal pack 2 sterol tabs
    2nd meal 3 sterol tabs
    3rd meal iso stack
    4th meal (pre workout) 3 sterol tabs wait bout 30 mins then m stack
    And b4 bed I'll take another iso stack

    Syntrax ecdy will be in my heads tomorrow I'm think 2 200mg caps twice a day

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