I want to thank AI again for the samples I received about a month ago. My other mini review for hgh pro is here HGHpro Mini Review

The packaging first of all was very nice on the samples and official. I've received samples before that look like im buying heroin caps through the mail.

Either way, motivate gave me the cleanest energy I have ever felt from a one day sample. I took the full dosing from the sample 35 minutes before a baseball practice three weeks ago and I was buzzing the whole practice in a good way. I had more energy and worked harder than I had all year. I did not notice any crash when I was finished practice or later in the day, and I had noticebly my best practice of the year with motivate. Thanks AI

Ingredient summary:

1) Schizandra extract

2) 1,3-dimethylamylamine

3) Caffeine

4) Glutamine

5) Taurine