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    Powerfull is a product that I was told about by a fellow gym member who was in his summer cut and told me that he was running it instead of a cycle this year to give his body a chance to recover and the guy is very knowledgeable and I generally follow the motto that you should listen to the guy you want to look like and he is definitely someone I would not mind looking like lol.

    I ran usb labs powerfull after I finished my PCT on my last cycle, and I ran it for 3 months with only zma and I have to say I had really really good results with the product.
    My use looked like this

    2 pills pre workout
    2 pills 30 min before bed
    On non workout days I only did my pills before bed
    Sunday I did not take any Powerfull Capsules

    2 pills before bed

    When I finished my cycle I was weighing in close to 206 and after I finished my pct I was down to 195 but I was also doing a lot of cardio and I stopped lifting heavy and went to more of an aerobic style workout because I was having issues with my joints.
    When I started Powerfull I was around 190ish and I ran it for 12 weeks with the dosing above and when I finished I was around 178 and I was looking lean

    I was told that you should not take powerful if you have eatn carbs in the last hour, or if you plan to eat them an hour after taking it, I did not know this and I still saw good results. I also didn't eat carbs right before or after every time either so I can't say to much on this subject but there are some forum lab gurus who know more than me so I will take their word for it.

    What I saw during use
    12 lbs of weight lose
    strength did increase
    leaned out a decent amount
    I noticed that I was not sore very often after lifting
    I have a really hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep but I noticed that after about a week of powerful and zma I was sleeping within an hour of laying down which never happens to me, and I slept through the night.

    **Overall opinion**
    I am very happy with the results I saw from powerful and I will use it again when I am bridging my next cycle, and I also reccomend the product to people. I really have nothing bad to say about the product other than after stopping use I noticed that I was back to my old issues of not sleeping well.

  2. PowerFULL is a great stand-alone product. Yes, PowerFULL's GH properties can/will be diminished by insulin.

    Look into Anabolic Pump and ReCreate. You will be even more impressed with that stack.

    Depending upon your goals there are multiple dosing protocols. My goals are most effectively achieved using a fasted protocol.

    An old thread who's protocol come via the guidance of Mullet and my anecdotal experience.

    Some ingredients have been added or removed over time. My recommendation for fasted USPlabs stack would be:

    Pre workout:
    USPLabs Recreate™ - 2 caps
    USPLabs PowerFULL™ - 3 caps
    USPLabs AnabolicPump™ - 1 cap

    Post workout:
    P-Slin™ - 1 cap

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