LG's SEXEH TIME STACK (sponsored)

  1. LG's SEXEH TIME STACK (sponsored)


    Ok, well first off i would like to thank LG for giving me the opportunity to log this stack. I will be logging the stack of T-911/Anadraulic State GT.

    I have been on this stack since monday, so three days into it. I have been dissolving four tabs under my tongue of T-911 an hour before i lift, and three scoops of Anadraulic State GT 30 mins before i lift.

    i will be giving a final review of the taste of each, how well it increase my sex drive , pumps, vascularity, focus, and strength.

    so far, the taste of Anadraulic state GT is def not bad, but the texture is a bit different than any preworkout i have taken before. Kinda "sandy". Its not hard to take down, and to be honest as long as it makes me go wild in the gym i could care less the texture of da supp. ASGT is def well worth the texture, i have been having great lifts these past three days. You can def feel the beta alinine "tingle" which i love. pumps and focus was totally rediculous!!

    my next update i will throw up my lifts and numbers so you guys can see my lifts increase.

    i also weighed in at 236 today, so lets hope this increases a bit

  2. well i guess no one want to give me some motivation!!!! lol

    well here is my shoulder day today....

    Seated DB shoulder press:
    30xwarm up 60x10 80x8 90x6 90x6...full range of motion

    Reverse Fly:
    30x20 30x20 30x20

    Smith BNP:
    135x10 135x10 185x4 185x4 135xF

    Front Raises:
    30x15 35x15 35x15

    Upright Row:
    135x10 135x10 135x8

    1 arm Side laterals:
    30x20 35x20 35x20

    today vascularity was shinnin through and im bulkin so im a bit shocked how vascular i was.

    strength is slowly but surely increasing. i have arms tom so we shall see how sick my arm swole up!

  3. By the looks of it, doesn't look like you need it! LOL

    Subzations in dis bish holmes!

  4. I'm in bro, kill it.

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