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  1. took 1 1/2 scoops and headed for gym. joints were sore from pushing myself so hard but once i got into about the 3rd set i was better. i didn't push as hard today and just did more reps with lighter weights-got a great pump.

    only have enough game day for 1 more workout, going to take tomorrow off and then try for 7 trips on stairs.

  2. went ahead and took last dose of game day this morning. didn't make 7 trips on stairs but i did make 6 full trips and 2 flights before throwing in the towel. i am very pleased with this result.

    final review will be up later.


    taste: very good, one of the best.

    mixability: no problem, mixed easily with a spoon.

    pump: by my 3rd workout my muscles were full and tight-they have stayed that way since.

    focus/motivation: i was dialed in on all but a couple of workout while on game day. the mild stim boost was enough to get me motivated to push hard in the gym.

    energy: the stim effect was mild, but enough to push me through hard workouts-sleep was not effected.

    libido: 1,3,dime has been the culprit for libido loss, this was not the case with game day-libido was uneffected.

    endurance/recovery: this is where game day shines imo. reps went up starting from around 3rd workout and continued to go up. i added a full 2 trips of stairclimbing-fantastic result in less than a month. recovery was also improved, i expected to be very sore with increasing my routines, but i actually felt better than before.

    value: for $28 this is a very good deal. i think it has more than the advertized 30 scoops-it lasted me 28 days and most times i used 1 1/2 scoops and a few times 2 scoops.

    my tennis was much improved using game day-if you play sports i highly recommend you try this.

    i will be buying, and using it everytime i play tennis or need a boost for long cardio sessions.


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