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  1. ok, i am 2 1/2 weeks into game day. my endurance has increased more than i ever expected, i am able to do more reps, climb more stairs and do more cardio than before. my recovery has also improved, i don't get as sore as before. because of the increased endurance and recovery i am working out longer and harder. the results from this are really showing in the mirror, i am looking both tighter and fuller.

    game day is a difference maker!!!

  2. did cardio today
    20 minutes treadmill
    20 minutes elliptical
    20 minutes bike
    finished strong, endurance is getting better almost every workout.

  3. for me it seems that endurance and recovery started to go much faster than strength as i got older. that is why i have been focusing on endurance-so far since starting game day i have gone fron struggling to make 4 trips up and down 21 flights of stairs[wearing 10 pounds of ankle weights] to 5 1/2 trips.

    it is nice to look in good shape-it is even better to be able to back it up.

  4. Following. I have a tub of Game Day I'll be starting very soon. Your log is getting me excited!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by velocityrob View Post
    Following. I have a tub of Game Day I'll be starting very soon. Your log is getting me excited!
    i bet the stim effect would really be mild without the healthy dose of beta alanine-to me beta alanine really enhances the effects of stims. but stim effect aside, i am getting more endurance from game day than i did from body octane-even though the ba/cit mal is dosed lower. so far i have to admit to being very impressed.

  6. took 1 1/2 scoops and headed for gym. joints were sore from pushing myself so hard but once i got into about the 3rd set i was better. i didn't push as hard today and just did more reps with lighter weights-got a great pump.

    only have enough game day for 1 more workout, going to take tomorrow off and then try for 7 trips on stairs.

  7. went ahead and took last dose of game day this morning. didn't make 7 trips on stairs but i did make 6 full trips and 2 flights before throwing in the towel. i am very pleased with this result.

    final review will be up later.


    taste: very good, one of the best.

    mixability: no problem, mixed easily with a spoon.

    pump: by my 3rd workout my muscles were full and tight-they have stayed that way since.

    focus/motivation: i was dialed in on all but a couple of workout while on game day. the mild stim boost was enough to get me motivated to push hard in the gym.

    energy: the stim effect was mild, but enough to push me through hard workouts-sleep was not effected.

    libido: 1,3,dime has been the culprit for libido loss, this was not the case with game day-libido was uneffected.

    endurance/recovery: this is where game day shines imo. reps went up starting from around 3rd workout and continued to go up. i added a full 2 trips of stairclimbing-fantastic result in less than a month. recovery was also improved, i expected to be very sore with increasing my routines, but i actually felt better than before.

    value: for $28 this is a very good deal. i think it has more than the advertized 30 scoops-it lasted me 28 days and most times i used 1 1/2 scoops and a few times 2 scoops.

    my tennis was much improved using game day-if you play sports i highly recommend you try this.

    i will be buying, and using it everytime i play tennis or need a boost for long cardio sessions.


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