triazole quick review

  1. triazole quick review

    Hi all, first post here on AM, but I reference the forum all the time for info/reviews. Just finished a bottle of DS Triazole. I can say for sure its the best AI i've used compared to novedex xt, 6-bromo, and boosters including t-bol. In fact, its probably my favorite supp. I've taken as far as T boosters and AI's. I have a bad shoulder that started acting up, which hindered my ability to give a more detailed review. I had no negative sides. Main benefits for me was increased energy, and an almost immediate increase in libido. I could feel libido increase within two hours of dosing. Overall great feeling while on it. I should mention it worked better for me to split the dose in 4 single caps thoughout the day, rather than a dose in the morning, then at night. I will try erase from PES next, to see how they compare, and hopefully post comparison. Overall, great

  2. appreciate the review, any thoughts on athletic improvement?

  3. I haven't kept an accurate progress log, but I'd say there was substantial improvement. I definantly have better definition in my arms now. And I feel like I have better overall endurance now than I have in awhile. While on it I didn't fatige nearly as quickly. The real problem was I had to take a week break halfway through, so that being said I'm still pretty impressed with it, just wish I could give more accurate results. should have a bottle of erase coming in on friday, so I'll see how that compares.

  4. thanks all reviews are helpful in getting a better feel for this supplement

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