Panther Creates Carnage with Carnobolic!(Sponsored)

  1. Panther Creates Carnage with Carnobolic!(Sponsored)

    Alright guys well first off I would like to say that I greatly appreciate the opportunity to log this product and have looked forward to running it.I am at the end of a bulk in which I have gained some decent weight and gotten really strong. I'm looking to lean up some and am hoping to maintain relatively well. I think the Carnobolic will be beneficial in this regard.
    I will post up my workout, diet, and some before pics over the next couple of days. I will be starting the log, and carnobolic, tomorrow. So sub in guys and lets get this started

  2. i'm in very interested in how this supp pans out.

  3. Day 1

    Did legs this morning at 7 AM!!! Early!!! lol dosed four caps about 35 minutes before lifting, didn't really notice much, but didn't get much of a tingle if any at all which surprised me a little. My strength is doing about the same, maybe down a little since I've cut out most of my carbs. Also probably had something to do with it being the morning.


    Squat- 415 5x5 but only got four on the last two sets. Superset with lunges with 35 lb dumbells.

    Leg extensions with whole stack 5x5 superset with 5x5 leg curls

    Calf raises 205 5x5 superset with 5x5 seated calf raises

    Deadlift 345 5x5 superset with RDL 155 5x5

    Did some random ab ****, should probably stop doing that lol overall a fairly good workout. had me pretty drained though.
  4. Day 2

    Lifted in the afternoon this time, did chest and back. Dosed four caps 30 minutes before going, my strength seemed to be down a little more than I thought. Not sure what that was about, had a long weekend at the OU/TX game though so that may have been a contributing factor. Not really noticing much at this point but looking forward to feeling something. BTW pics will probably be up at the end of this weekend.
  5. Day 3

    Did shoulders this morning, actually felt pretty strong which I was very happy about, again dosed 4 caps 30 mns before my workout. Did 15 minutes on a cycle after workout, felt really good on that. Maybe starting to notice some changes in endurance? We shall see!!!

  6. Any pictures or videos?

  7. I'll have pics up this weekend as previously posted, but I'm not sure about videos. I'll give it some thought.

  8. Subbed!
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  9. Ive personally have had some of the best results at about an hour pre workout, however that means that i just ate about an hour prior so absorbtion might not be best. So i always dose at 45 minutes and its always worked great there, i would try and take it a little earlier.

  10. I'm stubbed in. Working on my log too.
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    Its been over 2 weeks with absolutley no updates???


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