Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Review

  1. Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Review

    I have a few work outs in on this stuff so I thought I would post my thoughts on it.

    Energy: 9/10: This stuff is potent, 1 scoop is 1 serving! No need to go higher.. trust me lol. I notice I sweat like a mad man on this stuff, so I would suffice to say it has a good thermogenic effect as well.

    Focus: 8/10: I felt wired on this stuff and I was able to completely focus in on what I needed to get done.

    Pumps: 9/10: I have been getting stupid pumped on this stuff, between the sweating and the pumps I have alot of trouble getting my T-shirt off haha. This stuff does contain GPLC(although I doubt it is the proven effective dosage)

    Endurance: 8/10: I have good endurance as it is, but I noticed I felt ready to hit my next set a bit sooner than I normally would.
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  2. great review.liking the pic that beer is looking real sexy

  3. Nice review. Hows it compare to other preworkout supps like NO Shotgun.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Freakon5 View Post
    Nice review. Hows it compare to other preworkout supps like NO Shotgun.
    I personally love No Shotgun, it has a good stim effect and has alot of other goodies in it as well(including 20g protein per serving). HemoRage UC has a stronger stimulant effect than No Shotgun does, it has GPLC in it as well, where as No Shotgun does not.

    I just finished a log of a product called Muscle Marinade and I would say HemoRage UC also has a bit stronger stimulant effect than MM, but MM gives a smoother stimulant effect.

  5. I might have to try this one out, i have tried MM a few months back and didn't really get to much off of it. I have a pretty high tolerance to these products now so this might work well for me.



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