Mini-Review: AI SPorts' HGHPro

  1. Mini-Review: AI SPorts' HGHPro

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of human growth hormone boosters you have used in the past? Most people feel let down, and lied to. Let down because when it comes down to it, the things we were “supposed” to feel, according to the bottle, or the person selling it, never happened. Many other companies try and make their GH product do other things such as boost testosterone or add stimulant type components so you feel “something” to mask the lack of effectiveness on boosting HGH levels in the body. By focusing just on elevation of HGH levels here’s what you can expect:

    What HGH PRO WILL do:

    - Promote healthy HGH levels.
    - Promote deeper and more restful sleep
    - Increase appetite
    - Increase strength
    - Increase recovery
    - Promote clear skin
    - Support optimal acetyl-choline production
    - Control prolactin
    - Control somatostatin
    - Increase fat loss

    Took awhile to get this mini-review up. Got hit with some allergies and later got sick and wanted to be fair in the supplements' evaluationso I held off until better.

    So, my main motivation in taking an 'hgh' product is mostly based off recovery and sleep; anything else is icing on the cake (strength, size, etc)

    My hardest days to get a good sleep are on Monday's/Tuesday's. Its almost as if my body has to adjust back to the late nite Fri/Sat nites.

    Day 1 - Monday, 4 pills. I unfortunately didnt get the sleep I wanted. I woke up a few times during the nite. Still optimistic though, like i said Mondays are my worst.

    Day 2 - Tues, 6 pills. Here we go! I got great, restful/relaxed deep sleep. Exactly what I was looking for. Got up feelin ready to roll!

    Day 3 - Wed, 5 pills. Another great nite of sleep. I tried to guage if strength/endurance were increased during the 3 days but I dont think its fair to judge since I only had 3 days worth.

    AI Sports makes some good products. I like many supplements in their line and I can say I'll definitely be giving this a full bottle run in the future.

    Thx for the sample AI Sports!
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  2. looks like a solid review to me.hmm I might have to check this stuff out if I keep seeing logs like this

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