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    *** Em-dubya's SUPERPUMP MAX Blog

    First i would like to give a big thanks to BK and Gaspari Nutrition for giving me the opportunity to log the new SuperPump Max Fruit Punch Blast.I've been working long hours with very few days off for the past 6 weeks so as a result my workouts have been "spontanious" to say the least. I'll be trying to get back on a 3on/1off schedule but may have to do EOD. Regardless the log will last the duration of the tub and will be a no-BS, honest reviewwhile comparing it to some of my old favorites(Noshotgun, Fast Twitch,M5extreme,ergopump)

    Other supps I'll be using during this time are as follows:
    Xtend(had been using Powershock but dont want to use it w/ this product)
    Orange Triad
    Cissus and Topical Celadrin
    Isoflex -CPB flavor , Strawberry NutraPro or Banana Myo(which I'm getting low on)
    SNS Glucuronolactone
    CEL Suppress C (low dose)
    and maybe once a week I'll use some Plasmajet or SNS Agmatine when I really want to take it up a notch

    .....I'll be back later w/ todays wo

  2. Day 1


    Day 1 - Bis and Tri's

    I was EXTREMELY tired today being that my last day off from work was Sept 6. Normally i would have skipped today , but I'm very anxious to start the Max(and feeling a little guilty since i received it Tues day and haven't started yet).

    The workout:
    Started out with 20 minutes on Eliptical to get motivated
    DB curls- 30 X 10, 30 X 10 , 35 X 8
    DB hammer curls 35 x 3
    1arm preacher curls 25 x10 x 2(per arm)
    Incline DB curls- 20lbs to failure
    Reverse Grip pulldown -100 x 10 x 3
    Ez barTricep Extensions 50 x 8 x 3
    1 arm extensions 3 sets
    Vbar pushdown 100 x10, 120 x 10 , 120 x 10

    The daily grub:
    1- 3egg whites/3 whole eggs
    2-Labrada Cookie Roll
    3 -Chicken breast, 1 cup brocolli, whole wheat rice
    4- 2 scoops of Isoflex
    5-Chicken breast , brocolli, egg white noodles
    6- 2 scoops ofBanana Myo at bed

    First thought on SP Max :
    I've never been a big fan of Gaspari's flavoring for their products(non-protein products) - not that they are bad but none have really "stood" out much to me, however the Fruit Punch Blast is pretty good . If you enjoyed fruit punch Kool-Aid as a kid , then you will love this because thats EXACTLY what it tastes like-not too strong and not too weak but just right when mixed with 11-12 ounces of water

  3. fruit punch Kool-Aid gotta love that.looks good here so far

  4. Today was my second day of using SP Max. I had planned to do shoulders and back today but ran short on time so i just did shoulders.
    A few notes about SP Max:
    mixability: Today i just threw it in a cup and mixed it up with a spoon, however it didn't totally mix and i noticed some had clumped to the corners of the cup - no biggie, i just mixed it up a little more with the spoon and it was done. Using a shaker cup(which i usually do) should rectify that problem
    Energy: energy and motivation were much more evident today.( I could have done a lot more had i not got held up talking to someone at the gym). This is one attribute that stands out so far over the old SP250...which was ok but never considered great to me

    ...I added in some Size On Max Perf since i had been sent a few of those samples as well- the new Wild Berry punch tastes WAY better than that Artic lemon Ice

    Military Press
    115 x 10
    135 x 10 x 2
    155 x 8

    DB side lateral raises
    20 x 10
    25 x 10 x 2
    25 x 6

    DB front raises
    25 x 10 x 2
    30 x 10

    Upright rows(cable machine)
    100 x 10
    120 x 10x 2
    130 x 8

    BB shrugs
    135 x 15
    225 x 10 x2
    ^^^ I usually do more sets and variations of shrugs but unfortunately tis is when the "talker" got hold of me and took up about 20 minutes of my wo lol

  5. Back and legs


    Today was legs supposed to be just legs, but i decided to throw in some back also since i didn't get to it yesterday. Today i used 1 scoop of MAX with 8 caps of Plasmajet, which gave me great energy and endurance, allowing me to throw the extra back exercises in there. I realized today I need to start doing a LOT of stretching in the coming weeks , as my hamstrings and quads were very tight- which is why I didn't even attempt squats or lunges.


    Leg press:
    300 x 10
    450 x 10
    500x 8
    450 x 6
    I was BEARLY getting full motion of reps during these because of the lack of stretching

    Leg extensions:
    140 x 10
    160 x 10
    180 x 10
    170 x 10

    Leg curls:
    90 x 8
    110 x 10 x 2

    Seated calf raises
    100x 10 x 3

    Standing calf raises
    185 x 10
    200 x 10 x 2

    Lateral Pulldown
    120 x 10
    140 x 10
    160 x 8

    Vbar pulldown
    160 x 10 x 3

    Seated rows:
    120 x 10
    130 x 8 x 2

    2 sets of bent over barbell rows

    Todays Grub:
    - 3 egg whites/2 whole eggs/ banana
    -2 scoops of Isoflex
    - 1/2 turkey sandwich on Arnold double preotein bread / 1 Greek style Yoplait yogurt
    -chicken breast, roasted potatoes, spinache
    2 scoops of banana MYO
    .....been craving a Labrada Cookie roll all day

  6. Im subbed brother man
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns


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