WANTED: IronMagLabs Seeking 3 Product Testers for Superdrol-DMZ

  1. Exclamation WANTED: IronMagLabs Seeking 3 Product Testers for Superdrol-DMZ

    IronMagLabs Seeking 3 Product Testers for Superdrol-DMZ

    We are looking for 3 product testers/loggers for Super-DMZ Rx, if you are interested please answer the following questions, post them here don't send me a PM!

    Super-DMZ Rx™ Pro-Hormone (Superdrol Dymethazine)

    MUST be at least 21 years of age and residing in the USA.
    MUST understand the possible side effects of using a pro-hormone.
    MUST be willing to have PCT (post cycle therapy) ready to use at end of cycle (we do not provide).
    MUST keep a log/journal on this board updated daily!

    Product testers will be provided with 1 FREE bottle of Super-DMZ Rx.

    Please answer:
    Years Training:
    Estimated Body Fat %:
    Your Goal in regards to Bodybuilding:
    Current supplements you're using:
    Why you would be a good candidate:
    Knowledge and/or pro-hormone experience:



  2. Age: 34

    Weight: 187

    Height: 5'11.5"

    Years Training: 12

    Estimated Body Fat %: 11%

    Your Goal in regards to Bodybuilding: To get below 9% bodyfat while increasing my strength; re-comp essentially.

    Current supplements you're using: Fish Oil, PowerFull, Multi, Protein Powder, Alpha T2
    Why you would be a good candidate: I was a beta-tester for Superdrol, among other things; I beta-tested MDien as well.

    Knowledge and/or pro-hormone experience:
    I have been around pro-hormones since the beginning; from Andro to transdermal 1T/4AD, to the first wave of methyls (M1T, M4OHN), to the first pre-ban stuff, to the current lineup. I recently completed a cycle of Furaguno that was very smooth. I beta-tested Superdrol for DS back before it ever came out---ran a great cycle, logged, etc. I know my body well and I know how I respond to hormonals.

  3. Age: 25
    Weight: 5'10
    Years Training: 7
    Estimated Body Fat %: 10%
    Your Goal in regards to Bodybuilding: I would like to compete in the Tampa Bay Classic i the near future. As for right now, I want to be the best in Plant City, my little hometown in Florida.
    Current supplements you're using: Pro Performance micronized glutamine, Pro Performance micronized BCAAs, Scifit Krealk, USP Anabolic Pump, USP Powerfull, Cellucore M5, Animal Pak, B Complex 100, Co-Q 10 300mg, Tripple Strength Fish Oil w/ Krill, Dymatize Elite 12 hr, Pro Performance Wheybolic Extreme 60, and CLA.
    Why you would be a good candidate: I'm young and aspiring and I want to grow! I have all access to on cycle support supplements and would be able to provide a proper pct for myself in order to be the safest possible. I'm driven to be the best and with the help of Superdrol/DMZ I know I can reach my goals and provide an adequate, in depth log that will provide information on the true power of this product!
    Knowledge and/or pro-hormone experience: First hormone I've ever run was M Drol by Competitive Edge labs, and my last was the Turinabol LQV by Primordial. Both were successful cycles but I am in need of something more!

  4. Time to step my game up,....

    Years Training:24
    Estimated Body Fat %:10
    Your Goal in regards to Bodybuilding:Just got finished losing 33 pounds. Looking to add some quality muscle mass at this point.
    Current supplements you're using:Extend, creatine, and whey. Keeping it simple at the moment.
    Why you would be a good candidate:Having just coming off a cut, I think the results would be that much more pronounced. Also, already have clomid on hand. Can log everyday, and provide before and after pics!
    Knowledge and/or pro-hormone experience:1. halodrol, 2. epistane, 3. sd1
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  5. Age: 37
    Weight: 242lbs.
    Height: 6'0"
    Years training: 4
    Estimated Body Fat: %10

    My goal in regards to BB: to be and maintain my full physical ability to stay in shape and being fit, mentally and physically.

    Current Supps: multi v, creatine, protein, omega's, Superpump 250, Prime and DTHC

    I would be a good candidate cause i'm a dedicated, serious to the point individual, who takes his workouts and supplementation seriously and will be able to keep a daily updated thorough log

    PH Exp: tren, epi, turinabol, sd, protodrol, 1-t
    and phera.

    Thank you,

  6. thanks guys, I would like to get a few more apps and then choose 3 testers by Monday.

  7. solid opportunity here!

  8. since only 4 apps were put in I am sending you all a free bottle, please send me a PM with your complete mailing address.


  9. Thanks,.. you and the forum will not be disappointed!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  10. Awesome! Thanks so much!

  11. Thank you IML, pm sent. It's about to go down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. these will be shipped out today via USPS Priority Mail.

  13. thank you again IML, just received the package today. now i'm just waiting on my cycle assist to arrive this weekend or tomorrow and then i shall be setting things off without any further delay. so monday will be the day.

  14. Age:22
    Weight: 200
    Height: 5'11"
    Years Training: 10
    Estimated Body Fat %: 12
    Your Goal in regards to Bodybuilding: Get back to 7% body fat. Ripped
    Current supplements you're using: None
    Why you would be a good candidate: I have taken 2 weeks off of training. I am a clean slate. I love to train, and I am constantly in the gym (Fitness Coordinator). Graduate student, who can promote your product.
    Knowledge and/or pro-hormone experience: I have a Bachelor's in Exercise and Wellness. Currently, I am working on my Graduate degree in Exercise and Wellness. I do know that after completing a pro-hormone treatment, one must use post cycle therapy. There are other possible side effects that I may experience, but I am willing to test it out. Over the years, I have tried many different supplements. I steered away from pro-hormones, but now that I have the desire to take my training to the next level, I would like to give it a try.

    I believe that I would be a great candidate. I will be able to keep up with the tracking fairly easily. I am near a computer at all times. I think it would be a great opportunity for your product to get introduced in a gym setting where students are persistent and continuously asking about supplements.

    I do know that you have chosen these four fellows all ready, but I still wanted to apply because I believe I am worthy.

  15. I am frontloading support supps and will start my log in a couple weeks.



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