I just finished a bottle of Controlled Labs Reduction PM and figured I'd post a short review for those that are interested.

REDuction PM Key Attributes (from the manufacture):

* Controlled release formula
* Energy and Focus
* Optimize metabolic rate
* Fast results and muscle definition
* Control cravings even at night
* Improved sleeping patterns to enhance lean mass
* Ephedrine Free
* Yohimbe Free

Unfortunately as a stand alone product I can not tell you whether or not it helped me burn fat. While taking Reduction PM, I was also taking a day time fat burner. Instead I will review only the noticeable effects it had on my body.

1. The product improved my sleep. Not only did Reduction PM assist in helping me fall asleep, it kept me in a deeper sleep. We all know how important sleep is, whether you are gaining muscle or burning fat. Even when I woke up for my nightly pee, I had no problems falling back asleep. I have also had trouble sleeping, and the sleep aid is a major plus.

2. Midnight cravings have always been my kryptonite. With Reduction PM my appetite was suppressed through all 8 hours of sleep and played a major role in minimizing my intake before bed. Even in the AM I woke up not hungry and was able to do thirty minutes of cardio in a fasted state.

3. Morning energy and focus was great. This can be due to improved sleep or maybe it is something in the product itself. None the less, there was no hesitation to start my mornings.

4. Everyday my body seemed to be getting tighter and definition was becoming more noticeable. This is definitely with help of the day time fat burner, but also I feel Reduction PM played a major role. I honestly feel the product works well as a diuretic and waking up looking skin tight every morning was a good feeling.

Unfortunately I don't know how well Reduction PM works as a standalone fat burner. I have lost 7 to 10 pds in one month stacking with another product. I can tell you as a appetite suppressor, sleeping aide and diuretic I say its worth the buy.

You can get one month worth for under 15.00.

Overall 7/10