Hello everyone!

I've been training for a VERY LONG time and have tried pretty much everything legal, at least once...anyway, I've been doing a recomp since late August, primarily by adjusting calories, training, and basically adopting a gluten-free diet.

The results so far have been I've lost enough fat/gained/maintained enough muscle to have very visible abs and my lifts continue to improve slightly.

Last week I dropped E-bol and added Anabolic Edge/Divanex, and Lean Xtreme. I'm currently in the processes of subbing Slin Sane for Recompadrol.

So it would be...

Adipose Annihilation
Lean Xtreme
Alpha T-2
Slin Sane
Anabolic Edge/Divanex

Of course the dosages would be gender/weight specific.

Any thoughts?

How does this sound for a good recomp stack?