Tri Methyl X 2010 Review

  1. Tri Methyl X 2010 Review

    Just finished a cycle of tri methyl x 2010. The cycle went great ! It wasn’t a very high dosed cycle though so I didn’t experience any of the insane gains that people talk about. I went from 180 to 190. Bench max went from 275 to 310
    Esthetically speaking, my body is much bigger and I have a lot more separation.
    • 1 inch to biceps
    • 2 inches to chest
    • 1.5 inches in forearms
    • 2 inches in shoulders

    So I am pleased considering I didn’t have such a high dose. The most noticeable gains were in muscle density and strength; these two gains exceeded my expectations for sure. The only strange thing I experienced was a loss in vascularity, but that’s nothing a lil brown sugar can cure
    Here is a list of the products I used during my cycle:
    • NO shotgun – I liked this a lot ! But seemed to lose its effect towards the end
    • Syntha-6 Protein – Taste so good its not even fare ! AMAZING
    • Aftershock - Great for shakes ! tastes good (wild berry) and helped with recovery
    • R3 muscle recovery – In all honestly I don’t even know if this worked. My joints did seem to feel better, but I don’t know if I can directly attribute R3 to that.
    • TestroRX - Took this in addition to tri methyl (a suggestion by my co-worker, a competing body builder, he is currently 210 and 5% body fat he is 5’10)
    • Liver RX – Took this twice a day regularly, but on days I would drink I doubled it (2 in morning 1 mid day 1 night)

    The vitamins that I currently take and took were:
    • Vitamin D3
    • Fish Oil
    • Flax seed oil
    • Milk Thistle
    • Vitamin C

    That’s basically everything like I said went great. I am started my PCT and its going good thus far. I am already excited about doing another cycle, I’ll be a big more aggressive the second time around, and will do a 6k calorie diet the second time around.

    My words of advice if you are going to do a cycle is WATER ! LOTS of it. I was/am drinking about 1-1.5 gallons a day. Its been great and I would like to think has been helping a lot with keeping levels safe. The second thing would be sex, I honestly believe it helped quite a bit to keep test levels and aggression in check. That being said, a big thing I learned was that everyone’s body and genics are different.

    Thanks for reading, Sorry I didn’t post pics, I don’t have 50 posts yet

  2. Hey, fish/flax oil and vitamin C! A man after me own heart.

    I've never tried Syntha-6, what flavor do you use?

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