Prepare for something special - quest for 6% - Need2slin, Erase, OEP and stano-drol

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  1. Prepare for something special - quest for 6% - Need2slin, Erase, OEP and stano-drol

    Welcome everyone!

    I am not one of the serial posters on here so please allow me to give you some background.

    History synopsis
    I started working out at 15, had a pretty serious shoulder surgery but have been pretty consistent since 18-19. I started at 135 and shot up to 185 pretty quickly. Started anabolics far to young and found out I don't respond like I wish I did. I've tried every diet and training method that I thought held water and I learn that the more you learn the more you realize you don't know anything. I've been down to the lowest bf% (honestly I'd guess 4%, wish I had pics) at 202 or all the way up to 240 and plump (unforutently that was this year and I DO have pics from 228 and it was OUCH). I got gyno from tren (I have more than enough experience to know what did it) so I can't use my beloved substance or any 19-nors and also can't use any orals

    So after 10 years of being an endo and hard gainer all in one I think I know the ropes. I will be brutally honest.

    The Present

    Fallen into HRT. Just did a long cutting cycle and am not happy with the results that I achieved without my beloved tren but it is time to give my body a rest. I am cycling down to just test but at above hrt levels and coming off of T3 after a 5-6 month run. I am still trying to diet and somewhere in the single digits currently but want to get lower and tighten my skin.

    Sound like a challenge? Cutting while lowering doses and coming off T3?
    Ha yeah it will be hard so these supplements have their work cut out for them.

    The Supplements and Expectations


    This is replacing aromasin so not noticing it is a GREAT result. Basically for estrogen control it is being compared to the big boys. Secondly I am coming off of t3 and cutting on a LOW calories diet so the cortisol blocking properties and concurrent TSH increase would be very appreciated. Again though, this is an area where it will be hard to notice and in fact just staying the same course and not gaining fat would be a great result

    I have high expectations on this but I know it doesn't sound like it but trust me if it does what I hope it will or even close then it is a keeper.


    This is the x-factor and the only supplement not directly replacing another supplement.

    Carbs kick my butt - I usually need to cut on very low carbs but coming off of t3 I think I want to play around with this. I need to play this by ear but need2slin can make itself noticed in fat loss and muscle fullness and pump. My pump goes to hell and I look flat as heck.


    I am coming off of masteron in the not too distant past so I am just hoping to get a little bit of vascularity and maybe get a little strength back (or lose less) again being a vet to anabolics I think any results will be atributed more to the Erase and Need2slin filling in their respective needs


    Honestly, I just need a fat burner to get through the day by the end of summer. I am skeptical but I simply want a little boost in energy and some TSH modulation.

    I don't take much else:
    BCAA pre/during Training, NOW Thyroid energy, very little protein powder...

    Currently using Recover pro for pre-wo

    Training plans

    Planning on ultimate diet 2.0, I like how idiot proof it is. Now it is not easy and it is not for everyone but is someone is tougher and more dedicated than they are intelligent and wants to assure success then its amazing

    I am considering adding some extra carbs and adding some cardio to give my thyroid a fighting chance of recovery. On the carb up days i might use a little extra need2slin.

    Also I have limited lifting facilities and a list of injuries so my training is not what I would suggest but it is all I can do. Do not take my movement or weight selection as anything to learn from but it is what I have learned that I can currently do will I get to a better gy,

  2. Holder

    Here Are some crappy before pic... The pics from the front just would not come out right IMO.

    My arms always sucked but they look extra small... Wish I had the balls to use synthol and maybe I could compete...

    I am a little bloated but nothing crazy... I'll try to get a real camera and someone to take them soon to replace these.
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  3. Hold 2

    hold 2
  4. Hold 3

    hold 3

  5. Hold 4 oops I mean in and 1st too!
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  6. Looks interesting! I'm in. [email protected].. Kleen beat me to being first

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    Hold 4 oops I mean in and 1st too!
    Too many holds? Ha well I never know what might happen. I can erase one if not needed but I like to condense my thoughts at the end

  8. I will follow along man. Lets see what another unlucky guy can do haha.

  9. Subbed, sounds crazy and I like it!

  10. Nah man I like it. My DMZ log got deleted. I am keeping progress updates here whenever not logging a specific product. KLEEN - The log in between logs....
    KLEEN - The log between logs...
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  11. Look at myself in person now those pics are **** ha. I am definetly a bit larger than that... Oh well.

  12. Shoot you look big as hell in the pics!
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    Shoot you look big as hell in the pics!

    I really see this log as mostly a log of need2slin (relating to your last post) because if the erase works I won't notice it, the stano-drol is replacing masteron so even if it works I will notice a slight drop off and the OEP is just the latest in a line of fat burners and is trying to keep me lean coming off of t3... Really need2slin is the only "new" thing I am adding in that I haven't taken anything like it in some time and it is not replacing anything directly...

    I need to get on writing my opening post... No one reads them anyway but I am still hoping to put some thought into it.

  14. damn man what Bf are you starting at?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by indysoccer16 View Post
    damn man what Bf are you starting at?
    Who knows... Thats what I call 8-9 but really not sure

  16. In, can't wait to see how Need2Slin shuttles your carbs in the right direction.
    doing my own thang!

  17. Did one long train of thought for the first post... hope it makes sense, had a pounding headache writing it so thats my disclaimer.

    I'll try to update the last few days shortly.

  18. "My arms are always small...." stfu lol

    You're harder on yourself than anyone i know!
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by goonstopher View Post
    Did one long train of thought for the first post... hope it makes sense, had a pounding headache writing it so thats my disclaimer.

    I'll try to update the last few days shortly.
    I'd like to see your routine, and then take it as my own
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
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  20. Ok lets get this thing started!

    First a little backtracking for the last week.

    Around Tues/Wens I started Erase and Need2Slin.
    I was basically unable to train because of a pulled bicep and my diet is based off of my training so I just ate about 200c 300f and 50f give or take, some days I lowered the carbs by 50 and upped the fat by 20.
    Started OEP earlier in the week.

    Initial impressions - Week in review

    Need2slin is the first nutrient repartitioning supplement that ever gave me slight hypo feelings. I have been taking 2 pills before my first meal then 1 before my third and fourth. The 2 pills on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating has left me a dizzy and a bit disoriented so something is definetly happening. Yellow Gold, Anabolic pump (limited run), slinsane or straight ALA never did this to me. I do think the added synephrine is hard on my system though and I will be playing with the dosing and not doing 2 in the morning.

    Dosed 2 first thing in the am and then 1 before meals 3 and 4. Will be changing this I think. Thinking of reducing first serving to just 1 and then using those saved up pills towards the second half of my carb up day to avoid too much spillover.

    ERASE has largely been unnoticed which is GREAT. This simply means that for right now it appears to be keeping up with aromasin. I still would go with aromasin for long term use because of its proven lipid profile and IGF effects (very little impact) but for anyone running a short term cycle (standard 8-12 weeks ect) I don't see any reason not to use it. My t3 rebound has been decent but I will include that down a bit.

    Dosing started at 3 then tried 4 recently. No ill effects at 4. 2 first thing AM and 1 or 2 a little while later

    OEP has been interesting. The first couple days I felt the energy for sure, it was almost too much to handle. Since then it has been much less though still noticeable. I know this isn't the main thing to judge it by but I am a stimulant veteran and am more of an addict by this time of year because of how long I have been cutting. It's also unfair to judge anything else about it because of all the circumstances this week

    Dosed 3 a day as needed. Always first thing am and then by feel.

    Stano-drol - Cant say I notice much but I don't expect to. Some possible effects could the the veins but that could easily be the need2slin.

    Also taking 2 Alpha T-2 per day in order to hopefully bridge out from t3 to completely off. Throwing in a bit of NOW Thyroid energy and extra coleus here and there.

    The first few days of the week without t3 were HELL. I was so sad and depressed over nothing. I do have depressive tendencies (more than tendencies) but this was straight up depression because I could not attribute it to any logical thought, I was just ruined over nothing. Well that got a bit better and now I am mostly feeling normal. I cheated and took 25mcg of t3 yesterday to try to deal with a hangover (got very drunk for the first time in YEARS on saturday haha). I have been sort of bloated overall but I call that from the t3 rebound but muscles feel nice, veins are coming out despite the added water weight.

    Post below this starts off the week and when the log really starts.

  21. Ultimate Diet 2.0 - Depletion day 1


    I messed up and forgot about the diet because I was in a hotel out of town and didnt even think of it.
    1. 7.5 chicken, 3 pieces of bread
    2. Detour bar
    3. 8oz low fat ground turkey
    4. 2 scoops protein - PWO
    5. 7.5 chick, little green beans w light butter
    6. 8oz low fat turkey

    Decline bench - 235 x 17, 13, 12 215 x 13,12,11
    High incline fly - 50 x 12-15 (4 sets)
    Machine fly/press - 3 sets 10-12

    Pullups BW - 17, 14, 12
    Pull down - 150 - 15,12,12

    DB curls - 45 - 15, 12 (guessing on this), 40 x 12
    Bending over concentration curls (arnold style old school ha) 30 - 15,14,13,13

    Did some abs...

    FELT GREAT! Veins coming out were insane. They are not there when just looking but working out WOW. I was pretty damn focused. the weights sucked but whatever. I am use to being weak from this damn diet but whatever.

  22. Depletion Day 2

    930 - Got up, 1 alpha t2, 2 erase, 1 oep, 1 need2slin, 2 thyroid energy
    11:00 - 8oz cottage cheese 1 scoop protein- 14c 55p 54f
    12:30 - 1 need2slin
    1:00- 1 stano-drol brown rice w chicken - 20c 45p 5f
    3:30-3:45 -4:00 - 1 oep - 2 thyoird energy - 1 need2slin + cordygen v2
    4:15 - chicken - 0c 45p 3f
    4:30 - 1 green apple 1 oep + fiber crystal light - 30c 0p 0f
    5:00 - workout
    8:00 - 2 scoops protein - 4c 48p 4f
    9:00 - 6.5oz ground turkey w. ketchup + green beans - 14c 40p 10f
    12:00 - 6.5oz ground turkey w. ketchup - 6c 40p 6f

  23. Looks like a great stack. Did you think about adding recreate in as well. Recreate would be a great addition as it helps reduce cortisol levels and can help stimulate testosterone production.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by diezel View Post
    Looks like a great stack. Did you think about adding recreate in as well. Recreate would be a great addition as it helps reduce cortisol levels and can help stimulate testosterone production.
    Test levels are not a concern for me, baring some major heart breakdown I will be on HRT.

    Thanks for the suggestion though, read my first post if you'd like to better understand where I am coming from but I am open to all suggestions.

  25. Damn near killed myself in the gym
    Not including warm ups:

    12 set shoulders
    7 sets back
    6 sets tri's
    4 sets rear delts
    3 sets brachialis

    I mix body parts back and forth... here is what I can remember
    MANY of these were slightly Rest Paused

    Hammer Row
    4 plates - 16,12
    3 plates - 15, 13

    Seated slightly incline side raises
    27.5 15, 15, 12
    22.5 15,13

    High smith bent over rows
    1.25 - 15, 12
    1 - 16 ouch

    Smith slightly behind neck
    1.25 x 10
    1 x 15,13,12,12

    rear delt way bent over
    45 - 15,13, 12
    35 - 15

    Hammer curls (alt with rear delt)
    45 - 12, 12
    35 - 13

    Tri dips w belt added weight
    45 - 15, 13, 12

    Behind neck over head tricep rope
    55 x 15, 13
    35 x 15

    I keep my form much better than almost anyone else I have seen so weights can suck sometimes

  26. Veins were INSANE during workout.

    In shoulders and arms...

    Sore as holy hell and I never get sore. Chest is tight and hard, back aches and arms are feeling tight. Worn the hell out.

    Muscles are definitely more full than they should be considering how insane my workout are compared to my calories/carbs!

  27. Keep killing it man. That workout looks brutal not going to lie.

  28. Looking good

  29. Wow this need 2 slin is no joke.

    Took all my am pills at 8am

    1 need2slin, 2 erase, 1 alpha t2, 1 oep, 1 ginkgo (figured why not) and 2 NOW Thyroid Energy.

    Took a shower and cut my weekly 16-17lb of chicken and by 11am I was literally woozy and could not think from low blood sugar. Had to add a small handful of fiber one frosted mini wheats to my am cottage cheese/protein.

  30. Depletion day 3

    Ouch in pain! Needed an aleve and 2 baby asprin to be able to move my focuss off of the soreness. I forgot how this felt.

    8am - Up and took pill coctail above
    11am - 1/2 container low salt cottage cheese / protein and little fiber one wheat thins (damn need2slin had be dizzy!) 35c 55p 5f
    12:30 - need2slin, oep, 1 erase
    1pm - 2 stano-drol - 6.5oz lean ground turkey w 2. pieces of really natural wheat bread - 36c 40p 10f
    3:30 - 1 need2slin, 1oep
    4pm - 1 stano-drol - 6.5oz chicken, 1 piece of bread - 18c 40p 5f
    730 - 2 thyroid energy, 1 Np coleus
    8pm - 1 stano-drol - 6.5oz chicken, green beans 10c 40f 8f
    11:30 - 2 stano-drol - 6.5oz lean ground turkey, green beans 6c, 40c, 8f

    Total estimated - 100c, 220p, 35-40f approx 1600-1700 cals

    Havent finished the day yet... I might stop posting my diet because you will see I eat the SAME THING EVERY DAY! Ha


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