Building the perfect physique with the help of Molecular Nutrition and APS

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  1. Building the perfect physique with the help of Molecular Nutrition and APS

    Aight guys, I am pissed. Spent an hour trying to get a good log started and my computer crashed so here we are again....a little cranky now it was good!!!!!

    Day 0:

    First is First......the good's I will be rockin:

    X-Factor Advanced Molecular Nutrition
    Test Factor Molecular Nutrition
    AT2 PES

    APS Nitrozine
    APS Creatine Nitrate

    Universal Uni-Liver
    MAP PP
    Mycogreen MST

    If I add or take anything away, I will post it that day. I have taken A TON of supplements over my years of working out so far so I know my body well and how it is responding to a certain compound. I am excited to see how this stack affects me.

    A little about me:
    Ever since 6 years old, I have always been in some type of activity/sport/competitive scenario. I was a gymnast for 10 + years and after quitting quickly began my journey into the land of the iron. Along the way, I have done martial arts, football, diving, and pole vaulting. After quitting gymnastics, I was a ripped 155lbs but throughout my hard work and dedication, I was able to get up to about 185lbs. I decided I just wanted to be huge so I started pounding weight gainers and eating everything under the sun and it wasn't long until I hit 230lbs. I definately enjoyed the amount of iron I could move in the gym but didn't like my look or the way I felt. I gained too much fat along the way. Now I am back down to around 180-185 lbs....I fluctuate. Unfortunately I can't eat everything I want to like I use waistline quickly let's me know but God did bless me with a better than normal metabolism so I don't have to watch it too close. Just recently, I have discovered the world of crossfit. It is definately some legit stuff and it helps me push things to the edge. Due to the 26 hours I am taking this semester in school, it is hard form me to get in all my hobby's/passions. Here are my measurements......

    Age: 25

    Height: 5' 9"

    Weight: today, 183 lbs

    Waist: 33 in at the bellybutton

    Arms: L- 17.25 R-17.5 in

    Chest: About 47.5 in

    Quads: L-23 R-22.5 in at mid thigh

    BF: probably about 10-12%

    My goal for this stack is to lose a few %BF and maintain my weight. I would definately like to increase my size and increase the weight I can push in the gym but I know that will be hard to do while loosing weight.....but let's see what we can do.

    Workout: workouts might seem sporadic. I am the type who likes to listen to their body and let it determine what I am gonna do that day. If I am just not feeling it then I won't do what I had planned. Also, I still have a passion for gymnastics so I will throw in workouts here and there but for the purposes of this log, I am gonna try to keep those to a min. I might throw in a few crossfit WODS, maybe hot yoga, use the EFX rings a little, and or some p90X but here is what I have laid out so far.....A mix of heavy weights and high intensity EDT workouts.

    Weeks 1/3/5:
    Either a 5 x 5 or a 4 x 6-8
    Mon: AM Cardio
    Tue: Chest/Tri
    Wed: Off
    Thur: Back/Bi
    Fri: AM Cardio PM Legs/Calves
    Sat: AM Cardio PM Shoulders/Traps
    Sun: AM Cardio PM Arms

    Week 2/4/6:
    EDT workouts
    Mon: AM Cardio
    Tue: Chest/Back
    Wed: Off
    Thur: Legs/Calves
    Fri: AM Cardio PM Shoulders/Traps
    Sat: AM Cardio PM Arms
    Sun: AM Cardio PM either gymnastics/yoga/p90x/crossfit/efx rings workout

    My least favorite ! Ok, so with my God blessed genetics I don't have to diet too hardcore. As of late I have done quite a bit of reading and definately like the Paleo way of nutrition. I have been doing it off and on and think it is great if you can stick with it. If any of ya'll don't know what paleo is then look up robb wolf and listen to some of his podcasts on the topic. Basically, it is a high fat, high protein and low to no carb diet (other than from veggies or fruit). I am following an unweighed paleo diet which I will keep track of what I eat just not specific macro breakdowns.....If I feel I wanna pull in my waistline even more then maybe I will start counting macro's but as of now, I just don't have that much time.

    Finally, I wanna give a shout out to Molecular Nutrition for giving me this opportunity to try out their products and really put them to the test. Also, I wanna thank APS too for letting me try out some of their pre-workout products. I am excited to see if these products can help me reach my goals. I am not affiliated or know anyone from either of these companies. If you want an unbiased log that you can follow along with then this is it. If I don't like something or didn't think it worked, I will post that. Also, pics and measurements don't lie and I will be posting before and after pics/meausrements so hold tight and lets get this party started!!!!!!

    I am sure I am forgetting stuff and this is my second go around at typing the start up to my log so getting tired and cranky so it is off to bed. I will post pics tomorrow but I will leave you with this beautiful site!!!!! Thanks again to Molecular Nutrition and APS.....looking forward to this opportunity!!!! Please let me know if there is anything I need to add or do to my log. I am gonna see if I can figure out how to get some vid's going too!!!!!!
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  2. this completely unsponsored? If so I am intrigued.

  3. In 350zzt, looking forward to see how this stack works for you.

  4. I'm in like fylnn buddy
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  5. Sorry E, but this is sponsored! But I don't know anyone from either companies and I will tell it like it is. Plus, the pics/measurements don't lie so I am hoping for a good run!

  6. Thanks for the support Aaelael and Fitcopforlife, lets get it going up in here! I am stoked about this run! Looking for some solid lean muscle and definition

  7. DAY 1:

    Weight: 182.6 lbs

    Just started the stack today and am stoked to get this going. Here is the rundown for today!


    Meal 1-
    1 X-Factor
    2 TBSP Almond Butter
    1 Large Grapefruit
    1 Chicken Sausage Link
    Chicken Breast
    Cup of Coffee

    Meal 2-
    100 Cal Almond Pack
    1 Scoop MAP w/3g citrulline
    2 x Uni-liver
    3 x Mycogreen

    Sugar Free Jello
    Celsius Energy Drink (Carb Free)

    Meal 3-
    1 X-Factor
    ½ Large Avacado
    Chicken Breast
    2 x Uni-liver

    3 x Hardboiled Eggs
    1 Pack of 130 Cal Pistachio’s

    Meal 4-
    3 x Eggs
    2 x Chicken Sausage
    1 x Stick of cheese
    1 Cup Broccoli

    Supp Program:
    3 x AT2 (2 before breakfast and 1 after lunch)
    4 x X-factor
    4 x Test Factor (2 after breakfast and 2 pre-workout)

    Pre-workout: (don’t have in APS supps yet)…….
    1 scoop ASGT
    3 g Citrulline
    2 x X-Factor
    3 x Cordy VO2 Ultra
    2 x Test Factor
    1 x MRM Active ATP

    1 Scoop of MAP
    1 Scoop of Purple in Train

    The Workout:

    Tri-set: 5 x 5
    Incline DB Bench-100 lb x 5/5/5/4—90 x 4
    Flat DB Bench-100 lb x 5/5/3/3-90 x 4
    Decline BB Bench- 225 lbs x 5/5/ 205 x 5/5/5

    Low Cross Cable Pulley- 50 lbs x 12/ 60 x 9/9/ 70 x 7
    Incline Fly- 50 lbs x 12/ 60 x 9/8/8

    Seated Cross Cable Machine- pin at 14 x 10/9
    Jumping Push-ups onto blocks (height x 4) -BW x 10/10

    Tabata Plank Holds with 45 lb weight on back (30 secs hold then 10 secs rest then 30 secs hold and repeat) Total of 5 Rounds

    Burned out Triceps with Rope Pushdowns with stack…… 3 sets to failure

    When I got home I used the EFX Rings (like gymnastics rings) and did a total of 20 muscle ups

    Had a pretty decent workout today. Felt really strong but endurance kinda lacking. I like the pump I got from taking the 2 X-Factor pre-workout. Different then most pumps I have felt. Just big and solid. Too early to note any changes in libido or anything yet from the test factor. Did notice that the AT2 makes me sweat a little more throughout the day. Definitely had some good energy going for my workout. I did notice I was ready to go kill some weights though which is totally different than I have been lately. Not in an angry way just a motivated way. We will if that sticks around. More to come tomorrow and will get the picks up shortly! Any feedback or suggestions is welcomed! Let’s get this thing going guys.

  8. Subbed for a fantastic stack.

  9. the at-2 will make you sweat-fo shore!!!
    mn has a great reputation, i have a feeling those 2 products will work well.

    i am interested in how the aps products treat you, those i don't know much about.

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  10. thanks for the support velocityrob and bigt, I am excited for things to really kick in! Big, yea I am definately interested in the whole nitrate things. Being reading up on it a little and seems pretty legit but we will see if that translates into real world results.....I have been reading around about most people really liking creatine nitrate.......the nitrozine has GPLC which I already no I love......I love all the carnitines....GPLC/LCLT/ALCAR......mmmmmmmm good.

  11. Today was a lackluster day to say the least. Woke up a little late which threw my whole day off because I had to be at school all day and forgot some food/supps. So I ended up missing one of my meals in between. Also, not suppose to workout today but was gonna hit the gym anyway so saved 3 X-factor to try pre-workout but ended up having to help some people move so I will be glad to start fresh tomorrow. Here is a quick breakdown:

    Meal 1 –
    8 oz steak
    1 chicken sausage
    1 large grapefruit
    2 tbsp almond butter

    --missed my snack of almonds and Map—

    Meal 2-
    Chicken Breast
    ½ Avocado
    ½ cup jalapenos
    2 tbsp almond butter

    Meal 3-
    6 oz steak
    1 happy cow cheese light
    1 cup broccoli

    Meal 4-Cheat meal
    Got Mexican food for helping move my friends….yep I have no self control  but like I said this is not gonna be a strict cut down and my metabolism is pretty good to go so 


    -Pretty much rolled the same as I did yesterday-

    4 x X-Factor (Meal 2 and 3 after meal 3)
    5 x Test Factor (bumped up to 5 because that will last me the same amount of time as the X-Factor—2 x between Meal 1 and 2 and took 3 with my “pre-workout” X-factor)
    3 x AT2 (2 before meal 1 and 1 after meal 2)
    3 x mycogreen MST with Meal 1
    4 x Uni-liver ( 2 x Meal 1 and 2)

    Took some NOW Digestive enzymes along with my bigger beef meals
    Still haven’t got in my APS supps yet so we will leave those out for now

    Like I said, today was an off day. I will be on my game tomorrow….back/bi’s baby! Already ready to light them up! Still not too much to notice today. Sweating up….most likely from the AT2/libido still about the same…..maybe a tad higher than normal and a slight swelling down below/I did however notice that when I was helping move that I seemed kinda pumped up and my vascularity was up so things might be kicking in a little. Like I said before, not looking for things to kick in that quick yet so excited for week 1 and 2 to roll along . My chest/tri’s weren’t too sore this morning, however, I do notice that as the day progresses that the DOMS got slightly worse. I attribute this to the X… chest usually never gets really sore no matter how hard I pound it. Still can't get my camera to upload my pics yet so for now here is a pic of me a few months back.
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  12. Looking lean as hell man, keep it up.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by fitcopforlife View Post
    Looking lean as hell man, keep it up.
    x2, you should see some nice/lean gains.

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  14. Thanks for the support guys......been starving and just pounding down food today.....down about a pound for some reason so decided to "cheat" a little . Getting ready to hit the gym here in a few! Ready to smash some weights. Decided to switch the program around a little too!

  15. in for the good time
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by 350zTT View Post
    Thanks for the support guys......been starving and just pounding down food today.....down about a pound for some reason so decided to "cheat" a little . Getting ready to hit the gym here in a few! Ready to smash some weights. Decided to switch the program around a little too!

    sounds like you are ready to pound some weights!!!

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  17. Day 3:

    I AM DOWN 1 lb today…..

    Had a pretty good day today…..a little tired from last night (moving that is  ) but all was good.

    Meal 1-
    Chicken Breast
    3 tbsp Almond butter
    1 cup mixed fruit (kiwi/strawberry/blueberry)
    1 x X-factor
    3 x Uni-liver
    3 x Mycogreen

    Meal 2-
    1 Scoop MAP with 3 g Citrulline
    130cal pack of pistachio’s

    Meal 3-
    BLT sandwhich (no sause just plain)
    1 pkg tuna
    ½ cup mushrooms
    ½ jalepeno’s
    ½ avocado

    Meal 4-
    8 oz Steak
    Stick of cheese
    ½ cup cherrio’s

    ---oooppppsss------2 x Reese’s Big Cups-----had my sweet tooth going today

    Meal 5-
    5 egg omlett with mixed veges
    Stick of cheese

    Supp stack:

    2 x AT2 (only 2 after meal 2….dunno if I am not responding well to the Rauwolscine or if my allergies were just kicking today but I couldn’t get my nose to stop running for the life of me today so took a nap when I got home)

    4 x X-factor (1 with meal 1 and 3 x pre-workout)

    5 x Test Factor (2 x after meal 1 and 3 x pre-workout)

    NOX-CG3 (still waiting on APS supps so I had a bunch of samples and drank quite a bit of caf today so I wanted to stay away from any stimmed pre-workouts)

    1 scoop of Power Shock VPX (picked up a tub of this today because needed sum AA’s…..mixed really well and tastes good…..I got grape……except I have come to the conclusions I just can’t drink anything during workout….makes me nauseous and kills the stomach….so drank the rest of it post workout)

    Ok, so decided to re-arrange my schedule and up the intensity on this stack… doing whole body twice a week. Did legs today, and I have to admit it…..I usually don’t do legs….yep I said it…..tore a hammy a few years ago and it still bothers me and I just never got excited about legs… I can wear shorts at the beach  haha! But had to get my legs kicking for ya’ll!


    Hanging Leg (straight) Raises (toes to bar w/ a 10lb weight between feet)- 10lb x 10 + 10 (Body weight) for 3 sets
    Side Rope Pulldowns-110 x 10/ 150 x 10/10
    Rope pulldowns-110 x 20/150 x 15/15

    Leg Extension-170 x 10/10/9
    Lying Leg Curl-80 x 10/90/10/9

    -Seated rotary machine calf raises-70 x 15/80 x 14/90 x 12/110 x 10-

    Leg Press (knees to chest) 6 plate x 10/8p x 10/10 p x 8/8
    Leg Press Calf Raises 6 p x 15/ 8p x 13/ 10 p x 10/10

    Standing Leg Curl-90 x 9/8
    Glutue Machine-50 x 8/8

    Decent workout today. Just felt nauseous today and stomach was killin…….decided that I just can’t handle any type of intra-workout drink….only water. Nevertheless, still got some good pumps going, just focused on getting back to some heavier weights….I could tell on the leg press my hammy was pretty tight so didn’t push it as much as I woulda liked but it’ll get there. Veins were poppin in my calves, which I was pretty shocked about! So, so far things are going great!!!!!!!! Just starting to stress because in a few weeks I get hit with tests hard!!!! STUDY STUDY STUDY….trying to keep the stress levels down though…keep the cortisol at bay and keep me from stress eating! Looking forward to tomorrow though….gonna hit some good stuff……ARMS and SHOULDERS baby!!!!! Woooooopppppp!


    Libido-up a notch or 2

    Muscle Hardness-definitely increasing

    DOMS-yea….definately think the X is already kicking in on me because my pecs keep getting progressively sorer…..My pecs where burning doing hanging straight leg raises toes to bar today)

    Vascularity-definitely increased….some girl even told me my veins in my arms were poppin today!  ….also, when I was doing calves today, I noticed veins poppin in them which I rarely see….I forgot my iphone or I woulda taken a pic….next time!!!!

    Pumps-I am definitely feeling a slight pump….not like the pumps from a pre-workout drink but just solid and tight….definitely enjoying it so far. … we will say pumps up a notch

    Well, only 3 days in and things are already starting to pick up. This has exceeded my expectations because I figured it would take at least a week or 2. I am excited for when things really get turned up…..and I dunno if it’s the AT2/X or what but 1 pound lost already……that is NICE 

  18. you take citruline with a meal???

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  19. Big, no I usually don't take the citrulline with a meal. Usually either with some MAP or with my pre-workout drink.

  20. Sorry I didn't get this posted last night but here was yesterday's rundown.

    Day 4:

    Meal 1-
    Chicken Breast
    1 Large Grapefruit
    3 tbsp Almond Butter
    1 x X-factor

    Meal 2-I almost don't wanna post this meal or dinner
    Big Burrito with fajita meat/beans/rice/lettuce and some sour cream...mmmmmmm delicious

    Meal 3-
    5 Large Eggs
    1 Chicken Sausage
    2 tbsp Almond Butter
    1 x X-factor

    Meal 4-
    Purple in Train x 1 scoop
    Power Shock x 1 scoop
    1 packet of Hydro-whey

    Meal 5-uuggggghhhh...yea I majorly cheated today...took the lady out for italian tonight
    Ceasar Salad
    Chicken Fet Alfredo (ate it all!!!!!!!) and wine
    2x X-factor
    and can't forget the cheescake ice cream for dessert

    ......but I weighed myself this morening AND STILL DOWN 1/2 a pound!!!!!!!!!!


    Did an hour long seesion of hot yoga....temp in the room 98.6 and humididty 60%....I was sweating within the first 5 mins.....this was alot harder than I thought.....we did more holding poses than stretching.....abs and legs are pretty sore!

    no workout after because I was shot! I really enjoyed it though...think it will definately help with flexibility and core strength!

    No AT2 today....think it was mainly my allergies because my nose was still running today so gonna start back with a few caps tomorrow

    4 x X-factor
    5 x Test-Factor


    Lovin this stack so far......think things are really about to kick into overdrive. Even though I have a good metabolism, I think the X is allowing me to eat more and still lose weight....lovin it.

    DOMS....chest is still pretty sore from earlier in the week...legs are killin so doms are up a notch

    Libido.....still about the same as yesterday so its up a notch

    Muscle Hardness.....this is where this stack is shinning so far.....My muscle seem to stay hard and big throughout the day....I love it!!!!!!!

    Vascularity.....definately stay alot more vascular than usual.

    So far, everything is going great! I think the X and TF are about to kick into overdrive.....thus far, I have enjoyed the stack greatly! Stay tuned for todays workout...lets get er done

  21. nice results this early on.

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  22. Thanks T,

    Need some suggestions guys on the workout routine. Was looking at the genomyx spon athelet: francisco montealegre....dude is a freaking beast....anyway, I do agree with him regarding volume. Think he is hitting each bodypart 2-3 days pers week. In an interview with him he talked about gymnast's an how much they work out.....which I was for 10 + years so it did get me thinking about how much volume we did and how much we did gain from it. So I rearranged my schedule to look like this:

    Mon-off-HIT cardio
    Tue-off-HIT cardio

    The following week I would switch the chest/back/traps workout to the Arms/shoulders and would be hitting those 3 x per week. i know that is alot of volume but......I also found an article about layne norton and here is how he had things layed out.

    Mon-upper body power
    Tue-lower body power
    Thur-hypertrophy chest/arms
    Fri-hypertrophy shoulders/traps/back
    Sat-Hypertrophy legs/calves

    So which do you think I would see better results with using this stack? Thanks.....also, gonna start really pounding some food to see where I finally spill over into fat gain with this stack. Lets get big and ripped baby!!!!!!

  23. take advantage of the increased recovery you should get from this stack and up the volume-make sure you eat enough!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  24. I will post yesterdays stats in just a few but I felt strong as hell yesterday. Here is a vid of me doing 80lb incline Extensions yesterday!!!!! I haven't gone much heavier than this and would have tried yesterday except the gym was closing
    Attached Files Attached Files

  25. Does anyone know how to upload youtube files so they show up on here? I just downloaded the video to youtube and thought it would be easier to see. Here is the link:

    YouTube - 80 lb incline DB ext regular.wmv


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