I recieved a 1 pill sample packet of alri's poison from n.planet.I took 1 pill and in about a hour felt it kick in. I felt jittery,jumpy,increased thermalgenic body heat ,increased focus, a huge boost of energy and good mood(I felt like jumping around or running for awhile).The only issue I had with posion was the yohimbine as it induced nausea.These effects lasted for about 5 hours and 30mins.To complete a comparison I would compare it to gaspari's mitotropin to a degree only the feelings were not as strong as mitotropin and with mitotropin I did not experience any nausea though as stated I only took 1 arli poison pill so I would guess the effects would have been greater had I taken 2 pills.Overall I feel alri's poison would make a solid fat loss supplement for anyone wanting to lose weight granted they are not sensitive to yohimbine.