first off thanks to AI for the free samples

second I do apologize for not posting a picture of the bottle, I am having computer issues at the moment.

Lastly, this is not a mini log, but a mini review, since I already ran the entire sample, this is the first chance I have had to write, so all of that being said, Here we go.

HGH pro, what do I expect?

sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep, all I expect is deeep deep sleep, I have taken powerfull, somidren gh, bulk 1-carboxy and boatloads of it so im pretty sure i know what to expect, and along with the sleep comes increased recovery, I hope, ok.

night #1

have to say, as always, The first night i take anything containing a high concentration of L-DOPA I have a VERY sketch night sleep, and I did here as well, I do expect this from these types of supps. It really just proves to me that the L-DOPA % is very high in this supplement, the next morning I had to work early, but no muscle soreness from the previous days workout, wich I do attribute to the hgh PRO, Im pretty much always sore

night #2

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! what? huh? what the?? sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep wow oh wow man this stuff put me out! i did not even get up once in the night to goto the bathroom wich is amazing for me!! out the door early for a heavy back/bi/abs workout, wich I might add went great!

night #3

X2 the boom, out like a light, slept for 9 straight hours and woke up feeling great!! Very little soreness from the back workout the day before, there is a very real recovery benifit from HGHPRO, I only wish now that I had some more!!!!


This stuff stacks up well against the top supplements in this catagory, I would recomend it to ANYONE who has trouble with quality sleep and recovery like myself, Thanks again to AI for letting me try it, I loved it!!