Natabolic Stack / Wood Stack Are Helping Punthra Destroy Everything In Sight!!!!

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  1. Natabolic Stack / Wood Stack Are Helping Punthra Destroy Everything In Sight!!!!

    Hi, my name is Punthra and i've been chose to give LG's Natabolic Stack a good run and then i'm bringing my natural test back with my team's Wood Stack. Here's a little info about myself before i get into my dosing protocols, training style, and general info about myself.

    WEIGHT: 235 (Just got back from a mini vacation / specialist appointments and didn't stay on diet or train during this time.)

    TRAINING STYLE: My training style is instinctual with various different training methods used in each workout. I draw alot from FST training, DC, 5-3-1, and various other training methods. Everything is usually hard and heavy which seems to work well for me.

    DIET: 3500-4500 Calories. I'll be using this run as a clean bulk which i believe is totally possible as long as i keep everything in check diet wise. I'm not going write out my diet as i keep that info to myself.


    Natadrol: 8 pills a day for 30 days. Dosing will be done in 2 pill dosages to keep it running at optimal levels throughout the day.

    GHenerate: 6 sprays twice a day. First dose will be right before my workout and the last dose will be right before bed. On non-training days the first dose will be taken before noon. 60 days worth so i'll be running both on cycle and post cycle.

    Formadrol Extreme: 2 pills twice a day for 20 days. First two pills taken in the AM and second 2 taken at night.

    Testopro: sames as the above

    Perform: same as the above

    Stoked: same as the above

    Now some people might find that my post cycle is overkill but i love the wood stack for how my body reacts to it and so does my wife...LOL!

    Goals: To increase lean body mass and get upwards of 245lbs again if this sweet combo works like i think it will. As for the weights my personal goals on this run are to bench the 160lb dumbbells for reps, front squat 400, get back to deadlifting over 500 consistently again, and finally row over 300 on the T-bar row. Wish me luck!!!!
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  2. Monday's Workout:
    Back (Day One)

    Pro Grip Pulldowns 200x10 / 230x10 / 260x8 / 290x6

    Twisted Dumbbell Rows 100x8 / 120x8 / 140x8 (Hard to describe these, got the idea from a article in muscular development)

    Barbell Rows 135x10 / 185x10 / 235x10

    V-Bar Cable Rows 200x10 / 250x8 / 300x6 (I've always been really strong on this exercise)

    Cable Pullovers 115x10 / 130x10 / 145x10

    DC Hanging lat stretch with a 120lb dumbbell for 1 minute

    - great workout for just coming back from vacation
    - nothing really noticeable today other than GHenerate tastes good

    Tuesday's workout
    Chest / Biceps

    Flat Dumbbell Presses 100x8 / 120x8 / 140x6

    Incline Barbell Presses 135x10 / 205x8 / 275x5 (Strength just fell right off)

    Flat Dumbbell Flyes 50x10 / 70x10 / 90x8

    Low Cable Crossovers 30x15 / 45x12

    Barbell Curls 115x8 / 125x8 / 135x5

    Rope Hammer Curls 115x10 / 130x10 / 145x8 w/ dropset 75x12

    - felt strong as hell today and my chest was swolen to all bloody hell!
    - started to notice a dieuretic effect happening, look leaner and less watery

    Non-training Day
    - can't stop urinating and i look lean with all this water being pushed out
    - muscles starting to feel alot fuller
    - recovery still hasn't cranked up yet as my chest and back feel like they've been hit with a bat (Man i hate the first week back)
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  3. here my brotha!!!! and FIRST
    Working on living

  4. second?
    if only bc Big Ron is in my avatar

  5. Welcome! Trust me, things are only going to get more interesting from here.
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  6. Damn now that is going to be one insane stack!!!
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  7. Ya, i'm sure it's going to be insane!! I'll be knocking out shoulders and tris later today, heres hoping for some heavy ass weight to be pushed.
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  8. This is REAL.

  9. Nice numbers especially on the rows... WOW!

  10. I'll be watching you...
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  12. You know I am in for this guys, serious numbers will be going up for sure. Between you and NCAA I foresee some serious Natadrol destruction. BTW, your PCT is serious and looks like a lot of fun. Your woman is a brave woman letting you take all of that at once . Oh ya, so subbed!
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  13. Shoulders / Triceps

    Standing Barbell Military 135x10 / 155x10 / 175x8 / 195x4 (Core failed before my shoulders did....BOOOOO!!!!!!)

    Dumbbell Laterals 40x8 / 45x8 / 50x6 w/ drop 25x12

    Rear Delt Machine 175x10 / 195x10 / 215x8 w/ drop 105x14

    Cable Upright Rows sup/ Front Bar Raises (Set 1) 175x10 & 60x8 (Set 2) 195x10 & 70x6
    (Set 3) 215x8 & 50x10

    Smith Close Grip Bench Presses 135x5 / 205x5 / 275x5 w/ drop 135x12

    Cable Pressdowns (FST-5) 225x8 / 195x8 / 165x8 / 135x8 / 105x8

    - the pump was absolutely incredible
    - muscles feel full all the time right now
    - felt very confident in the gym today
    - still feel thirsty all the time
    - strength isn't up yet....but i can tell it's coming soon!!!!!
    - got asked whether i was on gear right now by a random stranger yesterday....It made me smile a ear to ear grin!!!!
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  14. I've got 2 bottles of natadrol, still not sure when i'm going to use em. You've got me thinking about switching to standing military press instead of seated, but I hate the thought

  15. Insane numbers there my friend!!! Great job!
    Working on living

  16. I actually don't do standing all the time...Figured i'd shock the system a little!
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  17. oh yeah, there those workouts! BOOM!

  18. IM in for the ride big guy! Lets see how natabolic treats you!
    DISCLAIMER: Anything that I post on this forum should not be taken as medical advice. Consult your doctor before starting new diets, supplements, training protocols, and/or if you have any concerns about your health.

  19. nice, I'll use this as a deciding factor for when I'll run natadr

    kill it sir

  20. Week 3 is gonna b awesome just so u know

  21. Wood Stack...

    It's funny becuase it's true!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  22. Glad to have you guys!

    Here's saturdays workout....

    Front Squats 135x5 / 185x5 / 235x5 / 285x5

    Deadlifts 135x5 / 225x5 / 315x5 / 405x5

    One Leg Presses 180x10 / 270x10 / 360x10

    Machine Squats 215x10 / 245x10 / 275x10 / 305x10 / 335x8

    Standing One Leg Curls (One drop set) 90x8 / 60x7 / 30x10 (Trashed my hamstrings like no other)

    Week One Mini Review

    Well so far i haven't noticed anything pronounced strength wise but i've definitely seen a change in body composition. My muscles are starting to feel alot fuller and i've also noticed a extreme need for water all the time. As far as GHenerate goes, i've noticed improved sleep and i fall asleep alot quicker than i was. I'm definitely expecting big things in the upcoming weeks as everything seems to be running the same time line as other logs.
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  23. great lift my friend!!! and this next week will be fun to watch!
    Working on living

  24. I'm heading into the gym in a bit here....Chest/Back together since i missed yesterday's workout.
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  25. Bigtime work! Chest/Back in 1 day!! WOOHOO!


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