Muscle Marinade and 1.M.R review

  1. Muscle Marinade and 1.M.R review

    So 2 weeks ago i finished my jug of Muscle Marinade and Monday i started taking 1.M.R. Although i just started 1.M.R, i have already used it 3x and have a pretty good idea of what it can do.

    Muscle Marinade - Taste wasn't anything to go crazy about, but it was drinkable. One thing i really liked from the start is that it only required one scoop. The first time i took it was insane! It kicked in about 20 min after taking it. But when it did you could definably feel it was working, you get a mad rush of that funny tingling feeling, from the Beta Alanine. It keeps you really focused, pumps are ridiculous. Once i stated lifting i didnt want to stop, usually i wait 2 mins before i do another set. But when i was taking MM i would do a set every 30 seconds because i was really anxious. Also, i got pretty wild vascularity. This is one of the best pre-workouts i have ever taken. The only drawback is the the time i got home i was dying. Hardest crash i had of taking PW's. But that happens when its loaded with stims. I workout 4 days a week, M-Thurs. So when i had those few days off and would go back to it on Monday, that was when i crashed the hardest. But it was well worth it to me because i had insane workouts.

    1.M.R - Like i stated earlier i have only taken it 3x but i have a good feel for it already. So when i went to pick something up a VS the guy told me he wouldnt recommend it because its really strong and he has a few ppl bring it back because it made them puke, and you crash really hard. So that caught my attention and im like ok ill take that one. I saw the "warning label" on it, so im thinking....hmm this must be good stuff. Anyway so after i sipped on it, i can say the taste isnt too bad, i had blueberry btw. I finally stared to feel it after 25 min. You could also feel a little tingling from this one, but no where near what it was from MM. After a few sets i was feeling good and i was really focused. You do get a little energy boost, but its nothing wild. Into my workout i really started to sweat, which i usually dont too much. By the end of my workout i was getting solid pumps, not anymore vascularity than i usually have when im not taking a PW. After wards the crash was hardly noticeable, which i did like. But it doesnt bother me too much. So now im thinking where he got all the BS about it being super strong. I hardly felt anything.

    Last thoughts - When i run out, i think its pretty safe that i wont ever buy 1.M.R again. I dont think it was worth $35. On the other hand MM i will definably have to buy another jug. But before i do, i would like to try some other products out there. Besides the really hard crash, MM is one of the best products ive tried. 1.M.R really disappointed me after reading and listening to all that hype. But i still have 25 servings left so im hoping it has yet to surprise me.

  2. Thanks for the review and comparison! Glad you enjoyed MM.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. MM is the real deal!

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