No More Distractions

  1. No More Distractions

    Hey all....

    Started a stack last year and did a log on it and now I am going to do another one. So let's skip the BS and get right into it. This is not a sponsored stack at all, I will be buying everyone of these products on my own with my own hard earned cash.


    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Age: 18 by the end of Sept, 19

    I have been working out now for a total of 4 yrs. Started off with football now has moved on to the fact that I am going to school to be a personal trainer. I love being under the iron , I am somewhat addicted to the gym and to the soreness you get from working your ass off.

    The Stack will look a little bit like this:

    Whey Protein
    and Possibly a Weight Gainer

    other supps will be:

    1,ooomg Fish oil
    Centrum Ultra men's vitamin

    On this stack I will be looking to bulk. So I will have a high carb high protein diet( With som cheat meals seeing how I am in college 5 days a week) I would LOVE to get up to 210lbs. This I know would be dramatic and believe me I know it will take a while.

    My workout will look a little bit like this

    Sets : 3
    Reps: 10,8,6

    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday: Shoulders
    Friday: Back/Bi's

    Not a really big advocate of doing abs... I believe that they will come with time. Not too worried about looking good on the beach.

  2. First day was today..... Kinda late to post up everything I want to say, I will post everything early tomorrow morning when I'm sitting around campus.....

  3. Alright so here we go.

    Yesterday was the start of my workout. I did not have the Creapure yet or the Poseiden. So yesterday was done with Xtend and just some protein.


    Incline Bench Press: 10 - 175 8- 185 6- 205
    Flat Barbell Press: 10- 65 8-75 6- 80
    Incline Cable Flyes: 12- 15lbs 12-15lbs. 12- 15lbs. ( These were done with very strict for and a nice long squeze at the top)

    With these weighted dips I will be posting what weight I had hanging off of myself.
    Weighted Dips: 45lbs -10 55lbs-8 70lbs- 6
    Skull Crushers: 50lbs- 10 60lbs- 8 70lbs- 6( Kinda failed on the 4th so the 5th and 6th were assisted by my partner)

    Superset :

    Rope Pulldowns and Chest Machine( Did the chest machine because I wanted to keep a nice pump in my chest)

    Pulldowns: 12- 15lbs 12-15lbs 12-15 lbs.( Very strict form, nice stretch at the bottom.

    Chest Machine: 10- 185 8-205 6- 225

    Superset # 2:

    One Arm Reverse Pulldown: 12- 15lbs 12- 15lbs 12-15lbs

    Weighted Bosu Pushups: Until Failure on all 3 sets, Started with a 25 lb plate on my back stripped to a 10lb plate then finished up with just my body weight..This was done for all 3 sets.

    Took the Xtend Intra Workout, Post Workout and Before Bed.....

    Xtend: I am currently drinking the Blue Raspberry flavor which is one of my favorite. The taste is rediculously good and this shi* works. I wil post the leg workout tonight.

  4. Legs

    Squats: 10- 225lbs 8-315lbs 6-335lbs Burn Out Set with 135
    Leg Extensions: 12-60lbs 12-60lbs 12- 60lbs
    Leg Curls: 10- 100lbs 8- 110lbs 6- 120lbs
    Step Ups: 10 each leg all 3 sets- 135lbs
    Lunges: 12 lunges 135lbs


    Calve Raises: 10- 225lbs 8-315lbs 6-405bls Burn Out set with 225lbs

    Each calve raise was held for 2secs. on the top and 1sec. on the bottom.

    Took Xtend Intra and Post Workout. Also had a scoop of some ON Whey Protein Cookies n' Cream.

    The Xtend is definitely helping with the recovery, hoping it will make me a little less sore tomorrow. Killed myself today and am struggling to walk at the moment.

  5. Stop the workout this week on Thursday didn't like my split.... So I will be changing it to a 3 day on 1 day off split..

    Monday: Chest, Tri's & Front Delt
    Tuesday: Legs
    Wednesday: Back,Bi's & Rear Delts
    Thursday: Off

    Repeat Mondays on Friday, Tues on Sat and Wed, on sunday.

  6. Alright so started the new split today....Went a little bit like this


    Incline Dumbell: 8x 85 lbs 8x75 lbs 8x 65lbs
    Flat Bench: 8x155lbs 8x 145lbs 8x 135lbs
    Cable Crossovers: 8x25bs 8x20lbs 8x15lbs


    Cable Pushdowns: 8x57.5lbs 8x55lbs 8x 50lbs
    Rope Pulldowns: 8x 35lbs 8x30lbs 8x25lbs

    Front Delt

    Military Press: 8x135lbs 8x105 lbs 8x95lbs
    Cable front Raise: 8x 25lbs 8x 20lbs 8x 15lbs

    90 Second rest in between every set.


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