I have been taking:
Creatine Monohydrate Supplement
D4 Thermal Shock By Cellucore- Fat Burner
L-carnitine stacked with, CLA 80, & 7-KETO DHEA metabolite for fat burning
BCAA’s From Need To Build Muscle
Whey Protein Cinnamon Bun by Need 2 build Muscle
Casein Protein for extended protein support
Need 2 Kill that **** to get me ready for a killer workout

I am going to be starting a stack I am super excited about::

Alpha Princess Stack
1 bottle of needtoslin
2 bottles of forged burner
1 bottle of bridge.

I will be stacking this group:
1-6 1 cap need2slin in the morning, 1 before work out or mid day, and one more before bed.
1-6 1 cap forged burner twice a day
1-6 1 to 2 caps bridge every day.
As instructed

PS where do I start a blog?????? help lol