Conrad's approach with Need2Slin

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  1. I will be following your log. Im 2 days into a Sarms S4 and Need2slin stack myself. Kill it bro!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by indysoccer16 View Post
    Ill be checking in as I am in a very similar situation to you. I did a bulk cycle a little while ago and now it is time to shed some weight.

    I am 5'7 and when I finished I was 206 and before I run this need to slin I am down to 178 hoping to hit 165
    Indy you must have gained a lot of fat on your bulk to drop that much weight.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by justinc View Post
    I will be following your log. Im 2 days into a Sarms S4 and Need2slin stack myself. Kill it bro!!
    Justin, that's a great stack you are running. Keep me posted on your progress.

  4. I really didnt gain that much fat.
    After my cycle my joints were really sore so I decided to stop lifting heavy for a while. Then I moved from house to house while I was still in Cali and when I got to the new house I didnt lift for almost a month, then I was settled for a couple months and some family stuff came up and I moved back to Saint Louis and with the seriousness of the situation I spent 2 weeks straight living in the ICU day and night so I didnt get to workout. So I ended up losing a lot of the muscle I had built up, but I am okay with that because at 206 I got tired really easily, even having sex I would get tired quick and I would be sweating like a pig 2 minutes in

  5. Late sub bro. KTS

  6. Legs

    Preworkout: NTKS, MM

    *Next week will be a heavy triple.

    Leg Press

    Leg Extensions

    Stiff Leg

    Leg Curls

    Weighted Abs

    Post workout
    2 Need2Slin

    Had a great workout. Went to the locker room and too how I was shaping up. My weight has not changed too much but I will weigh in tomorrow for my weekly weigh in. I am getting leaner and harder.

  7. Just finished the Need2Slin and my ending weight right now is 179. I didnt loose an lb of muscle. I wish I woudl get a pick of my back (CRAZY) but the batteries are now dead

  8. Looking beastly bro.

    Wheels are looking pretty sikk too

  9. Thanks BB. That is what the 20 reppers do for you!


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