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  1. that damn #40 lol!!!!
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  2. Warning life may cause death

  3. as everyone knows life sometimes get in thee way of training that was friday. Late wakeup from no alarm, the school, the doctor apt, then I had to go do my night job. It worked out well.

    Saturday morning I got my shot to train again. Wanted to experiment with focus a little bit. Took my focus at 7am and started training at 11.. a 4 hour difference. Well let me tell you, It wasn't as powerful as taking it before a workout, but it still was pretty damn strong. So I guess you can say that 4 hours later and focus still working must be one hell of a product.

    Took out that 90lb bag. Which is loaded with 3 mini bags. So this thing shifts like all hell. Ive ton much heavier with a keg and even more heavy with a barbell but this was a bitch.

    Millitary 5 reps
    Row 2x6
    Bench Press 11 reps
    Side deads 5
    Bear hug isometric 20 seconds
    Dynmaic tension and stance work.

    Grip work
    12lb hammer iso marking 1
    12lb hammer turning 5 reps
    Hub 30 seconds 2.5lbs isometric power squeese
    gripper 20 second hold
    Isometric extensors

  4. Today was quick and fast. Took my focus and ran to it. Today I went to see how fast it works. Took and it started working out. I wana say within 15 minutes I started to notice the effects of it. Late late night last night not much sleep but it worked out well.

    Pull overs with 20lb KBs
    Dynmanic tension
    Neck work

    and done

  5. Went to wake up at 3:30 as normal and it just didnt hit happen. Hit my alarm until 4:30, an hour later. At this point I took my focus and decided I need to wake up a bit more and since it does take some time to kick in I went to lay back down. I laid for a half hour just letting my thoughts go and wonder. I didnt get tired but I did get very relaxed and pretty calm. kinda nice. At 5:15 I woke up and headed to train. I was on borrowed time and had to finish quick. I had to skip a lot of my normal **** today, but I still did what was needed to win. The focus got ready for this and I notice the longer you let it wait the better it is. It works fast but if you give it a little extra its even better. Speaking of that I have another dose ready to take before class.

    started with some quick dynamic mobility drills, big difference between flexibility and mobility guys.
    Sandbag circuit: millitary, row, floor press, curl, zercher squat, side deadlift 7 reps a piece. For those who say these are easy I invite you to try one. Set up the bags up like mine, then you can talk I have yet to see anyone be able to do them faster than me and not need to lay down afterwords. Especially after doing normally a ton of stuff before it.
    Did some neck work: bridges and manual resistance every way possible.
    and done

    Gripping yay:
    Pegasus flex 21.25
    Ext: 17.25
    Grippers shaved for reps
    TTK 6.25lbs for 10 reps a side with 2 fingers.
    Extensor tool 2.5lbs for 35 seconds

    and I bent a 60 penny nail. It has been almost a year since I've it do to wrist injuries. It was fast and easy.

  6. Well guys our Teamone MMA family may be expanding. We seem already have one awesome coach, it seems we may be gaining the additional help of another 2, a wrestler and possibily a very experinced muay thai guy.

    Took my focus after a quick nap by the time class was ready I was wide awake and alert. Ready to go. I knew I only 50 minutes to get class through as I had to finish up some homework (which I will get back to in a minute, but want to write this up while its fresh) My professors are assigning **** thats not on our assignment list all the time lately and expecting it the next class.

    Today we learned the pivot for a roundhouse. Spent pretty much all class on it. A very important fundamental and very good to know.

  7. Alright guys, sorry for the lack of posts. didnt do much friday as I had a wedding to go to on saterday. Needed to keep the bloat down and everything so I only ate one meal, which meant no training.
    Saterday was the wedding... So obviously no eating until the wedding.
    Sunday... stil recovering the from the night before, but did a quick grip workout, no focus though.

    Just hammer isometrics 1 minute on the 12lber for marking 1.
    Rotation on the 8lber marking 2 for 15
    Gripper hold for 15seconds
    and done

    Today was the focus day: took 5grams along with 200mgs c affine as I needed a kick in the balls to wake up.

    Hung Ga stance work: 2 sets of everything which breaks down to 4 stances with 2 sets a piece.
    Then I did transitioning from stances worked 2 sets of that holding 5 seconds in each stance.
    Horse stance squats 10 reps
    Wall sit 30 seconds
    Dynamic tension
    neck work 30 seconds front and back bridge
    stretch out 30 seconds a piece

    and then I was out. Took about 55 minutes. Legs are sore but not muscle, tendon sore.

    How did the focus work today. Well here it was interesting. Full dose focus is a bit to strong for me, but I enjoy the higher caf level of it. So when I combined it with a little extra caf I got the bonus of the focus and awakeness I needed. Now for the average person who is not doing these super early morning training sessions: start time 4-4:30 am i dont think this is needed, but for me it is an absolute. Later in the day 5 grams is rockin. Overall the focus gave me the power to stay in my stances for minutes at a time and keep my mind on the stance and the grounding ability. A well needed thing to keep my ADD mind from wondering.

  8. Lets get down today...

    I took my focus 10grams today ( A WHOLE SERVING) felt kinda good felt kinda nice. And 200mgs of caffeine to wake me up a bit. In 15 minutes I was totally ready to rock and roll. I totally forgot how good my pink lemonade focus tasted by the way. I realized that when I was drinking it today. It really does taste like countrytime. Great great stuff. Mind was a little hazy waking up to do stuff. THis is a good time to run the focus log because I'll tell you life is like hey wolfy lets dump a ton of stuff on you right now. Trust me its a ton of big things and a ton of little things, but hey we cant let it get in the way of living. So within those 15 minutes my mind was ready to rock and roll. Kinda joke its like Johnny Torch "FLAME ON" And I was ready to roll.

    I was going to do my sandbag circuit today, but my body was jut not feeling it. Cant explain it, but was just feeling it. So I moved it to the isometric day.

    Squat and OHP with kettlebell 40 seconds
    Middle of the curl with KB 40 seconds
    Middle of the OHP with KB 40 seconds
    Almost lockout OHP 40 seconds
    Miniband crusafix feet together 40seconds (one may ask why i use the mini band for this... Well because I find it gives a better strength aspect then the dumbell or kettlebell. I feel though I will be switching over to eventually, though just right now I think this is the better bet)
    Mini band half OHP: 40 seconds
    Chest expander top half arms locked 1 minute
    CHest expander front arms locked 1 minute (guess I can add some more weight to this awesome)
    Knuckle puship bottom 30seconds (one may ask how I dropped 20 seconds.. well my counting changed. I was counting to fast before in my opinion)
    Knuckle pushup top 30 seconds
    Finger tip bottom hold 5 seconds (this is much tougher from the bottom position plus my hands hurt)
    Stance work switching
    stance work time
    wall sit 40 seconds
    dynamic tension

    and stretch stretch stretch.. almost have the splits down american and chinese awesome sauce.

    Now no grip today. woke up with pain in the left wrist a little and a lot in the right. I have injured myself so bad it took me out of grip for a year so I know to watch myself. I took the time to stretch and do a little prehab with them.

    So does anyone have any questions?

  9. Awesome log Steelwolf, detailed and very interesting.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    Awesome log Steelwolf, detailed and very interesting.
    I agree!! SW for prez!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  11. Thanks guys. I wana get across how focus effects me and works with my body and workouts. I also want people to get a glimpse into a martial artists training.

  12. Hello boys and girls, wonderful morning. Today we will be getting focus used in a few ways.

    I took a full dose (10grams) with 200mgs of caf as it was a very late night last night. Studying for tests. Its a fun deal having two majors (theoretically three)

    Got up rolled out a bed a little groggy and a little slow. Didnt even bother to put on my Kung Fu pants as I normally do when I roll out of bed. What I did was walk to the bathroom and take about a good 10 gulps of water and pee out bright yellow. You know golden rod yellow. Why I am talking about my pee habbits. Well I have been having the feeling I am a bit dehydrated, guess I am right. Gonna try to get in an additional 16 oz of water every 2 hours in addition to my shakes. No worries there.

    So I stepped down and opened my focus originally thinking 5 grams would be enough I slamed down the whole 10 and thought about country time again. I know it keep saying it but its true. Then decided I need that kick in the butt to wake up and took some caf. Bout 10 minutes I was ready to roll. This would not be a long workout but a quick one. I am getting like 30 minute workouts done now in days. Sadly probably wont have time to go to MMA classes for a bit as I was just assigned a huge paper 20+ pages so that will be taking a lot of my time, as its 2/3s of my grade. Ill practice at home and when I find time to make it in there.

    So anyways went out set up my mat and went to roll at this.

    Did some of my dynamic flexibility to warm up my body. Try to get some mobility out of myself as I always mobility is different than flexibility. That took a very short time and I was ready to go.

    Then started on some movement drills for Hung Gar. Took me very little time as I move through these pretty quick and flow pretty well. Finally getting the hang of them. They are soft and hard mix it seems, though not sure if its hard soft or soft hard.

    That was done BAM...
    Squat kicks for 6 a side

    Then went into my blocking.

    And heavily heavily stretched out.


    Now here is the thing I also have a big test today, so I will be taking some focus with me before the test. Lets see how it goes guys.

    Steelwolfy out

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    I agree!! SW for prez!
    you just have a man crush

  14. Greetings friends,

    Alright lets finish up with yesterday. My good idea of bringing focus to the test didn't work out as planned. I kinda left it in the fridge. With me getting to school a little later than planned going back was a no go. So the day drudged on slowly and longly as I awaited my test. Did not go over the greatest. A health class where all the information is watered down so brutally it sucks. I am a double (possibly triple major) My main focus is psych. We had psych questions on this test that were so watered down, with someone of my caliber in psych I didnt know which answer to pick. In some cases technically all the answers were wrong, in other cases all the answers were right, and in some cases the questions made 0 sense. The book also really screws with the question. My favorite was something along the lines of "the magical life force of the body is harnessed with this" the answer was Tai Chi..... It is not magical, and while it is a lot of us having to do with living there is a thing such as dead Qi. So it may be a life force it is not. The part that angered me the most is magical. It is bioelectric energy. *sigh*


    so when I got home I worked a little on homework and decided it was time to slam down my focus and get to work. BAM it went down easy as always. The more I begin to focus on Mindfullness the better stuff tastes and the stuff that tastes good is even beter. So gave it about 20 minutes to kick in and no extra caf. I was ready to roll. Had to get this done quick as I had a TON of homework to right. A thesis paper, an exercise program for 90 days (which the prof expects mine to be perfect to the extreme) and a powerpoint on cardiovascular disease, and in 2 weeks when I watch a seminar I have to write a ten page review on it. but anyways.

    After talking to my instructor I can every so often give you an idea of how I do my Hung Gar stuff instead of just saying stuff like stance work.

    Half horse with a bar: 2 minutes
    Half horse with my hands in the socket: 2 minutes
    Horse bar: 50 seconds
    Horse with hands in the socket: 50 seconds
    Bow with bar: 20 seconds
    Bow with hands: 20 seconds
    Cat with bar: 15
    Cat with hands 15
    Took the time to really lower into cat. I'd rather drop lower than more time for higher. This stance screws me over. Yet the grounding I am achieving from this is pretty good. The goal from this is to avoid being taken to the ground.
    Stance change ups: 7 seconds a stance x2
    Wall sit: 45 seconds
    Some bodyweight stuff.
    Finger tips from the bottom 6 seconds
    Special ab work.

    Dynamic tension

    STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH.. also did some dynamic warm ups the good old stand bys.

  15. Lets hit up today:

    Was dead tired today. Went to see a movie with a friend I guess you could say I'm casually dating. Havent seen her in 3 weeks so this was nice. Ended up talkiig way to long after the movie, and when I got home I had to wite. So FML. Woke up this morning groggy and tired. Slamed the focus full dose to open the mind and slammed some calf to wake up. 200mgs off caf for me personally is not enough, but for everyone else you should be good to. In 15 minutes i was ready to tear it up.

    Dynamic mobility work
    special hung gar exericses
    (forgot to do squat kicks)

    now grip

    I have some very bad injuries from rushing bending (I was good not to toot my horn, very good) within a month I was bending 5/16 7" CRS and rolling pans. But my tendons werent ready and I screwed them. So I have to be very careful trying to build my way back up. I have to really really strengthen them up again on a slow process. In this my left wrist has been brutally killing me the past week. My hands always hurt, but not like this. They were also pretty week on tuesday. So I may have to drop the intensity.

    Board curl 10lbs for a single.. Not happy with this but wrist stayed how I wanteed it dead straight. So it wasnt a waste. I'll deal.
    Gripper Green: Marking 7 for 5..Grip slipped a little as hands were sweaty and I wont use chalk for this.
    Block ISO pinch: 5lbs for 30 seconds
    Again why did my weights drop.. I was counting to fast.
    STRETCHHHHHHH and massage themed. Call it a day

  16. As I said in the last post "flame on" took a 5 gram dose no extra caf and was ready to roll. Had to quell the anxiety i was suffering from school and it seemed to do a pretty decent job. Realizing I have to get away from pure power workouts mainly I decided to a little crazy conditioning stuff.

    Neck bridges (as always) 50 seconds
    Front Bridge 50 seconds

    Shrugs (actually using chalk) 50reps with 20KB 10 seconds rest every time I needed it
    Ohp press one arm KB 10 second rest everytime needed 50lbs
    double row same as above
    knuckle pushup slow and punch style 10/10rest/5
    Floor press same as other KB exercises
    stance changes 8 seconds a stance
    Pull over with KB 5 second neg for 6 reps

    Half horse squat 14
    calf raises 50 rest as above
    finger tip bottom hold 7
    iron board 30 seconds
    dynamic tensions

    10 second stretching

    got this done pretty fast then went right back to HW.... crazy how college is with a double major. Also used the focus to help with HW which is a pretty awesome thing. A+ for focus

  17. Good to have supps like these when you are busy as hell, they really can help keep motivation high.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    Good to have supps like these when you are busy as hell, they really can help keep motivation high.
    Agreed man. Between work, school, trying to add extra money from a scholarship for writing, taking care of the family home, and then possibly moving out this is rough stuff. Gotta do what you gotta do though. Weak of the mind is weak of the body. Part of why I do one workout around 4:30am. It sets my mind to go you got and accomplished something the rest of the day will be nothing

    Today was fun fun fun.... Did not want to wake up. I was up kinda late working on assignments. I have to make a 90 day workout plan. Normally id have no issue but it has to be based on how we are learning. I have more flexibility than others, but I cant put ridiculous stuff in.
    Alarm went buzz buzz around 3:45. At this point I was not a happy dude. I said F you to the alarm and hit snooze. 10 minutes later BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. I realized guess its time to get up. Put on my kung fu pants took off my shirt and went to the bathroom to wash my face with some cold water. walked down to the kitchen and made myself a 10 gram focus drink and 200mgs of caf. By the time 4:30 rolled I was like lets do this. I was awake and ready to make rock and dreams come true... kinda like meatloaf except not so fat.

    Dynamic mobility warm up
    Then went on to my technique/mobility drills... Im moving through these much faster now and more clear.
    Did my Qigong.. This is getting much easier to energize the Qi.
    Squat kicks 7 a side these are so easy now.
    Finally stretched me out for 20 seonds a piece. I was ready to go start my day and i did.

  19. real solid log. I have some focus in my cart at NP and will be picking it up shortly. Just curious what you think about adding some other goodies into it (ie. Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate etc...) It seems like a versatile enough supplement where ading this could make it beneficial

  20. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    real solid log. I have some focus in my cart at NP and will be picking it up shortly. Just curious what you think about adding some other goodies into it (ie. Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate etc...) It seems like a versatile enough supplement where ading this could make it beneficial
    Glad you are picking up the focus you will not be disapointed. I will advise this though start with 5grams first. Some people will only need 5grams. I only need for 5grams for my night workouts or late afternoon which every you wish to call them. In simple terms anything where I have been up for a while. For my morning workouts where I'm up for about a half hour before I start training I take my 10grams of the focus power and a slap in the face 200mgs of caf. I doubt anyone else will need this as a fulll dose is already 200mgs of caf.

    I think it is good with just about anything except just remember it does have caf in it but not much.

    Here are my thoughts on the two you mentioned.

    BA- It takes a little bit to kick in according to most research 4-6 weeks. Once it does you'll get about an addition 10 weeks of it working before it needs to be cycled off for a little bit. According to research done on it the results will begin to slightly decline. Why that is I dont know. Do I still recomened of heck yes. I use it and think its great. It really does help with endurance for sure. If combined with creatine you are going to the quick ATP production as well as the oxidative-glycolosis-phos abilities. People tend to beleive BA is meant for extremely low reps but in all actuality it is meant for mid to high. I'm not going to bore you with the how unless you want me to. In theory it should help more with the lower to mid, but in testing it helps much better with the middle to high. The dosing for BA is a little different what they advise. Now I get mine in my multivitamin packet so i do not use another ATM, but may for dosing. Because this is an SNS log I will tell you how to dose for SNS brand there is aprox 750mgs of BA in a cap. Sure go ahead and take it all at once, but in my opinion that would be as bright me walking into my catholic Uni wearing a dress. (long story but was actually going to for research) I would take 4-5 caps a day. Will use my day for example. I get up at 4 and go to bed around 9.
    a four hour difference. You want to keep that body saturated. Some guys like Charles Poliquin say take oh 10 grams a day. I can also take 300grams of creatine a day, but what is it going to accomplish, nothing. The research was done between 3-5 grams and said it needs to be spaced out throughout the day to keep saturation levels high. So thats my thoughts on BA

    Citraline has some good bonuses for vein health and for ED. In terms of muscle gain I dont see much. I am not a fan of the regular NO boosters for muscle gains. At least how people today are using them.... What do I mean by that well I have some ideas, but I'll simplify it buy saying this.... Blood=heart=cardio. Anerobic training is one thing but cardiovascular training is where that heart gets super strong. Yes through anerobic, but the body does need both. So why take it for anerobic reasons why you could benafit much from from cardiovascular training The other thing I dont like plain old NO boosters. Since again this is an SNS and in all honesty I fully support their products and truly beleive in them (after all I am taking this logging opportunity because I love their stuff) Acording to the label it says 250mgs a pill I would dose it between 750-and 100mgs. There is a bons to CM that i remembered this morning it is a lactic acid buffer in away (in theory) so that could have some benafits to higher rep anerobic training.

    Dosing like this: normal days no cardio
    Once in the morning get that blood flowing
    Once before training to give you a tiny benafit
    1-2 before bed empty stomach for gh release

    Normal day nothing
    Once in morning
    One mid day
    1-2 before bed

    Just cardio
    one before cardio - if done in morining otherwise one in morning
    one before cardio- if done in afternoon other one in afternoon
    1-2 before bed

    Hope this helps

  21. Today is a crazy butt day. I woke up at 8:30 this morning and wrote papers till 10:30. At 10:30 I took my first 5g of focus and got ready to roll at 11. At 11 I just went through my normal morning Hung Gar workout.

    Back to homework I went still ridding of the focus to work on papers till 3. The ADD feeling was less and managed to knock out 8 pages of a thesis mind you, full cited etc.

    At around 3 I went to roll with my grip work.

    Took out the 12lb hammer my baby...
    marking number 3 and held it for 30 seconds front and back
    went to marking 2 and did 5 rotations.
    Moved on to my gripper which is filed down mind you. Closed it in the right hand for a good 30 second slow count. Guess I can start adding some weight to the close. My left hand kept letting up so it wasnt a full 30 second close sadly.
    Pinchy gripy on the hubby 3.75lbs full solid dynamic tension style. I pinched that thing with so much force my figners hurt for 30 seconds. The idea behind this to keep the tension strong. The idea of the weight is to gradually add some downward pull. The most important part is keeping the power of the pinch though.
    Then so ext isometrics with 2.5lbs for 30 seconds

    Back to homework by this time the focus was out my system and my mind went a little ADD again. Though I am writing a thesis as well as writing an exercise routine.

    So around 5 I took 10 grams of focus and got ready to roll at 5:30. My mind being so hectic today was ready ot get started again from training. Now there were a heck of a lot of distractions. Feeding the dogs, talk with mom about schooling and masters programs, neighbors stopping by. Thanks to the focus I was right back to business. I'm gonna throw this in to see anyone really reads this. I am trying out for America's Got Talent next year as a strongman. Back the journal.

    Here was my workout for today:
    Neck bridge 60 seconds
    Front Bridge 60 seconds
    Lying neck ext 2.5lbs for 50 reps
    60 rest
    Lying neck flex 2.5lbs 50rep
    60 second rest
    side ext 2.5lbs 50 reps each side
    60 seconds rest
    side twistys neck 50 reps no weight

    Half horse with the bar 2:10
    Full Horse with bar 1:00
    Bow with the bar 25seconds
    Cat with the bar 20seconds
    Stance change all together 9 seconds a stance there 6 stances so: 54 seconds in stances
    quick change stances 2 rounds
    Wall sit 55seconds
    Some special training 5 seconds 2 sets
    Horse squat: 16reps
    Finger tip iso pushup: 8 seconds
    Iron board: 40 seconds
    Dynamic tension stuff
    Body conditioning.

    STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH.... now my friends to writing my thesis....

  22. Hey Steel thanks. That was a very informative post and I appreciate you taking the time. I am looking forward to adding some goodies to focus.

    Keep up the good work

  23. Wrote my thesis till around 9 last night. I am page 10 after editing. I will be meeting with the prof friday to get it reviewed and get more direction it. My goal is to have it done when everyone else is just turning in their topics. I'm a over achiever. My exercise science workout routine is about 30 slides in and I sent them to him to give me a review. If I get the ok I'll finish it this week.

    Last night I heard from my old rocky horror cast and they needed some help. So I packed up and headed out there to help out. I strolled in at home at 4. Passed out and was up by 9 ready to go. Did homework till 10:45 took focus and started training at 11:15. Hard to get my mind of these papers but I did my best, did my normal hung gar stuff.

    I then went back to work... this time working on a study guide. The fun part half the stuff isnt in the book or in my notes. So I have been googling most of it. *sigh* Yeah more stress on my part, but I'm ready to roll. The focus does help, but when your this stressed out it is hard to minimize it completely. So I worked on that from about 1 to 4. At 4 I went to train again got 5 grams of focus and got ready to rock and roll. It at least helped me to get my mind on the workout a little more than just my school work. As its haunting every minute of my life lately.

    Today was fun very fun:
    Neck bridge 1:10
    Front Bridge 1:10
    90lb sandbag front millitary 6 reps two seconds hold at top
    70 side to side millitary one rep is both sides 6 rps
    90lb parallel row 9
    90lb normal row 7
    90lb floor press 2 at top 2 at bottom 8
    70lb bear hug crush 30 seconds.. then chest cramp
    70lb cleans 11
    stance change holds 10 seconds
    wall sits 1 minute
    horse squats 18
    dynmaic tension

    forgot some stuff was so shot today from HW... didnt even stretch... then went back to working on HW... yay..

  24. This log has been a good test for focus with all the things that keep going on. Passed around midnight last night. Was reviewing my sociology book. My professor expects an A in the class from me so I really have to bust my ass on this. Normally soc is a laughable subject for me, but this guy is pretty rough on me (which is good as I'm paying a good amount for these classes) So BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ its 3:45... I think to myself damn, I can just lay here a few more minutes I'll be good. Then I realize I do that I wont be getting up. So I trudge out of bed and realizing its cold put on my training pants, a tshirt and a rag top. I wanted to warm. Take a pee and its bright yellow. I need to start drinking more water. Kinda realized this but this proved it. I do downstairs and pour my 5 grams into the cup and some ice water. Down it with a caf pill. 300mgs of caf in total. I realize I come to look forward to the taste of the focus because its actually one of the only sweet things I get in the day. Trudged out to go train and did it well. Then walked back inside to do a little HW and bolt out the door. Spent the day at school till 3:30 meeting with a professor. By this time I was drained. Got home and ate some good food and slammed down another 10grams of focus. No extra caf this time as at 5 its to close to bed. So I began to wake up and get ready to roll. I was feeling good, very good. This was done pretty fast. Very fast. Then went back to homework and typing this up. This is a nuts life for me right now. I rarely getting out, and I'm not making it anywhere else to train besides at home. Gotta do what you gotta when the times are tough.

    Neck Bridge 1:20
    Front Bridge: 1:00 (time dropped here, probably cause the back increased)
    Neck harness 2.5lbs 100 reps yay
    Lying contractions 65reps 2.5
    Sides 28 reps 2.5lbs
    Neck dynamic tension 10 on 10 off 10 on 10off 10 on

    Horse half with a weighted bar: 60 sec
    Horse weighted bar :40 seconds
    Bow wood bar: 30
    Cat wood bar: 25
    Stance changes: 11 seconds
    Stance change fast 3 sets all together
    Wall sit: 2.5lbs 20 seconds... weight killed this
    horse squat 20
    Iron board 40
    Finger iso: 10
    Dynamic tension


  25. Will post up a workout today. This week has been NUTS and I mean NUTS with school. Will use a sentence that it seems kids in my very good Uni may not be able to understand how it is not a fragment. Because my costudents dont study or do their work, the professors are now assigning us lots of extra busy work so that these kids may actually pass. To point this out I studied a decent amount for this test. Less than I could but more than i normally do. I recieved a 46 out of 60. The next highest score was a 30 out 60. THe next highest score was an F. The entire class pretty much failed except for me. Now yes it does say the test was difficult to high hell, but still the class failed and I passed. So now the test is made to be out of 50 cool I got a high A and more people pass. But there is also more work to. In addition I haven't heard from group partner in a few days so it looks like this design a huge powerpoint and write a paper is on me. For all I care he can fail. But yes I am going to try and get an actual workout in today. The little 5 or ten minute things I haven't used the focus for so I will try to get a focus workout in. I hope everyone understands as school is important to me. A lot of the busy work should be let go for me since I actually do my job as a student. Mind you these kids are not even athletes, dont work, and just to school.

    So except something later today and again sorry guys. I have about maybe 5 servings left so I'll make these big.

  26. So today I got to train and today also became one of the worst days in a very long time. I will take this from something I wrote earlier.

    So everyone one knows I was kind of a big gripper back in the day. One of my specialities being the Eagle Loops and at one point was shooting for the record with them. Well today in class our go to the weight room day. I havenít trained with barbells since may and havenít trained with the loops in over a year. I figured it would be a good thing to do. Also to be sure I actually prove that Iím not just some POS who talks outa my ass.

    I get in there and Iím already stretched out from training before hand. So I start loading up the bar. Plate after plate goes on. I put on my belt loosely just enough to remind me to push out my gut. Oh should I add on Iím wearing my red black furhat to keep my head warm.

    So Iím getting ready to hit 405 and I realize I need this belt tightened a lot more. So I go over and ask a kid I talk with to tighten it up, and boy does he. I go throw on my Ipod and turn up the EnyaÖ yes you read that right. Make the lift and go ok cool lets get this off.

    I go back to the kid and with all his might he tries to budge it and he cant. So at this point Iím thinking ****. I go to my prof and he starts tugging on it. No luck and my coach is a decently sized dude. So we move onto someone on each side of me and still no luck. We moved to two kids a side NO LUCK. By this time Iím thinking oh ****. Someone suggests we cut it off and I said no chance in hell. This belt means to much to me. The prof goes well at least Mark knows how to wear a belt. At this point a kid starts taking a video. Iím laughing and smiling. He has me pull up my shirt so we have more room. So we move to 3 kids a side and still nothing. He tells 2 girls to go get a screw driver.

    I say well I got a few minutes lets add some plates. So I add more weight, give my self a smack in the face, turn on the enya nail 500 and hold it for a good 5 seconds and let it go. At this point Iím laughing and smiling and everyone is like this dude is nuts.

    So they bring back the screw driver and it takes two guys a side to get it off plus the screwdriver. So I think this is great and everyone else is laughing. It was a good old time. So yep I got stuck in my power belt did a 500lb eagle loop deadlift and created a scene. Only one part of that was intentional. The rest was pure luck. Everyone had a good laugh and they admitted I know my **** just as well as I say I do and I earned the respect I was waiting for. They all are looking for 550 next time. Iím hoping to give it to them. But this time NO ONE is tightening my belt for me. BTW look for me on youtube with my fur hat with this situation. Mind you this was probably over 30 minutes. I was stuck in my belt for 30 damn minutes as people laughed and tried to get me out of it. Greatest day ever.

    Then I discovered one of my dogs. Who has already been through a complete hell of a life. He is a rescue dog had another thing thrown at him. Two years ago almost exactly one his hips had rotted so bad it had to be removed. So his leg was held into place just by the muscle alone. He gets around but still limps. The orthopedist said there would be no pain. Last night he ended up doing something were he could not walk on other back leg. All he could do was crawl and drag his body across. Now my boy is two proud to take help and hated to receive any help. Today mom took him to the vet and it was found he tore ALL His ligaments in his knee. He is going in for surgery on monday. This news hurts like hell. He has an 8 week minimum recovery time. He cant play he cant do anything. All he is aloud to do is lay there. This ruined my day.

    So after crying heavily and turning to all my friends I took 10 grams of focus. Ill be honest today it did nothing. My head was so far in the dumps nothing could have brought me out of it. I tried to train, but my heart was not there it was with my boy.

    Neck Bridges 1:30
    Front bridge neck into chest with this way I only lasted 30 seconds
    Harness ext: 7.5lbs 100reps
    1 minute rest
    Flexation plate 2.5lbs 100reps
    1 minute rest
    right side 2.5 40reps
    left side 2.5 40 reps

    Iron Board 45seconds
    wall sit 2.5lbs 30 seconds
    Finger tip pushup 12 sec

    Horse half weighted bar 1:20
    horse fullno weight 1:10
    Bow no weight: 25 seconds
    Golden rooseter 5 sets of 6 seconds
    Cat stance 5 sets of 5 seconds
    dynamic tension

    then I went inside to cry some more

    a little later I tried grip

    I did my mini hammers 50 reps all the ways with 2.5 except for straight back
    Board curl 5lbs for 10
    Gripper upside down 10 reps
    TTK fingers on top 1.25lbs for 15

    This was not a good day, but I trained I know I needed to. I am also going to train tomorrow

  27. It has been quiet around the house. A lot of hugging Trey and a lot of sitting with him and cuddling with him. Mind has just been all over. Juggling all of this now is rough on my plate, but I'm making it through. I have a job to do and I am the alpha wolf. Its just another thing to add on and make my way through.

    Yesterday was saturday and I woke up 7am. I took 5grams of focus and waited about a half hour before getting ready to go outside. Mind was still a little haywire, but it did help to get a little more on track. I managed to get through my workout which I honesty don't think otherwise I would even made a dent in. Mind was just so totally random and eh, but as I said I made it through which I will contribute to the focus.

    warm ups:
    Half Horse weighted: 1:20seconds
    Horse non weighted: 1:1-
    Bow non weighted: 30 seconds.. working on tightening up more
    Golden rooster: R leg 8x5 seconds L leg 4x7 seconds
    Cat stance 5sets of 5 seconds each leg
    stretch and done

    later in the night when I needed to train again I took another 5 grams of focus and tried to get through with it. Mind was a lot more on track on than the morning I will say, but it was only probably at 40% of what I should be. Which again thanks to the focus is probably 30% more than I would have been, if not a whole 40%.

    Iron board: 50seconds
    Finger tip isometric 15 seconds
    Wall sit 2.5lbs for 40 seconds
    Golden Rooster RL 8x5 seconds LL 3x10 seconds
    Cat 3x10seconds
    Vacuums (figured I would throw these in )

    Dynamic tension stuff

    and done..

    this was saturday.

  28. Woke up at 7 and took trey outside for awhile his leash. We sat there under the tree and I sat and talked with him. Let him lay out and enjoy himself. He needs the attention right now. He knows something is up, he is a very bright dog. I feel a little bad for beethoven because he is not getting as much attention as he needs, but for right now I need to keep trey calm. He'll get attention later.

    So I took 5grams of focus waited about 20 minutes and headed out to train. Mind was still very wondery better than yesterday. I'd hate to see how my mind would be if I was't using the focus. I think it is providing some major contributions here. Otherwise I think I wouldn't even make a dent in my training right now.

    Morning session considered of typical Martial arts stuff and Qigong.

    The next session was a little rough for me to make it through but those 5grams of focus were again quite the little helper.

    Warm ups:
    Iron board: 50 sec
    Finger tip iso: 18 seconds
    Wall sit: 2.5 for 60 seconds
    Horse squating with no weight: 22 reps
    Half horse weighted 1:30
    AB vacs 3 sets of 5
    GR: L 3x10 R4x6

    all done within 30 minutes

    2 minutes restish
    90lb bag millitary I got 3/2 normally I get around 6... this how bad I'm shot
    Parallel row with 90lb bag 12 reps normally 9
    Pronated row 90lb bag 8 reps normally 9
    70lb bag millitary 10 reps eh i guess its ok
    90lb bag bear hug isometric 20 seconds
    floor press 2 at top 2 at botom 9 reps normally 8
    90lb bag clean 3 reps which beats last weeks 2
    70lb bag curl 8 reps which beats 7 of last week
    KB pull over 5 second negative 7 reps
    Tricep ext lying with Kb one arm at a time 15 reps
    Shoulder horn 20 reps empty dumbell with collars

    Isometric 12lb hammer marking 2 front and back 60 seconds
    Gripper R: 1.25lbs on strap for 20 seconds L: tried to get 20 seconds with no weight
    Old Rolling thunder 10lbs 30 second death squeeze isometric (as I call it)
    Ext insometric 10lbs for 10 seconds

    For the record umpumped for forearm is a little over 14.25 inches

  29. OK guys trey is ok. He got out of surgery and we got the call around 4pm. He is already his Trey like self. He is refusing to eat their dry food unless they are mixing it with wet food and warming it up. He's a spoiled little guy. Other that all is good.

    First workout I rolled out of bed quite quickly as I didnt sleep well at all last night. Had a hard time getting to sleep and a hard time staying asleep. To busy worrying bout my boy. So when the buzzer hit I thought to myself no big deal and rolled out of bed. Headed downstairs and downed my focus. Was ready to roll in about 30 minutes. Again mind was clouded full of stuff, but doing better as I started to get full faith in the doctor. So by the time I was ready to train I was pretty dialed in (at least for circumstances) Good to go.

    Went directly to my qigong. Mind started to drift and i did my best to put it back where it belonged. I think I did a pretty good job at that. Did the rest of the hard style stuff. Then did some of the sport exercises.

    iron board was for 1 minute
    finger tip insometric was only for 13 seconds definitly less than yesterday, but well that happens.
    Vacuums were done 3 sets of 5seconds
    wall sit was down with a 5lb plate for 30 seconds... I really think this is building some massive power in my body. I am gonna try to take a max pull at school soon and see how I do. I think I might be able to hit 600lbs in the eagle loops if my hands can take it.

    At this time it was over. I headed inside again sat at the table and ate my meal. My mind was pretty on track at this point. It seemed today as if the focus took a little longer to kick in, but when it kicked in it was like BAM. I was good. Packed up my shakes and sat with beethoven for awhile as he was panicky after we took trey. Then by this time i was headed out to class. Mind was totally focused for the drive. Kind of interesting.

    and the day goes on

    I got home and got the good news about trey and headed to train. The goal has been to complete each segment in 30 minutes.

    Neck area segment. Finished in less than 30 minutes
    Back bridge with 2.5lbs on chest for 1 minute
    Front bridge with chin into chest: 40 seconds
    Extension with headgear 10lbs x 43reps
    flexation with 5lb plate 37 reps
    Sides with 2.5lb plate 50 a side
    took a 2 minute rest
    1 minute rest between each
    KB time
    overhead shrug 30reps
    traditional explosive shrug 30reps
    kelso shrug 30reps
    serratus shrug 30 reps

    Stance time:
    Half horse with weight: 1:40
    Horse with no weight: 1:20
    Bow learning to tighten up 35 seconds
    Golden: L 3x15 R: 3x10
    Cat stance 3x10 a side
    switch stance all stances for 5 a piece

    by the time this workout was ready to go and I had my focus in me it was laser vision again. It was easy and good solid shot through this. It was like nothing at all to get this done.

    I probably only have a day left of focus... I'm gonna miss it until I can pick up another bottle

  30. Well guys looks like this log is coming to an end. I finished my last 4 gram dose of focus this morning and it was a very good day. I wish to thank SNS for allowing me to this product for them, and I hope to do something for them in the future. Special thanks to Geekpoop for suggesting me.

    So I passed out around 9 last night. Woke once or twice during the night and had my alarm set for 3:30am. Do to the stress of the past few days my body needed a little more rest than normal. I woke up at 4:15 and decided to have some good food before training. I was starving. So taking my 4 grams of focus I took in a chicken breast a brown/white/pasta mix and got ready to go. By 5 oclock I had a fully belly and my mind was lazered in. I was ready to roll. The only thing that was bothering me was if I should get another sandbag lighter or get more kettlebells for isometric day. It is a tough decision and still not sure what I'm going to do. Taking advantage of this last day of logging I said were gonna make something of this, so I did a good job of doing it I think.

    One arm squat OHP with 20lb KB 55 seconds... Shoulders started to shake so I said no more.
    Midcurl with 20lb KB 60 seconds. This was quite easy today.
    Middle OHP with 20lb KB 60 seconds. Another easy one.
    One arm row isometric at top with 20lb KB 60 seconds at top.
    At this point I'm nailing everything like I hopped.
    Almost lockout OHP with 20lb KB 60 seconds again...
    this is going good.
    Miniband crucifix 43 seconds aprox for both sides. That works not great but it works. At least I know if I do a strongman show next year I'll be good. They are usually money events.
    Chest expander magenta band in over head for 60 seconds
    CHest expander magenta band in front for 60 seconds
    Kunckle pushup bottom isometric 50 strong seconds. My wrist stability is really improving.
    Finger tip pushup iso was only 12 seconds. I am thiinking I am going to do 10 seconds for a week then add 5-10 seconds a week.
    Top of bridge pushup isometric 12 seconds
    Iron Board 60 seconds day 2/3
    Wall sit 5lbs for 40seconds
    Ab vac 3 sets of 6 seconds

    Mini hammer 3,75 Side to side L20 R 34
    Front to back: 50 yay
    Back level with 2.5 x22

    Flexation pegasus 25x15 2 second pauses
    Ext 20x5 2 second pauses

    Gripper warm up gripper for 10 working gripper for 3

    TTK thumb on top 8.75lbs x5 reps

    Training was good and well. focused... Was able to get everything done I needed to and it was done very well. Very happy with today. Also managed to easily fight against the fatigue and was easily ready to roll.

    So guys thanks again for this opportunity and hope you enjoyed following along.


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