N.O. Shotgun?

  1. N.O. Shotgun?

    Has anyone tried this product? Get any good results from it?

  2. No, F that junk...

    Get you a jug of Anadraulic State GT by LG Sciences and you will believe!!
    I have used both BTW and pretty much every other Pre and ASGT is by far the best bang for your buck!

  3. alright thanks. im about out and that was gonna be my next question was for something else to try. thanks again man

  4. No Shotgun made my a** act like a shotgun! I started using N2KTS by needtobuildmuscle and the stuff is INSANE!

  5. IMO this is the best pre-workout supplement I've used compared to jack3d, superpump, NO explode, and black powder. It contains a relatively large amount of protein which other pre-workout supps lack. Inter-workout protein supplementation has been shown to increase workout benefits in studies when compared to no inter-workout protein supp. It also has less sugar than other pre-workout supplements and I think the amount of caffeine is perfect to energize you without giving the jitters.

  6. I have come to like this product quite a lot.

  7. I liked NO Shotgun. It's one of the few preworkouts that has some hydrolyzed protein added to it. Like our Pre-Max product, NO Shotgun uses PeptoPro. Shotgun also has a mix of Beta-Al, Creatine, and stimulants.

    And it doesn't taste like the old apple cinnamon flavor anymore. That was...indescribably awful. The new flavors are much more tolerable.
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  8. and their non stim version , NO Synthesize treats me great as well.


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