So Nutrexguy was so kind to send me a bottle of their new pre-workout product Hemo Rage Ultra Concentrate. Ive tried just about every preworkout out there so far since 2000 so Im really going to put this stuff to the test.

    Ill be checkin back in later to give an update after tonites workout.

  2. DAY 1

    ENERGY- i had energy like a cheetah on rocket fuel it was great, smooth and it didnt make me crash like some others ive taken.

    ENDURANCEit was about my usual nothing to note today

    VASCULARITY noticed a new vein in my upper chest that i havent seen in a while but not a whole lot today

    FOCUS this stuff did give me focus like a laser lined razor blade this is a big plus for me because im 4 months into deployment i was starting to lose my focus in the gym.

    TASTEthis stuff taste pretty good a little tangy for the brusin berry that i got.

    Overall the first day was pretty good i didnt set any new PR's or anything but i def. gave me the energy i needed to go and throw the heavies around in the gym for a couple of hours. i cant wait til tonites workout!

  3. DAY 2

    ENERGYI was a bit tired from working 13+ hrs didnt really think i was gonna have much in me but by time i got home i had more than enough to make it through my workout.

    FOCUSfocus was awesome today i was dead set on not only lifting but out lifting every other guy there lol.

    PUMP Pump was much better today.

    all in all i was throwing the weight around with ease dead set on moving the weight. I think this is def. something people should try. im still very partial to my ASGT though.

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