hey all, its been some time but I've been reading some frequent debates & discussions over what pple think or suppose what would be a nice non-hormonal stack & figured I would share my current experience with a few

some background- coming off a heavy bulk this past winter & have been grudging through a gradual recomp. for months, so when the time came when gears started really grinding to a halt, i put some real thought into what would help me for my current goals

so i just started a new job at an ibank and the hours are long, and i figured with stress, less frequent hours of sleep, least frequent meals & training- that t-levels may be being somewhat compromised- how accurate that actually is, not sure- but it was just a vague inference that encouraged me to invest in a free-test booster, went with Activate Xtreme as ive had good results with it in the past for solo-run/for pct's on a consistent basis

went with some creatine/beta alanine mix for a pre-workout and after long work hours something also to give a nice kick in the @ss, i tried jack3d a while back, loved it so i threw it into the mix & to get. to get everything i can out of the shortened & less frequent/leaner meals I went with M-stak (i know this contradicts its suggested use to function with an increase in cals but i somehow rationalized that it would aid in the process of supplying muscle with a more efficient channel of nutrients to maintain lbm as i attempt to drop bf)

its been around 3 weeks, im hitting some new pr's and slowly coming back to other pr's that i hit when i used to be almost 20lbs heavier, looking particularly more leaner in the past 3.5 weeks, strength is slowly building, and muscle density improving...i rarely am satisfied with natty supp. stacks when considering the price-to-results ratio but bc this 3 supp stack seems to hit every aspect of my goals and shows gradual but consistent progress i figured i would share in case anybody is looking for a combo or shares similar circumstances

ive used all 3 supps in the past independently so i have a suffice idea of what to expect from them in terms of results, and i will also mention the diet is the integral base of my results as well as the increased recovery which came from shifting back into a period of training only 3-4 times a weeks as opposed the 4-5x split

some ancillary supps.overlapping into this stack period include animal flex- which is my first time using & also loving it and a multi with ZMA in it- Adam NOW

my apologies for the length of this post lol but hope it is useful