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  1. Day 20

    These past days have been great. Today I noticed a surge of energy that lasted the whole day post dosing along a great mood and great endurance. Strength and power ouptut has definitely elevated, weights continue to get lighter and easier to lift. The extra testosterone is making MMA training so much easier especially on days that require more than 3 hours straight of training. Submissions have definitely become a little easier than normal along transitionals and bodily movements. I am loving the feel good factor to this supp. I was lifting today and came across a woman that decided to ask me if she could use one of my weights. From there it turned into a conversation which entailed Men vs Women or battle of the Sexes. She made me laught becasue she noticed that I did not look her way and told me that I was the first guy to act like she was not present in the area. She told me that guys always notice her and she also told me that I had real sexy confidence. I let her baffle for a while before then told her that I needed to train, what does she do, she asks me when is the next time I will lift. I tell her usally late, she then decides to give me her number. That is now 5 numbers this week LOL, not bad eh. As you see both Androstenone and Androsterone have elevated which let me again know that both testosterone and DHT have risen. I got some SERIOUS pumps during squats today and hit a PR on the hamstring curls. Still getting some nice sleep off of Blue Growth, I get that feeling when you wake up that you are ready to go yet willing to stay in bed because the sleep oh so good LOL. I am not seeing the vascularity as before but still getting knocked out prior to sleep rather quickly. Makes me all sedative hehe.

    Meals: PLENTY INCLUDING almost 2 pints of ice cream and 10 Chocolate chip cookies.

    1000 pushups
    2000 sit-ups(with weigths) including weighted sit-ups
    5 sets of heavy bench
    3 sets of heavy incline bench
    10 dumbell exercises
    5 sets of Heavy squats
    5 sets of Heavy hack squats
    some cable work
    100 pullups with weights
    200 dips with weights
    7 sets of Hamstring curls PR
    5 sets of quad curls
    leg extensions
    2 sets of BB lunges
    5 60 yrd sprints
    dot/agility drills

    doing my own thang!

  2. Awesome so far man, this looks like a killer stack. Congrats on the PRs!

  3. Yup

    Day 21
    Off day
    doing my own thang!

  4. Day 22
    This stuff is the real deal! So had some nice clean energy throughout the day with great sense of well being. When I started doing muay thai drills focus and drive were definitely up. Once I started sparring my ability to take a hit was definitely up. I also got kicked in thighs quite a bit, and did NOT feel a thing till post sparring. I did grappling for another hour and half. Absolutely explosive throughout the 3 plus hours of MMA training. Then when I got to the gym, my adrenals were sky high. I hit the weights like a MONSTER, had sweat dripping from the forehead to the point that I got eye irritation from my own sweat. When I got to squats I could feel my legs a bit sore from sparring but that was NOT an issue. I was surprised that I was able to squat more than usual with beat up legs, this product has really boosted my overall output power strength along other things. Oh and I gained size not just by scale but by word of mouth, not one but two people today told me that I look bigger since the last time they saw me which tells me their are ANABOLIC properties to product X. Not to neglect the fact that vascualrity was insane during the workout and it has been ever so present when not training as well, like take for example my off day yesterday, I was shaving and noticed that my veins were pertruding through my forearms as I shaved, my leg veins have also been ridiculously prominent. All signs of elevated testosterone, decreased estrogen and anti-catabolism or anabolism. Loving every aspect of this product. I was watching Jersey Shore yesterday, and got real aggressive when I saw that punk Ronnie picking on Vin because of the ordeal that end up getting his gf Sammy involved. I actually had to take a walk, so as you can see my DHT is up as well since I am in KILL MODE.
    Blue Growth still knocking me out like a kick to the head from Barry White. I am still getting a nice mellowing effect along suprressed hunger post dosage. Sleep is very deep and wake up real ready to go.

    500 pushups
    1500 Weighted Situps with weighted leg lifts
    3 Sets of Heavy bench
    200 dips with weights
    150 pull ups with weights
    dumbell exercises
    shadowboxing in between sets
    5 ATG heavy squats sets
    2 Hack Squats
    5 sets of hamstring curls (was GRUNTING LIKE A MAD MAN ON THESE)
    7 sets of Quadricep curls
    leg extensions
    2 sets of lunges with dbs
    some band work
    medicine ball drills
    4 sets of cleans
    dot drills
    Body composition 10/10 LEG VASCULARITY and Arm vascularity is VERY PROMINANT!
    Sense of well being/mood 12/10 ABSOLUTE NARCISIST
    aggression 10/10 UP INSANELY HIGH
    endurance 10/10 Up need I say more LMAO
    strength/power output 10/10 UPPPPPPP
    Sleep quality 10/10 Deep and some more deep
    Libido/sex drive 10/10 Annoyingly high
    Drive/Focus 12/10 NOUGH SAID
    Training Intensity 12/10 tremendous training sessions
    Coordination 10/10 Definitely bumped up a notch from the start
    Memory 9/10 still good
    Hunger 10/10 getting expensive, really has been up these last five days
    Pheromone release 10/10 Getting some nice respect with positve comments for no reason along many lady numbers hehe
    doing my own thang!

  5. Day 23

    Only got to do pad work but it was GREAT considering I ONLY got two hours of sleep. I had sex on my mind all frieken day. Literally for some reason in the middle of classes I got random hardons that lasted me over 10 minutes each session. In matter of fact, I had a hard on just recently before typing this literally lasted for 30 minutes, take it as lie I don't care but its the truth and I am enjoying every moment. I love the careless factor along the great Narcisist sense of being I am getting off of it. I picked up yet another number from a chick that does bikini modeling or at least she say she does lol. Nones are up, I could not help to notice that my face is looking real stern this week but I LOVE IT! Memory is strong, as it came in handy for 2 exams today. LIBIDO IS GOING MAD I TELL YOU MAD LOL!
    I bet BlueGrowth is helping that libido as well hehe!
    doing my own thang!

  6. Day 24 and LOVING IT!!!!

    Tremendous sense of well being today, had DEEP sleep and felt ready to go from the start. I am really getting hooked off the carefree attitude, it also helps me manage stress better if you get what I am saying. My drive was spectacular today, no matter what I did it was straight tunnel vision today. During muay thai and boxing pad work I was a madman hitting it hard, quick and NO BREAKS for an hour straight. For another 15 minutes I did sparring, boy was I hauling, ABSOLUTELY bullying and persuing my partners. If I got hit with a solid shot I just kept pressing like nothing, I usually try not hit the liver during sparring but today I was like not problem, put two partners on the ground with no air, poor dudes LOL. Kicking was quick and crisp, my instincts were great as well especially with good head movement and faints. Then my next session entailed combat sambo, jiu-jitsu and Judo. Again good drive and endurance. Did about an half and hour of grappling rounds. Again very dominating and persistant, nones were def high because I WREAKED lol. I love how women are initimaded BUT they cannot keep their eyes off me, stuff makes me laugh LOL! Another thing to note, I noticed that this last week training in the weight room has been easier after coming from MMA sessions which again is good bonus for me.
    Blue Growth still me some good ol sleep along nice appetite suppression post dosing. I am sure it also helping with endurance is more than likely the reason I have been getting lots of long duration hardons LMAO.

    Meals: Plenty of food, NOUGH SAID


    3 Sets of Heavy bench
    2 Sets of Heavy decline
    500 push-ups
    150 dips with Heavy weight
    100 pull-ups with good weight
    forearm exercises
    1500 sit-ups with weights including weighted leg lifts
    dumbell exercises
    10 sets of Hamstring curls more than usual
    7 sets of quadricep curls
    leg extensions
    bb lunges 2 sets
    1 5minute wall sit
    cable work
    medicine ball stability drills

    Body composition 10/10 LEG VASCULARITY and Arm vascularity is EXTREMELY PROMINANT!
    Sense of well being/mood 12/10 ABSOLUTE NARCISIST
    aggression 10/10 INSANELY HIGH
    endurance 10/10 Up!!!
    strength/power output 10/10 Def Up and loving it
    Sleep quality 10/10 Deep!
    Libido/sex drive 10/10 Annoyingly high
    Drive/Focus 12/10 AMAZING
    Training Intensity 12/10 tremendous training sessions
    Coordination 10/10 Def all is well in this department
    Memory 9/10 still good
    Hunger 10/10 Still eating...
    Pheromone release 10/10 VERY noticeable
    doing my own thang!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    Have NO probs cheatin on a daily basis
    With the enormous amount of exercises you do I think I understand why you can cheat every day LOL
    Subbed btw

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tWack View Post
    With the enormous amount of exercises you do I think I understand why you can cheat every day LOL
    Subbed btw
    HAHAHA, indeed bro, thanks!
    doing my own thang!

  9. Day 25

    Felt great overall today, GREAT sense of well being, superior invinsible type of feeling. Definitely more heartless as of this week, for example, usually when someone tells me sad news I tell try to console them a little but lately I have been blunt and have told some people pretty much its part of life and there is nothing we can do about it, its the past. I did a simple grappling session with some high level wrestlers for a hour and half. I then did some heavy bag work for an half an hour. VERY GOOD ADRENALS, I could feel my explosivness throughout the whole day, always ready to go so to speak. Endurance again has been HIGHLY noted, along output power and coordination. I love how when I train lately, I let out the loudest grunts ever LOL. SUPER ALPHA MALE MENTALITLY, loving it!

    BlueGrowth is still providing and QUICK sleep which is a plus, still getting some nice longer durated hardons LOL, good sense well being prebed.
    Meals include a dinner buffet so yeah LOL


    1000 situps including 500 leg lifts
    trap pulldowns
    pull ups 200
    band work
    agility/dot drills
    jump roping
    exercises for my back
    light shadow boxing
    calf raises

    doing my own thang!

  10. Day 26 and 27

    I have had AWESOME DRIVE these last two days with a great sense of well being. Definitely feeling superior so to speak. Loving the endurance and muscle endurance during MMA training, it makes sparring and grappling easier that is for sure along the little more explosiveness I have had as of lately. My balls are SWOLE LOL, a little more full than usual, cuz they are always full LOL. I have a noticed nice vascularity really particularly these past 3 days. I have some new veins on my chest that I have never seen before which is cool, leg vascularity is up as well. I have also again had less of a feel bad aggression during sparring hehe. Today I went up 25LBS in volume for reps, which I don't do, so that tells me that strength has DEFINITELY INCREASED! I also have been finishing more workouts quicker, making circuit training less brutal, this muscle endurance has def been noted. My nones are real high as I have been BRUTALLY aggressive this whole week and people have been weary of me yet real submissive. I also have been more ASSERTIVE when talking to family, which is hard since they have different views in life, however; yesterday was different cuz I actually had the balls to say what I needed to say and that was final, nough said. Testosterone is the assertive hormone.... Recovery post training is UPPPPPPPPPP, I have been able to do more on a 6 day basis as compared to the norm, this week I actually plan to train all week....
    BlueGrowth I am sure is enhancing the recovery through deeper sleep and more REM sleep, still knocking me out like a bad habbit.


    2000 situps with weights including weighted leg lifts
    1000 pushups
    250 weighted dips PR on one set
    8 whopping sets of Heavy bench with a PR on bench volume
    200 weighted pullups
    cable exercises
    dumbell exercises
    shadow boxing
    medicine ball exercises
    some kettle ball action
    5 100 yrd sprints
    dot drills
    forearm exercises

    WOW what training this week that is all I can say!
    doing my own thang!

  11. Sounds like a supp to try, going to follow up on this post, boom baby!

  12. Thanks for following:
    Day 28

    Well no MMA training but did some shadow boxing along some heavybag work since I can sit still with all the energy I have LMAO. My adrenals were UPPPP today during my leg workout. I could not believe how much intensity I had, no joke. I was roaring after sets, people would stare and then mind their business since I aint the friendliest of cats out there. I was real aggressive and primal per say, I was so ready to get down with any decent looking chick. It was great primal feeling, my sense of well being is still great, and sweated perfusely during lifting. Again recovery has been simply outstanding, I felt like I could my upperbody again today, but chose not to since our bodies always need rest. There was an asian women at my gym today that was CLEARLY ovulating cuz she could not keep her hands away from her thighs as she looked at with those eyes of you know what. She also would fling her hair everytime she was near me. At one point the energy she was giving me was killing me, so I did what any ******** in the wild would do, you know the rest....
    BlueGrowth allowed me to get up an hour earlier than usual on a Sunday and feel refreshed. I am pretty surprised that the knocking out effect has no weared off yet which is good stuff. BlueGrowth is definitely heightening my libido per say.

    Meals, FOOD NON-STOP including a full pie of pizza


    7 sets of Heavy Squats
    5 sets of Heavy Hack Squats
    3 sets of BB lunges
    2 sets of db lunges
    5 sets of a certain leg compound exercise
    7 sets of hamstring curls
    7 sets of quadricep curls
    5 sets of smith machine squats
    5 sets of abodminal midcore machine
    500 weighted leg lifts
    5 sprints of 60 and 70 yrd
    agility drills
    doing my own thang!

  13. Day 29

    Well tommorow is the last say of 3 caps, I will be tapering 2 to caps as instructed for the last week of Product X. Mood was GREAT today, ADRENALS ARE SKY-HIGH! Loving how it is really helping me to recover and train the next day so easily. Today during sparring people actually chose TO DECLINE SPRARRING WITH ME LMAO. They call me the bully cuz I just keep coming at you with no remorse lol, love it. It does not help that my nones are real high at the moment, so in simpler words people are scured LOL. The only trainer that still competes chose to spar with me and boy did I give him a beating LOL. Very good cordinated striking along head movement, endurance and muscular endurance were up which made sparring Cake. Then I did grappling with Judo, both endurance/power output and coordination were up which made taking instruction along with drills easy. I also did rounds of live grappling which again was Cake. My trainers are like the bonafied me HAHAHA! Hunger has been BRUTAL, I keep eating, and actually have to go the grocery store on 3 day basis as of these 2 weeks, talk about emptying my pockets LOL.
    BlueGrowth is definitely adding to the boost in mood along libido, sleep is still deep and I wake up with no problem. I am sure it is adding to the AMAZING recovery this past week. Still knocking me out quickly as well LOL.

    Meals: Still eating

    1000 situps with leg lifts
    Trap pulldowns
    inverted pulldowns
    Heavy bag
    Shadow boxing
    3 suicides
    medicine ball work
    Tricep extensions
    Dot drills

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    doing my own thang!

  14. whats dot drills?

  15. Agility drills set up with 4 corners, there are many ways to jump upon the 4 corners.
    doing my own thang!

    Day 30
    Its sad to see that I am tapering down to 2 caps starting 2morrow since I noticed a serious boost in lifts today. Notice, I ONLY GOT 3 HOURS OF SLEEP. I knew something was up when I almost threw a fist at a dear friend of mine, aggression was through the roof when people irritated me. Overall I was still in a great mood. Realize guys, that not everyone will get real angry of a legit test booster or test injections, its all based on your personality, so it only makes it more pronounced. Lets say you are outgoing, you will be more outgoing on Product X. I am a ****, so on Product X; I AM A SUPER COLD HEARTLESS BASTARD according to my mother hehe. I only got to train boxing which was great, definitely got my work in, drive was tremendous along coordination. I noticed today, when squatting; that the weights def felt lighter than usual. So my next set I bumped it up to 25, still felt light, so I bumped it up to 40, still felt light, went up 60 LBS on squats FOR VOLUME. I must say I was rather impressed, not to take away the fact that I was squatting deep and it 10pm. I also noticed strength gains during my cable work, dumbell exercises, and hamstring/quadricep curls. I could not believe how easier the weights felt to lift. I KNOW I will have to run this for 6-8 weeks to really see where it takes me. Nones were def up because some VERY fertile women walked in, and boy did my adrenals and aggression to lift kicked in, I also got a quick smell of my underpits and noticed a STRONG none odor, which tells me my body wanted to mate with her's. Even though I realized this, I chose to train instead LMAO. Testes were very plump post training which is different, since the testes will become less plump post training, but that was not the case today. Vascularity was great these last 10 days, along HUNGER being through the roof. Libido was annoying if I did not have anything to do, but as long as I stay occupied I am fine.
    BlueGrowth made my morning easier considering the fact that I only got 3 hours of sleep, still getting some nice random hardons. Still getting knocked out quick lol.

    Meals: Plenty

    5 sets of heavy bench
    200 weighted pullups
    250 weighted dips
    1500 weighted situps with weighted leg lifts
    medicine ball work
    Cable exercises
    dumbell exercises
    5 sets of Heavier Squats
    3 sets of Heavy Hack squats
    1 set of BB lunges
    7sets of Hami curls
    8 sets of quad curls
    leg extensions
    5 sets of leg press
    2 minutes non stop jump squat with 28 in leap

    IMPRESSED TO SAY THE LEAST, not to mention GREAT recovery even right after training.
    doing my own thang!

  17. do 500 finger pushups..be able to bend steel

  18. LOL @ finger pushups

    Day 31

    Well there was no change of sense of well being with 2 caps, endurance was great. I was dehyrated during training and was still able to perform well. During muay thai my trainer told me, that my hands were faster than he has ever seen them, so that was refreshing to say the least. WOW, talk about nones. I went to do a light workout today at the gym, and ended up barganing for more LMAO. I was lifting and doing my stuff when a couple decided to ask me if they could take a picture of me since they knew I was fighter, and I quote "my wifey is infatuated with". Anyways, so I am doing trap pulldowns and this chick starts to smile timidly while I am grunting and lifting. She then starts to lift her tight spandex, I get this rush of energy and my workout intensifies. She then gets closer before I cannot take it anymore and go for the kill. I ask her name and she tells me it, I tell her my name, we have small chat and she leads me to the women's sauna. I will leave it at that. Drive/Focus has been topnotch, really liking this feeling. I had no problem with the small sparring session I had, hurting my partner. Lately my aggression has been simply through the roof along my hunger. I realy am having a hard time controlling these aspects, but mental toughness is what gets you somewhere so I know will be able to stabilize these issues. I have also noticed more personality has been real pronounced as of lately, LOVE IT!
    BlueGrowth is still providing solid sleep, although it took a bit longer than as of late to fall asleep. Def making it hard more me to control my hardons, memoriztion has all been great since being on BlueGrowth.



    1000 situps with leg lifts
    trap pull downs
    250 sprawls and running in place
    200 pull ups
    trap extensions
    medicine ball oblique drills and others as well
    light shadowboxing
    doing my own thang!

  19. You do a insane amount of situps, for how long will you be going with 2 caps now, looking forward to see what you'll feel like when stopping, how much strength, speed and endurance you'll loose (if any at all).. And when WILL IT HIT THE STREETS NTBM?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Rasmussen View Post
    You do a insane amount of situps, for how long will you be going with 2 caps now, looking forward to see what you'll feel like when stopping, how much strength, speed and endurance you'll loose (if any at all).. And when WILL IT HIT THE STREETS NTBM?
    I think I have 2-3 days left at 2 caps, and then 1 day at 1 cap. I do the insane amounts of situps for core strength, torque comes from there. I believe its 3-4 weeks from appearance.

    Day 32

    Woke up feeling real recovered from the other day which was great. Energy was up from the getgo, then came sparring. I tell you, I usually have a hard time finding a rhythm in the beginning of my sessions of boxing against the pro boxer vet. Today that was a different story ad I kept outsmarting him and pressing to the point that he would get tired and I would land shots right to the face. It got to the point that he almost dropped, but I stopped because that is uncalled for, and I will never drop my sparring partner. I had lots of endurance as well, we went for 8 rounds of 5 minutes. Nones are really high, I can tell by the way I am thinking and the way people are responding towards me. Hunger was brutal today, could not stop eating hehe, but its keeping me full so no complaints there. Vascualrity was apperant indeed, I decided to look at my legs and arms post training, and my veins had to be popping out about 1/4in. from the arms and legs. Really impressed with its testosterone enhancing properties, I was told this product will be released in 3-4 weeks from today. It will be called PhytoSerms 247. Libido is def up but I am able to ignore with the intense drive and focus that is geared toward MMA and training.
    BlueGrowth still providing deep restful sleep, but no more quick knockout effect, regardless its still doing its job along keep my private part hard like a rock pretty randomly lol.


    8 sets of heavy bench
    sets of db exercises
    150 dips with 110lbs
    150 90lbs pullups
    forearm rollers for 5mins
    1500 weighted situps with weighted leglifts
    leg extensions
    db lunges
    8 Heavy squats (grunting like a mad man on these)
    4 Heavy Hack squats
    jump squats
    agility drills
    hamstring curls
    quad curls
    5 min wall sit
    2 wind sprints to finish it off
    LOVE IT!
    doing my own thang!

  21. The log and workouts have been sick bro, I'm on day 4 for Blue Growth, dosed it 5 caps last night and it was pretty awesome
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  22. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    The log and workouts have been sick bro, I'm on day 4 for Blue Growth, dosed it 5 caps last night and it was pretty awesome
    Thanks bro, I train hard because it is what gets me to the next level. Yup, BlueGrowth will knock you out quick lol.
    doing my own thang!

  23. killing it... as always!!

  24. Day 33

    Well I woke up with a real warm body temperature, and it only got hotter post dosing of Product X. My mood was great but I felt real volatile, when I got to the MMA facility that is where I knew something nice was going on. I started to drills in muay thai and BOY MY DRIVE WAS CRAZY STRONG, I was hitting the pads like a mad man, and I just kept at it. Then when it was time to sparr, I kept pressing and hitting with a little pop and gave one of my partners a hurt liver (by mistake). I was real aggressive as well during jiu-jitsu. Very domination performance in all that I did throughout MMA, so to calm down my aggression, I went to a ColdStone's Creamery and destroyed the GottaHaveIt chocolate based snack. I then had myself a Tbone steak with Greens, steamed cabbage, sweet potatoes, platains, and EVOO. I then started to destroy Chocolate chip cookies, I really can't control my appetite as of late. My stench has been putird LOL, lifting will commense tommorow after combat sambo a.m. training.
    BlueGrowth is still giving good restful sleep, and I am sure igniting libido, other than that nothing new to report.
    doing my own thang!


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