Ive been training for about 1.5 year..
Stats: BP: 125
DL: 180
Squat: 150

Weight: 80kg (176lbs)

For some days ago i bought 2 boxes with Jungle warfare and 1 box with Badass mass. I bought 2 oxes of JW because ive heard the effect from it comes at the end of the first box..
I was going to buy restore too, but they didint had any more left . Well is Restore for pct or something?? is that necassery for JW + BM? it isnt steroids? is JW pro hormones or something since restore is reqomended?? since i dont get this restore can i change it out with something else like . ZMA or Zeus testo booster?? ( I live in norway so those products is kinda the only one they sell here in norway for incresed testo production)

And the biggest question:How should i set up my stack??

JW = 3caps a day and BM: 2 caps a day.
But the caps reqomended is for a 2000calori diet.. i eat around 3000-3500 i think.
-so should i increse the dosage?? maybe start at 3 JW and 2 BM then i8ncrease dosage?? i got lots of JW , but just 1 box with BM,, so what do u suggest?? im a noob on this supplement.

Anyways can u help me set up my stack??

180 caps JW and 60 caps BM --- ( Put in ZMA or/and Zeus testo booster if it can replace restore).

Thank you