Purus is RECYCLEing AZ

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  1. Took my last dose tonight and I am not happy about it. I do not want to come off this supplement. I feel like I have been on HRT. If you had a Testosterone Booster checklist,Recyle would have every item covered. My mood has been elevated,oily skin,increased libido,muscle fullness,strength increases,testicle fullness,and lean weight gain. Yes, I am up 4.5lbs since starting Recycle. All this from a Natural supplement. I just gave Recyle to 2 other people and will be watching their results carefully. I myself will be planning many stacks in the future with Recycle as it's anchor. Thank you Purus and Grambo for the opportunity.
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  2. Just got caught up...Great log! Sorry i got in here late!
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  3. Thanks for the great review!!

  4. Nice review AZ. Sounds like a really solid product.
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