10bathrooms Pink Magic/Prime/Super Cissus RX/Jack3d/P-Slin+ "180" Diet & More

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  1. 10bathrooms Pink Magic/Prime/Super Cissus RX/Jack3d/P-Slin+ "180" Diet & More

    Today I got home and there was a nice package on my door!
    After opening it the first thing I thought was " It's On "
    This will be a 50 day log, Lean Bulk!
    I will still be logging Hyper Trop X & Alpha T2! Even though I am almost done with both bottles.
    I will be trying my hand at a very hard diet called the " 180 " Diet. It is very manipulative to carbs and promises amazing gains. I need yalls support because i've tried this diet before and failed, but I figure a little motivation would be great!
    OK lets get down to business here!!

    Super Cissus Rx
    Pink Magic
    P Slin
    Anabolic Pump
    Alpha T2
    Hyper Trop X
    Whey Protein
    Creatine Mono
    Flaxseed Oil
    Amino 1000 ( Will Change )
    Fish Oil

    - Morning -
    Alpha T2 - 2 caps before meal

    Prime - 2caps W/ Meal One

    Supper Cissus - 2caps W/ Meal One

    Prime - 2 caps W/ Meal Two

    Pink Magic - 2 caps W/ Meal Two

    P Slin - 1 cap 15 minutes before small Meal 3

    Pink Magic - 2 caps W/ Meal 3 ( small )

    Supper Cissus - 2 caps W/ Meal 3 ( small )

    Jack3d - 30 minutes pre WO

    Hyper Trop X - 30 minutes pre WO

    Prime - 2 caps W/ Meal 4

    Pink Magic 2 caps W/ Meal 4

    ( 2 protein Shakes, Spread out with 5 extra g's of creatine mono )

    1 Supper Cissus W/ Meal 5 ( small )

    1 Pink Magic W/ Meal 5 ( small )

    ( After 30 day supply of P Slin is up, I will Run anabolic pump, Recreate, & powerfull for 10 days or so, while also running them through out the log here and there but not exact protocol )

    MORE INFO HERE - the one eighty =

    The One Eighty


    Every day I hear the men and women speak about how they are going to improve their physique for the coming summer. They have special drinks that allegedly aid them in losing fat and protein powder for firmer muscles. Along with vitamins, this is not a bad approach. But there are two very important factors that are often overlooked: Diet and a proper training program. The two hardest of them all. I will begin with the diet and how it should be executed.

    It’s giving up bad food for sixty days. What is bad food? All dairy, pork, juice, fruit and in the early stages of your diet, pasta, white potatoes and fast foods. This does not mean that you will not eat any of these foods again but we will put them back in your system at the appropriate time.

    First, you will count you carbs. If you are less than 180 grams, it would be advisable to get them up to that number. You cannot put lean mass on with a carb intake of less then 180 grams. Now, if you use this formula and go through the stages, you can go below the 180 grams at times and make super gains. But you must be using the appropriate foods and have a complete understanding of this program. If you are over the 180 grams number, here is how you will approach it. Take out fifty grams without going below 180 grams. The idea is to let the body get accustomed to training with less carbs. Train for two weeks with your new carb intake. Then after two weeks take another fifty out and let your body gets acclimated to this new carb intake. Remember not to go below 180 grams of carbs. As you progress, you will start to feel tired. Your pump will not stay with you as long as it did before and you will be weak. These are signs of low carbs. Let it go for another two days. It’s not a nice feeling but it is part of the program. It will come back.

    On the second day of feeling tired, eat one pound of pasta split up throughout the day. You are still eating your regular meals with the pasta including egg whites, rye toast, chicken, fish, turkey, yams, sweet potatoes, or brown rice. The next day after eating all the pasta, your pump will be back. Your veins will look thicker and your strength will improve. Now take another fifty grams out of your diet and eliminate pasta. You want to be eating 180 grams of carbs every day for as long as you can. Do not go below this number or above it. When you reach 180 grams, you are going to run into the tired, no- pump feeling again. Also, new symptoms will start to appear such as being short-tempered, experiencing difficulty sleeping and a loss of appetite. All beginners will feel these symptoms. There is nothing wrong. It’s your body adjusting to the new types of carbs. But recognize these symptoms as soon as you can so you can feed a starving system before it starts to break down.

    As you improve on this program, when the bad days start to come along even though you are doing 180 grams of carbs your body will need to have more carbs sometime. Recognize the feelings and give it fifty grams more until the no- pump and tiredness goes away. As soon as you feel recovered, take out the fifty grams plus twenty-five more. Now train as long as you can until you start to feel the bad times coming on. As soon as you feel any of the above signs, get carbs back into the system as soon as possible. Usually fifty grams will bring you back to feeling good. And again as soon as you feel recovered take out the fifty plus fifty more. Push the envelope. When you reach this stage you are burning huge amounts of fat. As you can see from this pattern, you give it, as it needs it and as soon as you recover take out the carbs you gave it and see how much lower you can adjust your carb intake without losing any lean mass. When you play like this, the days of feeling good become less frequent so you have to make more carb adjustments. If you stay with the program, you will be very muscular. You have to ride this pattern out. Give it red meat instead of pasta or yams instead of read meat or brown rice instead of yams and see what happens. Do you get harder, stronger, bigger or more vascular? Always remember what these foods are doing to you and also never go over two days of eating these foods. They will make you smooth. Here are the foods that you should be eating all the time and try to be creative with your cooking.

    Egg whites - as many as you like. Oatmeal - one half cup. Rye toast with jelly and 25 grams of animal powder protein in eight ounces of water is also healthy. This is your new breakfast. Lunch and dinner are the same. Chicken, fish, brown rice, yams, sweet potatoes or salads are recommended. For my salad, good oil and apple cider, vinegar or balsamic vinegar works best. Drink water! Remember that you are counting your carbs. You want to be at 180 grams before 9:00 PM. do not eat after this time. If you must eat something, enjoy a salad. It works!! It will take the edge off and your mind will accept the message that your stomach is happy.

    I have it broken down in small steps but if you think you are a hero and can go straight to 180 then be my guest but remember this is a diet that takes months to really show its power. The longer you can stay on this diet, the better you will get. Eat as much as you like but don’t go over the numbers. The number for protein should be 2 grams per pound of body weight. These figures are not written in stone. Nor is the carb number. As you improve with switching the type of carbs around you will see how each one affects the body. As an example, if I eat white potatoes for my carb meals I will get strong and bigger but I lose some hardness. I know I can’t eat them one week out from a contest. But if I needed to put two or three pounds on, I know one product that will definitely work. You have to know what all the carbs are doing to you and that is why you must stay on this diet for a long time. Endure the same- food madness but be creative with how you prepare your chicken, fish and turkey and your physique will change beyond your belief. The harder you push this diet, the more you will get from it. Remember that you must feed yourself when necessary. Also remember that there are signs. Grow to recognize them as you would know were the light switch is in you bathroom in the dark. When you learn this part of dieting, you are on your way to becoming a champion. Good luck and get muscular.

    Greg Long - Mr. Universe

    Ok guys get some subbs in, i need support here lol !



    295 DEADLIFT

    160 DB CROC ROW- !?



    ( ps this log aint over yet )

    The hype, the hype, and the hype. Where could I start, this product had given me more faith in usp labs for certain, but should I push the scale myself instead of letting the product weigh itself, no. So I will start my rant here with how much I didnt like, okay first to say, I did not go from 186 to 225 raw muscle in 4 weeks ( that speculation is dead - on to the next one ) I did not pop this pill and 4 weeks later I had a 6 pack, eating lays potato chips and poppa johns ( wake the *&** up ) I did not have my bench press fo from 260 to 325, ( okay so now that the unrealistic agenda is out of the way ) I want to speak on what I really didnt like, The product had more then 8 busted caps in the bottle. : ( but i didnt wine too much it really doesnt matter. The product did not give me any mental euphoria, there was know hightened state of abnormal strength, or euphoria again in that area.
    Okay now that my sadness is done with lets shed some light on the positive side of this chingong product.
    It was easy to down 2 to 3 pills in one swallow, wich to me is amazing. My vascularity had slight increases in the following areas = biceps, lower abdominals, upper chest, fore arms, legs. That is also amazing.
    My strength per say did not go up any ( no prs here sorry ) but my ability to handel higher weights = more reps, and one thing that has changed in my training is just that.
    I grip the bar stronger, I want more presses, and I want to beast out.
    my Signs of Test increase naturally = Face acne, back acne, agressive ( slightly ), emotional easily - nope,muscles becoming very dry, bottle is over though. USP send me another lol jk jk
    okey now for the numbers
    Test Increase - 2/5 ( I recomend running 2 bottles, this is a herbal/ natural product and takes time and pills to kick in )
    Vascularity - 5/5 ( it gets the perfect score here because it is not a no product )
    Price - 1/5
    Pill Size - 4/5
    Euphoria - 0
    Natural/ Herbal Overall Rating - 8/10

    Across the Board Test Product Rating - 6/10

    Okay, I have ran a bottle of prime before and loved, same here. Not much to say about it bc it is quite the product, but it still gives no euphoria, it makes me eat like a horse, while at the same time I have very responsive bowel movements when on prime and The food I ingest gives me quite the burst of energy. Gotta Eat with this ( recomend 3,000 to 5,000 calorie a day diet or you more than likely will not be satisfied )
    numbers ?
    Thick Strong Muscle Increase 3/5
    Pill Size 4/5
    Effects It May have on natural energy ( im not even sure if the product claims to do this but ) 4/5
    Natural/Herbal Product Rating 7/10
    Across The Board Rating 7/10

    Did I Hit Gold? Yeah I think so, and I also recomend people to consider this a staple in there work outs, honestly it is quite the amazing product, euphoria - no, effect - yes
    Injury Healing Properties 5/5 ( I had a shoulder issue with my left shoulder while messing with heavy weights that always made me causious about injury, while on super cissus rx I felt no hessitance, shoulder injury from long ago didnt bother me at all thats why it gets the perfect score here )
    Muscle Cramping Help 4/5 ( virtually none while on )
    Strength Of joints while on 5/5 ( no bad form, it felt like i was on top of every work out)Natural/ Herbal Product Rating : 10/10 ( go get it )
    Across The Board Rating: 9/10
    ( Go GET super cissus rx NOW )

  2. YOUR DOING THE 180 diet!!!!! Good luck bro. Im subbed for this mother.



  3. yeah right now im doing a miniture loading phase and the actual stack will start sunday so now im just trying to do some sub work and bring some mugs innnnn

  4. Still waiting on my package! What was the mystery product?!

  5. I'll bite since i like this stack.


  6. OMG that is a crap load of supps :O

  7. And because you drive a ford.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    OMG that is a crap load of supps :O
    Yeah, agreed lol.

    Recreate AND Alpha T-2 on a bulk?

  9. I will follow along man.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Killerkanadia View Post
    Yeah, agreed lol.

    Recreate AND Alpha T-2 on a bulk?
    alpha t2 is what im currently sponsored to log but I only have like 6 more days worth, and recreate is only like 10 or 12 servings worth so im gonna do that to add the extra days to the log before the after pic.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by aSKINNYkid View Post
    Still waiting on my package! What was the mystery product?!

    im not sure if it was the usp labs t shirt or the p slin, other than that i got about 20 days worth of extra sample packs

  12. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    OMG that is a crap load of supps :O
    haha ive been waiting to log something like this, man someone needs to teach me to do multi qoutes

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    I will follow along man.
    thanks man

  14. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    I'm in
    thanks too man

  15. I'm in, win a USP contest?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by votum View Post
    I'm in, win a USP contest?
    yeah man, big time, and thanks for following

  17. Quote Originally Posted by 10bathroomsO View Post
    haha ive been waiting to log something like this, man someone needs to teach me to do multi qoutes
    A lot of copying and pasting.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by 10bathroomsO View Post
    im not sure if it was the usp labs t shirt or the p slin, other than that i got about 20 days worth of extra sample packs
    Sweet bro! Ill be sporting that t-shirt!

  19. This is gonna be killer ....OH....BTW.......Newest Iforce Nutrition rep, right here!!!!!!!!


  20. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    This is gonna be killer ....OH....BTW.......Newest Iforce Nutrition rep, right here!!!!!!!!
    congrats j nuts sounds good homie

  21. Quote Originally Posted by aSKINNYkid View Post
    Sweet bro! Ill be sporting that t-shirt!
    haha i would but its an xl and its a bigger size its super longg, ill work out in it though
  22. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    MidwestBeast's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by 10bathroomsO View Post
    haha i would but its an xl and its a bigger size its super longg, ill work out in it though
    Haha, every single one of them is an XL - just means you gotta grow into it

  23. i would have to grow by height for it to look normal on me the thing comes down to my knees lol alright thats a lie but it is really a really long shirt


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