I just wanna state before u read on that I'm 18 and even tho I don't need a test booster at my age I decided to try one out. I just started taking usplabs' new test booster pink magic. I'm not stacking it with anything except a regular protein/ weight gainer some glutamine and some glycomaize. I haven't logged from the very beginning so ill do all my experiences at once and continue from there. My CONS: its 2 pills 3 times a day With Meals which to me is incredibly annoying and goes to show the bottle won't be lasting very long oh and 2 extra pills on workout days. PROS: first day of using it felt like a normal workout two days later hit the gym. My bench felt lighter than usual which was weird seeing as how I add weight every workout (5x5). Friday felt great even tho I had a splitting headache from a cold I'm catching my workout was unphased and I put the weight up easy as pie... This is week two starting today