Bored, need a new log- Aquaman has Arrived!

  1. Bored, need a new log- Aquaman has Arrived!

    Hey, EZ here with a new log to amuse myself. As you may know I was in the midst of a Gamma O type product log and received a fairly significant setback in the way of a rib injury. Since I have been able to pretty much swim and run, just know having been able to put in a fairly intense resistance workout of weighted pullups from which I felt no negative repercussions.

    That being said I am still not at full athletic potential, especially on pushing movements.

    Therefore I will continue to swim and run, in that order of precedence, working in resistance training as I am able. The focus of this log will then be body composition. I wanna know how far I can take my "old as dirt" body composition.

    The Supps- FucoXanthin, in the way of SeaThin brand, dosed at double bottle recommendations for 45 days. I could increase the dose and shorten the duration to 30 days.

    The consensus is that this stuff takes awhile to kick in so I am leaning towards the 45 days which is how i dosed it today. Fat people looking for the magic pill have voted this stuff down, but I wanna see what it can do at high doses in a trained body.

    Dunaliella Salina marine algae derived beta carotene/carotenoid complex, of which I will take 1 softgel twice daily.

    starting weight is 186lbs.
    daily staples
    • gnc mega men sport multi
    • horse gamma o/bcaa/eaa product
    • true flex joint formula with SAMe

    pics below are cold but flexed, as you can see I am leaner than my last photo pictorial and about 7-8 lbs lighter


  2. Been dosing the Xanthigen and spent the last three days primarily in the field so I am down a few lbs but this is simply water weight from copious sweating and decreased calories, nothing I would attribute to the brown algae. I will update this log weekly with pics as well as strength reports since I am curious if this has any sort of performance enhancement properties as well.

  3. did the 100lb weighted pullups today and hit 4 reps, wasn't too disappointed cause I slept poorly all weekend and also did a bunch of pushups and divebombers the day before so I was generally sore in my upper body, I did proceed to do 8 total sets of weighteds with 2 sets at 100, 2 at 80, 2 at 60, and 2 at 40, followed up by a bunch of nonweighted pullups. My rep numbers throughout were strong and I was pretty pleased. The pushups from yesterday left my rib injury pretty sore, hoping tomorrow I am recovered ok.

    The Xanthigen and algae carotenoids are still being double dosed and I really can't make a determination at this point on any body comp or performance enhancement. What I do like about these types of supps is that I really can't lose with them since they have great benefits for general health.

    I made a trip to a GNC I hadn't scoured yet and picked up another Goji juice bottle and 2 more Cinnergens. These are treated as support supps for this but I feel the GOJI GH release and the cinnamon being an insulin mimetic are crucial to my daily progress.

    I will say , between the workouts, the supps and my diet, things are coming together nicely for me right now. I am down about another lb, with increased vein prominence and muscle definition. Now I just need to stay healthy and fully heal up these ribs.

  4. BUMP!!

  5. GD you are shredded

  6. feeling like i am still at the composition I want to be at, up 1 lb, actually rolled today , did about an hour of intermittent 3 min rounds , rib injury felt good, gonna hit up 100lb weighted pullups saturday evening to see if strength is back or improved, so far my overall program is pleasing me.

  7. how much for the goji and cinnergens?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    how much for the goji and cinnergens?
    i have been scouring GNCs in the area and so far haven't paid more than 11 bucks for any bottle, having gotten them all on clearance.

    Ran a 5k this morning, primarily a trail run on loose gravel trails with minimal elevation changes, felt too good at the end, meaning I should have pushed much harder during the run, timed out at 22:58, kinda disappointed but I did it as fasted cardio so I derived that benefit from it.

    Gonna refuel with some protein shake and some Powershock which I picked up from the PX the other day for 22 bucks, and hit up the gym later for weighted pullups. Today after the race I picked up 2 lbs of Pea protein for 16 bucks and a Monster Amino by Cytosport for 9 bucks. Excited about the Pea protein since I have been reading alot about it lately and since I have gone back to vegetarianism I would like to get away from the milk based proteins.

  9. well i hit 5 reps with the 100lber, didn't feel like i had enough for a 6th but still felt strong, pyramided down 2sets at 100, 2 at 80, 2 at 60, 2 at 40, 2 at 20 and 4 sets unweighted, reps were all in the 4-5 range on the weighteds and slightly higher without.

  10. well in an effort to jack this program up a notch and make some headway towards bumping up my reps of the weighted pullups I picked up 2 bttls of Powerfull by USPLabs, got em on post for 50 bucks for 2. Gonna run em 2 pills preworkout- 3 prebed. This should help with my GH boost along with the goji too. I will consider 5 reps with 100lb as my starting strength level.

  11. ran a quick 2 ish miles this am at a pretty good pace, done as fasted cardio, took 2 Powerfull prior, took 3 last night prebed with good results, i feel it adds to the goji nicely, pulled a two a day again and did an hour of combatives at lunch, ribs held up nicely, also knees are feeling great after my recent flurry of running, keeping fingers crossed on this continuing to improve.

  12. doing good man, I've got some goji, can't beat the price
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  13. 3 and a half days in to the powerfull and I was stuck at 5 reps on 100lb weighted pullups. I did pyramid down again and overall my reps were higher, seems the workouts on powerfull amp up as you go along, I almost have to force myself to stop. This morning I dosed 1/2 a tube of xenadrine powder and 2 powerfulls and I was ready to go about 30- 40 minutes into the workout.

    Taking 3 pre bed may be a bit much as I seem to wake up a bit groggy so I may reduce it to two prebed as well. So far I have great optimism for the next few weeks as the algae extract should be fully loaded soon and the powerfull should be kicking full bore too. Looking for good things. Want to be at 8 reps minimum with 100lb when this is all said and done, then I will just need something else to bump me to those last 2 reps for my goal of 10, maybe I will try the new Triazole for that.

  14. power cord went out on me so until i can get it sent by dell i am reduced to using the business center computer so i will be on the DL for a few days, but quick update, still dosing 3 Powerfull pre bed and 2 post workout with cytomax as well, still amazed by this combo, last night did hour and a half of BJJ then did a 4 mile trail run and just felt unstoppable throughout, sleep was DEEP with amazing vivid dreams, goji plus Powerfull FTW!

    also thinking of adding another aquaman component in to this program which is a high mineral content red algae extract, if i get this i will add it to the prebed stack for zma type effects. On top of the goji and Powerfull I have started drinking a dose of Powershock just before I shut the lights out 1/2 hour after downing the Powerfull to get the hyperaminoacidemia results, this combo seems to work wonders, adding in the minerals can only help!

  15. today was my first day back on the powerfull after a 1 day break since i am doing 6 on 1 off, and I was sorely disappointed when i did my weighted pullups. I barely got 5 and that is being generous with myself since that 5th rep was garbage, I was really hoping for a 6th, but it wasn't even close to happening. Dissapointing to say the least. So today begins another 6 day cycle of it and I hope that next week produces an added rep. Like I said with 2 bottles of this stuff and everything else I am running I want some damn results when it's all said and done!

  16. today i did the cytomax and powerfull prior to grappling and i just seemed to have incredible mat endurance , which is all well and good but i want them reps, think i will test it again on saturday

  17. finished up another 6 day run of powerfull along with my aquaman stack and goji juice. Probably time to post up some new pics. Basically I am vastly more vascular than i have ever been, i am talking thigh, stomache, lats veins prominent everywhere and even some slight striations are starting. Planning on testing out the weighted pullups monday even after 2 days into my 3rd 6 day Powerfull run.

    Also picked up some goodies today for a future stack log, something you all might find interesting. More to follow-EZ

  18. cold but flexed, should be able to see increased definition with slight striations to the tricep's lateral aspect, did a great swim and pushup workout today and will pull a two a day tmrw with a morning run as fasted cardio and the weighted pullup test in the evening

  19. extreme disappointment today as i barely and i mean barely got 5 reps on the weighted pullups, at this rate i seem to be going backwards. I am 2 days into my 3rd week of the powerfull doing a 6 on 1 off as per bottle directions. Very disappointed.

  20. O.K., I have given this some thought. It may be unrealistic of me to expect brute strength gains in the midst of a cutting program. My caloric intake has been low lately and my supps are all about ripping for the most part. Powerfull may simply help me sleep and recover. To this end I ate more food post workout today than I have in a while, hopefully I can get some thermic effects from it and also bump up the glycogen reserves a bit.

  21. That is good idea!! keep up this good log bro!! ^^^

  22. thoughts so far, powerfull is nothing more than a sleep aid, fucothin can help with rippedness

  23. Well, just a few more days of this FucoThin supplement. I also have 1 full bottle of Powerfull down.

    Final thoughts

    Powerfull- Negligible results. Tried it both pre-workout and pre-bed, as well as just pre-bed dosing. Honestly can't say anything good at this point. I have one bottle left which I am running pre bed only 3 pills just to finish it off.

    FucoThin- Using a ripping diet I got to the best body comp I have ever seen. Probably 80-85% of this was due to the diet and my cardio, but I have to give 7-10% credit to this FucoThin. I ran it high dosed for approximately 45 days when it's all said and done.

    Would I run it again? If I could get it as cheaply as I did this time absolutely. I would run it with some other non stim fat burners as a stim free cut. Again this is only if the low , low price is found.

    Where does this all leave me? Well I have another log going where I am running Cryotest from MT and I will be soon adding a few goodies to that stack, all in my quest for the 10 reps!


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