Thermogenic effect of Oxyelite Pro is impressive for an OTC product

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    Thermogenic effect of Oxyelite Pro is impressive for an OTC product

    Taking it now for 5 days and I'm impressed by the otc thermogenic qualities of this product. It reminds me of a low dose of DNP. Sweat and heat combined with some low stim effects.

    This is actually the third product in a row I try from USP Labs and they all delivered sofar (Jack3d and PowerFull).

    Best legal fat burner I tried sofar (ECA excluded).

  2. OEP+Alpha T2= Insane!
    SNS Online Representative
    Maxximal @

    Got Glycophase ...?

  3. TheTransforma
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    I can't find Alpha T2 in Europe, I already looked for it, I wouldn't mind given that a spin in combination with OxyElite Pro.

  4. in Europe you can find Alpha Burn by RPN.It's almost the same,9mg of Rauwolscine for cps

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