Clenbuterol + Alpha T2 + Dermatherm Target Stack

  1. Clenbuterol + Alpha T2 + Dermatherm Target Stack

    I'm running a fat loss stack for 2 weeks of Clen and Alpha T2 along with some Green Tea extract and Dermatherm Target. I have been dosing the Clen at 80 mcg spread over 2 doses/day for the last week. I have been using 2 Alpha T2 caps most days and I added the Dermatherm Target 2 days ago thanks to the awesome Nutra sale

    Synergy between beta-2 and beta-3 agonist along with an alpha-2 antagonist will result in superior fat annihilation

    beta-2 agonist

    Alpha T2:
    methylsynephrine is a beta-3 agonist
    Rauwolscine is a alpha-2 antagonist

    Drop from around 11% bf to around 8% bf before I transition into a lean bulk in the upcoming months.

    Approx. 1800 kcals/day from a clean diet structured around intermittent fasting of 16 hours fast - 8 hours feed. BTW, plan on using the IF for my lean bulk too which should be interesting.

    Cardio twice a week right now towards the end of the 16 hour fast. Been on my recovery week on 5:3:1.

    Have dropped approx. 3lbs., seeing increased definition.

    A bit jittery the first few days on the clen (started at 40 mcg). Other than that a somewhat increased heartrate, occasionally a very mild headache but it usually doesn't last long. BP has stayed normal. Has been difficult to fall asleep a couple times but wakeup refreshed. Workouts have seemed very weak, but part of that might be psychological - hard to get pumped up to lift 40%, 50% and 60% of max. for 5 reps. (I am on my rest week on the 5:3:1 cycle)

    I will update towards the end of this thing which should be 1 week from now at the latest if not this weekend. Then I likely begin tapering up my cals. to maintenance and then begin to transition into my lean bulk.


  2. Interesting.
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  3. I am in bro ,been thinking of getting Clen!!

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