Alpha T2 / OEP / Lean Xtreme Stack - MY FIRST LOG - and progess since start of 2010 !

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  1. Exclamation **LOG** Alpha T2 / OEP / Lean Xtreme Stack - and progess since start of 2010 !

    Hello everyone! This is my very first log, Im going to try and give as much detail as possible, including my goals, my training routine, my diet, and the progess I have made so far.

    Firstly, A little bit about me... Im 22 years old and currently live in London, England. Being from the UK I work in KG, I know the vast majority of AnobolicMinds members are in the USA and work in LBS, so I will convert the figures to LBS for you guys

    Ive been overweight for ages, at the start of the year I weighed in at 228 LBS (103 KG / 16 stone) I've been boxing for around 2 years, however up until the beggining of the year I hadn't been fully committed. My diet was bad and this counter acted the benefits I would of got from the training. I also wasn't doing any runs or any type of excercise by myself. At the start of 2010 I really focused on sticking to a good diet, doing my runs regularly and using weights at home.

    In roughly 7 months I dropped from 228 LBS to 195.8 LBS. On 21/07/2010 I started the Alpha T-2 and OEP stack, I was only able to use the stack for 2 weeks due to going on holiday, and I still saw excellent results... 2 weeks on the stack I dropped from 195.8 LBS to 184.0 LBS !

    I am convinced this was all body fat that was lost, as I have been drinking plenty of water, roughly 3 litres per day. My strength has increased, I can lift heavier weights, and I am a faster and more energetic with my bag/pad work, and sparring. I have put together a graph to show my progess over this year... (the date format is day/month/year)

    At the start of the year I could barely run 100 metres and I was extremely out of breath and completely knackered. I can now run roughly 5.5 miles (8.8 KM)... I am very very impressed with my progess

    I am now going to start the Alpha T-2 / OEP stack again, and I am going to include the DS Lean Xtreme non-stim based supplement. I have been advised there is an ingredient in the Lean Xtreme that may work with the OEP and greatly increase my body temperature, so I started the dosage low to work out my tolerance.

    My dosage so far:

    15 mins before breakfast - 2x T2, 1x OEP, 1x LX,
    4 hours later - 1x LX
    30 mins before lunch (roughly 6 hours after breakfast) - 1x T2, 1x OEP
    2 hours after lunch - 1x LX

    Other supplements I will be using are, PhD Diet Whey, USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic, Jack3d, and NOW ADAM multi-vitamin.

    My training routine so far goes like this:

    Monday - 1 hour with personal trainer (weights and cardio based)
    Tuesday - 4.5 Mile run (7.2 KM)
    Wednesday - Weights and cardio workout at home + 2 mile run (3.2 KM)
    Thursday - 1 hour 15 mins with trainer (weights and cardio based)
    Friday - 1 hour 15 mins with trainer (boxing sparring and cardio related)
    Saturday - Weights and cardio related workout at home + 2 mile run (3.2 KM)
    Sunday - Rest day

    My diet goes roughly like this:

    Breakfast - Oats with skimmed milk, raisens, Pomegranate Juice, 1 slice toast.
    OR, 3 eggs scrambled, 3 slices of bacon with fat removed, Orange juice,

    Mid morning snack - PhD diet whey, OR, EAS Myoplex diet bar

    Lunch - Sandwich with Turkey, or Chicken, or Roast beef, with loads of lettuce, and tomatoes. Fruit bowl of Strawberries, rasberries, red + green grapes.

    Mid afternoon snack - Same sandwich as lunch, OR, Phd Diet whey shake, OR, EAS Myoplex diet bar

    Dinner - Mixed vegetable salad with chopped up boiled eggs and small amount of light salad cream.

    Evening snack - PhD diet whey shake

    I am drinking roughly 3 litres of water throughout the day.

    I use the USN Muscle fuel protein shake immediately after training on the Monday, Thursday, and Friday. (I only use 2 scoops instead of the 3 recommeded scoops due to the very high calorie content (roughly 530 calories with 3 scoops))

    I want to get my weight down to 168 LBS (12 st / 76 KG), I feel this is definitely acheivable and an ideal weight for me. When I get to this weight, I will focus on building muscle

    All views and opinions are welcome, I would like to hear any advice/suggestions that anyone has :-)



  2. This stack will def break your plateau!

    Subb'd - very excited to follow along
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  3. Congrats on the weight loss! Seriously 44lbs is no joke! Thats some major dedication and discipline right there. I look forward to your progress man, keep up the hard work.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    This stack will def break your plateau!

    Subb'd - very excited to follow along
    excellent cheers
  5. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by reecew View Post
    Congrats on the weight loss! Seriously 44lbs is no joke! Thats some major dedication and discipline right there. I look forward to your progress man, keep up the hard work.
    yeah 44 lbs is a huge amount of weight to lose

    I intend on competing in amateur boxing next year and the last 7 months have shown me I have what it takes to stick to an eating program and that I have the dedication to train my arse off so that I get to the stage I want to be at :-)

    At the moment things are really positive, Ive never fealt so energetic, motivated and healthy. I look forward to reaching my ideal weight and then packing on some strong muscle

  6. That's very impressive. I'm definately in.

  7. BUMP!!

  8. subbed

  9. awesome its good to have you guys following :-)

  10. loved your story bro...I'm in!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Superpippo View Post
    loved your story bro...I'm in!
    cheers buddy !

    i will be updating soon :-)

  12. In for updates
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    In for updates
    well, so far the last few days havnt been good to be honest... friday night I got no sleep at all untill 6am, I had work early saturday morning and had to call in sick for the first time (i wasnt even sick i just had zero hours sleep), I finally got to sleep at 6am and slept till around 12:30.... I 'think' this was due to using Jack3d too close to bed time, although I had used it many times before with the same 2 scoop dosage without any problems like this....

    saturday night i had the same trouble sleeping, although this time i managed to sleep at 4am, but, had to get up at 5am for work at 6am (saturday i consumed no Jack3d at all, and i did not use the T2/OEp/LX stack)

    strange, i really dont know why this has happened...

    I had to lay off the t2/oep/lx stack for saturday and sunday until i got back into the rythem of sleeping again...

    sunday night I slept OK, but this was aided by 2 Nytol Natural tablets, tonight will be the big test, i am only using 1 scoop of Jack3d tonight, so we will see.... I am blatently going to weigh in heavy tonight, I reckon 2.5 KG heavier than Fridays session which was 83.5 KG, I reckon tonight 85.5 -> 86.5 KG..... but this is to be expected given the last few days have been almost without any sleep...

    right, im off to train, will update in about 2 hrs time

    wish me luck,


  14. well,weighed in at 189.6 lbs (86 KG), and weighed out at 188.3 LBS (85.4 KG).

    an OK result considering it was a fairly mellow session, all of my muscles ached and generally felt weak (obviously due to lack of sleep over the last few days)...

    As long as I sleep well tonight, im going to restart the T2/OEP stack in the morning, (i will add the LX back in after 2 days of starting the T2/OEP). I think tomorrow evening Im not going to do any training at all and just rest after work, go to bed early and recover some energy that has been lost.

    This is a slight set back, but I wont let it bother me, by the end of this week I want to be back on form and back to the weight I was last week, 182 LBS (82.5 KG).

    night all :-)

  15. Subbed.

    You sound like a boss. [nomedia=""]YouTube- Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) - Uncensored Version[/nomedia]

  16. Quote Originally Posted by bikeswimlive View Post
    haha that is crazy ! like a 'bowse'

  17. Puke on Debra's desk!

  18. I got a good amount of sleep last night, roughly 8 hours, although I woke up at random points, every 2.5 // 3 hrs, but atleast I got some sleep and I feel a lot better now

    weight this morning was 186 lbs (84.4 KG), down from yesterdays 189.6 lbs (86 KG), I should be at a good weight again by the end of the week

  19. ive had an excellent day today, much more energy and fealt a lot happier in myself :-)

    I did some good work on the punch bag after work and then went for a 2 mile (3.2km) run, I fealt a bit tired on the run which is probably due to the lack of sleep, but the run still fealt good, i loved it. the parts that fealt tired were my calves, my shoulders, and parts of my upper back. Apart from that though it was great.

    I am weighin in at 183.6 lbs (83.3 KG), however this is after the workout so it will not be a true refection of my weight, what I weigh in at tomorrow morning will be a more accurate figure.

    Tomorrow is my first propper day of the Alpha T-2 + OEP + Lean Xtreme stack and i will be taking the full dosage as I have stated in my origional post :P

    Tomorrow evening i'll log how the day went.


  20. weighed 183.8 lbs (83.4 kg) this morning, a good wieght, looks like im back on track :-)

  21. Quote Originally Posted by hexstatic View Post
    weighed 183.8 lbs (83.4 kg) this morning, a good wieght, looks like im back on track :-)
    yesterday 186-today 183-damn.
  22. Talking

    Day 1 - T2/OEP/LX Stack

    Today has been an excellent day for me, and I know that some very good things are coming my way! Firstly, my day started on a good note as I got a good ammount of sleep last night, and, the morning I weighed in at 183.6 lbs, down from 186 the previous day :-) All through out the day I've had good vibes and have fealt really positive in myself.

    Todays dosage;

    15 min before breakfast at 05:15 = 2x T2, 1x OEP, 1x LX,
    4 hours later = 1x LX,
    2 hours later = 1x T2, 1x OEP,
    2 hours later = 1x LX

    I have had no bad feelings from this stack at all today, quite the opposite... every part of my day has been better in someway. Im really excited to see how I am in the upcoming weeks, I should be set to lose a good amount of body fat.

    I did a home workout after work today, nothing too major as my main training days are tomorrow and Friday. Even though I didnt take any pre-excercise formula like Jack3d and I didnt go too mad with the workout I still got an excellent burn going. Wow my muscles feel pumped now, I sessioned the 20 KG (44 lbs) dumbells a lot. My biceps are stil burning from the curls

    I will update with my weight tomorrow, I will include the mornings weight, before the workout, and after workout.

    If there is any info that I have missed out pls let me know, I am trying to include everything I can think of but there will be somethings I have missed...


  23. this sounds like a KILLER stack!!!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by SBT View Post
    this sounds like a KILLER stack!!!
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
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    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  25. you have chosen wisely-i agree, nice stack.


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