a honest pink magic review

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  1. whats up skinny!
    im in bro and will follow along for sure
    im only 1 week into pink magic so far !
    havent really noticed much yet

  2. your log looks great. IM on my 5th day of pm and have saw gains in strength and have gotten very vascular.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by aSKINNYkid View Post
    Ok so was researching PM here and a couple other forums and noticed all the controversy over the legitimacy of reviews/logs. I guess I got sucked into the marketing scheme or hype or whatever because I dropped 70$ at GNC for a bottle. And I am aware that my review may not be legitiment as I am a first time user or whatever, but bb.com seems to have some censorship issues that seem fishy so here I am. I am 6'2" and 163 lbs. Never really worked out for more than a couple months in highschool. I am 20 years old and started p90x a couple months ago and moved the free weights after the first phase (3 weeks.) I then continued on that for 2 and a half weeks and bought some PM. So I am only on day 3 but I can tell you what I've noticed so far:

    Day 1 was a off day

    Day 2 was yesterday (back and shoulders)
    Didn't notice anything special, had a good workout but with the jack3d it's usually like that and I don't really reach muscle failure on shoulders/back it seems.

    Day 3 Bench ?superset? Thingy where we (me and my buddy) check our 1 rep max before-hand
    This is where a couple things I would probably have to give credit to PM happened:
    This was the first time I have max'd out on bench since starting free-weights and I hit 205 and my old PR from 4 years ago as a sophomore was 185 so I'm not really sure wtf is up with that? But more credited and advertised by pm is the vascularity, my vein on my bicep has been popping out of my arm all day. I am very skinny for my height and have a pretty low bf% but this is not normal.

    Anyways I'll be coming back every couple of days and letting you guys know what's up, as I am aware that there are ZERO reviews I trusted as a consumer. And was very fearful I wasted 70$ for two days there.
    I'm always iffy about purchasing they type of supps. The question I keep coming back to when deciding to take the plunge is "do the benefits justify the cost", and how do you measure those benefits? Vascularity is nice, but in the end it's a superficial benefit. The end up game is to increase test, which increases athletic performance leading to noticeable gains, at least that is only reason I'd ever purchase a supp in this category . Hopefully you can answer some of those questions objectively. Good luck.



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