well as everybody knows Nutrapro was out for a while, so I took advanatge of the sale with Trunutrition. Got my Isolate today and figured id give me honest eval. on it, or at least my humble opinion.


10/10about 6oz of water and 1.5 scoops makes it about 40 grams of pro. no clumps at all, a little thick but i like that another ounce of water would have been perfect probably.

7.5/10not as good as some chocolates such as nutrapro or the ATW isolate but it aint bad. ive had way worse. i wouldnt call it a milkshake from McD's like they claim someone said about vanilla but, it aint bad at all. Nutrapro took a week or two to grow on me maybe this will do the same.

9/10being objective, averaging the two above and factoring in it is an isolate with 26g of protein/110 calories and its 6lbs for what was $39.99 it is a very good deal.

so, to me i can say i am satisfied with the purchase and the customer service from Greg was on point. i have even made comments to him on here about some posts about hard sales and still nothing but compliments to him for the level of care i received. great experience, very good product for a very reasonable price. great value in my opinion.