AMS Pump Fixx Sponsored Log

  1. AMS Pump Fixx Sponsored Log

    Had a long day but when I finally got home, I saw my package sitting on the porch for me. Took 1 scoop of Pump Fixx before my workout and this is the best tasting PWO ive ever had. I like the touch of As for the workout, was a little rushed, but had a decent workout overall. Had great focus throughout the entire workout. No crazy pumps yet, but ill have a better workout tomorrow. Ill try to post a pic tomorrow pre wo and post.

    Start subbin up!!

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  3. Just got back from my back and bicep workout and this stuff gave me a crazy pump in my traps. Heres how it went:


    Superset #1
    BB Row
    185X8 X3

    Bent over cable raise
    40X12 X4

    Superset #2
    Wide Grip Pullups
    BWX10 X3

    Straight Arm Pulldowns

    EZ Bar curl

    Low Machine Curl

    Superset #4
    Incline Curl
    25X12 X3

    Hammer Curl
    60X10 X3

    Was DC training for awhile but gonna take a few weeks off. Pumps were good in my back today, much better than other Pre WOs. Energy and focus were about normal

  4. nice workout

  5. Did shoulders today. Energy was good and noticed I could go slightly longer than normal. Nice pump but nothing crazy, but overall had a great workout.

    Tried to upload a pic but it was to big. Ill try to get the gf to take another one tommorow

  6. Sorry for the no update in awhile. Been pretty busy lately. Started the week off with back/bicep workout.


    BB Curls
    95X10 for 4 sets

    BO Cable pull
    40X10 for 3 sets
    Supersetted with
    Alt DB Curl
    55X10 for 3 sets

    Lat Pulls
    200X15 for 3 sets
    Supersetted with
    Pull ups(palms facing towards me) 3 sets of 10

    Finished with 3 sets of pullups till failure. usually im baked when I get to these but im getting great energy from Pump Fixx. Im able to move quicker through my workouts.

  7. Hmm, sounds great.


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