Running 4 weeks of Pink Magic/Prime

  1. Running 4 weeks of Pink Magic/Prime

    I recently finished by first bottle of Pink Magic and thought it was solid but not spectacular. I made some small strength gains and shed around 1% of bodyfat. My diet was clean and at a slight caloric deficit. However, I didn't take before pics, and didn't have a BF% test. I still don't have a caliper but we will let the mirror/pics be the judges.

    I'm now starting my 2nd bottle and since I picked up option 3 from the IC release, I'm going to run Prime alongside it. My goal is to drop another 1% of bodyfat or so and hopefully bring out some vascularity, although this time I will be eating at a slight caloric surplus, so I hope to gain a bit of size and strength as well. I've decided to log basically to give myself extra motivation as well as help out the community. I've taken a lot from AM and not given back as much as I should, so I hope this log can help some people make better decisions on future purchases.

    Some facts about me:
    I'm 27 yrs old, 5'10", currently 186 lbs.
    Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, gym is Anytime Fitness
    Supp and stim junkie, never used Steroid/PH
    This is my first log, it won't be extremely detailed but will be updated 2-3 times a week; I'll start the PM/Prime tomorrow (7/25)

    Training Split

    Other supps (staples):
    Multivitamin 2x/day
    Beta Alanine 6g/day
    Creapure 8g/day
    CLA 4g/day
    Andraulic State GT pre-workout
    BC+EAA sip between meals and during workout
    Dymatize Elite Gourmet 2-3 shakes per day

    I'm not going to get into details about my diet, but it is relatively clean, and standard high protein, moderate fat, moderate carbohydrate.

    Before Pics (unflexed, flexed, side)

  2. Edit: I'll be starting today (7/24) instead, because my baseball doubleheader just got cancelled. Popping 3 prime, 2 pink magic, and downing some ASGT right now, then I'm off to blast my pecs and tris.

  3. Have your ran any other test boosters before to be able to compare your experience against Pink Magic?

  4. No sir Pink Magic is the first test booster I have run as I am prone to MPB. I've always feared a test booster would aggravate it but the first bottle of PM had no negative effect on my hair whatsoever.

  5. Ok so saturday was my first day on PM/Prime and I'll say this: I already liked ASGT but when you use it to wash down 3 prime and two pink magic it is just ****ing insane. I PRed 3 lifts, cable cross, rope tri extension and weighted dips.

    Sunday was an off day but I'll hit back/bi/hams today and report back tomorrow.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by 10bathroomsO View Post
    good to have you brah, just sub'd to your hyper trop x/alpha t-2 log! i tried a sample of alpha t-2 and that **** is the real deal. good luck

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mDeezy View Post
    good to have you brah, just sub'd to your hyper trop x/alpha t-2 log! i tried a sample of alpha t-2 and that **** is the real deal. good luck
    thanks man, I havent tried alpha t2 yet, still waiting on the mail lady lol. I have a bottle of pink magic and a bottle of prime waiting on me after this log, I would run it with my log but I wanna run the two together by themselves when I do it

  8. Workout was pretty good again last night. I absolutely destroyed my back (PR on barbell rows); biceps not so much. I did back first and did a lot of pulls and I think I fatigued my biceps. But I definitely see and feel a increase in pump and vascularity with the PM/Prime/ASGT compared to just ASGT. I ran out of time and couldn't hit my hamstrings so I'll do those with quads on Friday.

    Calories were a little low yesterday @ 2,547. I'd like to be up around 3,200 on workout days and right at 3,000 on off days. I think I'm gonna start just spoon eating like 4-6 tbsp a day of peanut butter to get my cals up. I already had 2 tbsp with breakfast lol. The rest of my macros were pretty decent: 212.6g protein, 78.5g fat, 191g carb. I'd like to get fat up a bit and carbs down a bit but close enough.

  9. Really good shoulder/calf/ab workout last night, although i fatigued a little toward the end of shoulders. I'm hitting quite a few PRs since I started this stack, and got another one last night on barbell front raise. I also hit lateral raises, rear delt pulls, shrugs and behind the back shrugs on shoulders, with steady numbers on all.

    Calves and abs were steady too, no PRs but good intense lifts. The workout as a whole was only an hour but very intense and I was sweaty as balls halfway through.

    One thing I should note is I dose my PM/Prime similar to P-Slin or AP in that I take it 10-15 min before meals.

    Macros from yesterday:
    2801 cal, 242.8g protein, 93g fat, 132.5g carb

    Pic to encourage subs:

  10. man i cant wait to start taking my pink magic bro

  11. interesting, good luck

  12. Have you taken Prime before?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by 10bathroomsO View Post
    man i cant wait to start taking my pink magic bro
    you're gonna love it man the recomp properties are awesome

  14. Quote Originally Posted by emiliozapata View Post
    interesting, good luck
    thanks man appreciate it

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Killerkanadia View Post
    Have you taken Prime before?
    no i haven't, I could never really justify the cost before, considering there were such a high percentage of non-responders. however, with the IC option 3 the Prime was basically free. luckily it seems I am responding as
    I can feel the difference with the products stacked compared to PM alone.

  16. prime is the shizz, not it made me want to work out more, and it did stranggeee thingggss to my appetite, i was eating like a beast

  17. sorry for lack of updates, big update coming tonight

  18. Although I haven't been updating I have been beasting it in the gym. The changes in the mirror are already evident to me-- I'm deciding whether or not to post 2 week updated pics or wait til the end of 4 weeks for a more dramatic change.

    Since I started the PM/Prime, I'm literally NEVER not motivated to hit the gym. Normally I'm pretty good about going 5 days a week, but I'll skip a day here and there. On PM/Prime, I want to get in there EVERY SINGLE DAY. I don't do it because I know I need rest days, but I'm itching to on those days. Maybe this log has something to do with that also.

    Update on lifts: All steadily increasing. My 1RM on bench was 265 ~6 weeks ago before my first bottle of PM. Next week I'll max out and I'm willing to bet its gone up 20 lbs. I just feel much stronger on all chest exercises, and also the place I've added the most mass is definitely the pectoral region.

    More updates later tonight with specifics on lifts and diet

  19. All sounds outstanding my friend

  20. Yesterday was an off day, and I hit the 3,000 calorie mark I've been aiming for. Its been difficult for me, I'm just not used to eating that much food and I've never eaten 3k cals on a regular basis before. There's been a lot of days where I've come up short and am around 2,500. Luckily my protein/fat/carbs have been right around where I want, which is 250pro/100fat/150carb.

    I listed my splits in OP, but didn't really go into detail about training style, lifts, etc. Basically I train in sort of a freestyle manner. I have an iPhone app with about 15-20 different exercises listed for each bodypart. When I get to the gym, I open up the lists and pick 1 or 2 compound lifts i.e. bench, squat, dead, and 3 or 4 iso lifts for whatever split i'm doing that day. For the compounds I do 4 sets with reps between 6 and 10, for the isos, 3 or 4 sets with reps between 8 and 15. The next time I do the same split, I aim to pick different isos than the previous workout, and the compounds usually stay the same.

    Tonight is shoulders/calves/abs, can't wait to get out of work and get to the gym.

  21. bump for two quick points:
    1) on the one day of the week that i'm off Prime and Pink Magic, I don't feel a difference as far as mood/aggression/"alpha-male"--- but I do notice my appetite is decreased and resting vascularity is lessened.
    2) something I failed to mention in OP: I am not doing any cardio during this 4 weeks aside from my baseball games, which isn't much. Just running the bases and chasing balls in the outfield- my heart rate never stays elevated for any significant period of time.

    Tonight is chest/tri/quads, will report back tomorrow.

    libido check

  22. Studded bro. Ill be watching.


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