Cutting log/Scivation diet

  1. Cutting log/Scivation diet

    Hey started a log on Scivation forum about 2 weeks back, tracking my diet and lifts. I figure I will post my supplement usage here to get some advice. Here is my plan:

    Supplement plan till October 7 2010.
    Omega 3
    ALA (With carb meals)
    ZMA (Before bed)
    Ghenerate (Before bed)

    Pre workout stack:
    1.5g L-tyrosine, 200 mg caffeine, yohimbe (1hr preworkout)
    Jack3d 15 mins preworkout
    Stack 2:
    AGST 1 hr pre workout
    AP 15min before workout
    Xtends intra
    10g Glutamine
    2g Beta alanine

    July 15, 2010- August 5th, 2010 (Gameover Cut diet, 2500 cals)
    -3 week: Detox phase
    Cycle support
    August 6th Ė August 26th
    -3 week: Strength phase (switch to Diet solution 6 meal plan 2250 or 2500cals)

    Hawthorn berry
    Milk Thistle
    6 Bromo
    August 27th Ė September 16th
    -3 week: Pure fat loss (Stay with Diet solution 6 meal plan)
    PCT assist

    September 17th - October 7th
    -3 week: Pure fat loss Phase 2 (Stay on Diet Solution 6 meal plan 2250 or 2500cals)
    Extreme Lean

  2. July 18, 2010

    Weight: 84.8kg (Iím thinking the creatine in the AGST might be making me hold water)
    Meal 1:
    2 scoops Solution 5 + 21g protein powder w/99g blueberries
    Meal 2:
    Cheat meal
    Kaiten sushi (sushi on a conveyer belt and you just take what you want a pay later)
    Ate about 20 pieces of nigiri. Iím thinking 160g-200g carbs in white rice. (10 plates of sushi, 2 pieces each).

    Meal 3:
    Sludge w/99g blueberries

    Meal 4:

    140g Chicken
    200g Brocolli

    Meal 5:

    Meal 6:
    Sludge w/blueberries

    Workout was Legs
    10min warm up cardio

    Leg Press
    205kgs x10 x 3

    1 legged Leg press
    99kgs X10X5

    Leg extensions
    81kgs X 10 X5

    Hamstring curls
    39kgs X 8 X5

    Calf raises
    210kgs X20X5
    (Super setted w/ab twists)

    Roman Deadlifts
    40kgs X5X4

    20 minutes of cool down cardio.

    10 minutes cardio cool down.

    Strong workout today, too bad couldnít squat. The gym was too busy to squat, I donít like waiting. Feeling good, sushi was nice and clean cheat. I love sushi sooo much and being in japan that wonderful lunch was only 12 bucks.

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