Tried some Alpha-T2

  1. Tried some Alpha-T2

    Alright so I had requested a sample for the Alpha T-2, and took it on Monday. I have been meaning to report on this for PES, but kept getting distracted with different things going on, but I do think it is a good supplement, so it definitely deserves my comments.

    I dosed it according to instruction. 2 on empty stomach in the AM, 1 later on (pre workout).

    I felt alert and decently stimmed on this. I did not have any side effects, except one (I have taken high doses of Clenbuterol with 0 sides, so I am very stim tolerant). The side I noticed thoughout the day was the chills, very similar to the chills I have experienced on Yohimbe. Nothing unbearable, however.

    I had a pretty decent workout on Monday, when I took it. I am alittle bit down in strength as part of the cut I am going through, but still had a good amount of energy going on. I didn't feel overly thermogenic, but again I should not be a good judge of this since clenbuterol didn't make me sweat.

    I would try a run of this when I am looking for a more natural cut (non-clenbuterol assisted). It does the job, and I will look forward to a time I grab a full bottle so I can report on results as a whole.
    Just inject.

  2. Thanks for the review!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Thanks for the review!
    Thank you for the chance to try a fantastic product.
    Just inject.

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