The Doctor of FUNK reviews Alpha-T2 (mini review)

  1. The Doctor of FUNK reviews Alpha-T2 (mini review)

    So I recieved a sample from PES of their Alpha-T2 product at the end of last week and decided that this last Tuesday was the day to give it a go.

    The Sample pack was three pills of T2 and dosing was 2 before breakfast and 1 6 hours later. Diet was normal, I eat big in the morning and big at night but not much during the day.

    The effects were a slight warmth overall for at least 4 hours after taking the T2. I thought this was placebo or the hot weather here in alabama, but Wednesday was hotter and I did more activity but I didn't sweat as much. On tuesday after dinner, I was sweating just sitting on the couch in the A/C! I also had an overall sense of well-being on Tuesday. Not sure if it was due to the T2, but at least it didn't seem like there were ANY negative side effects from the product.

    Thank you PES and I may use this product in a spring cut next year!


  2. The warmth is probably the most noticed effect of Alpha-T2, just after one dose!

    Thanks again for the review
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