sweet and simple JW log

  1. sweet and simple JW log

    With all the mix emotions on JW i decided to give it a 30 day run to see what it can do. Just started today im at 153lb and 10.9bf reping 180 on bench 280 squatting and 100 curling going to get some before pictures up soon(im not expecting to see any noticeable difference but who knows). So lets see what JW can do for the average joe.

  2. okay so its been the first day and i have noticed that im a little more on edge and smaller things seem to get to me more it could be JW or just a long day at work lol. it says take with a meal and i thought that a banana as a snack would do but i was wrong it gave me the most intense nausea feeling ever and a little light headed. So i took it with my after workout meal this morn and so far so good couldn't feel any better.

  3. iv noticed that my irritability has increased a lot but seems to be leveling out and it seems that my hunger is increased slightly. also it seems that I'm holding some water but i don't think that is being caused by JW
    so far so good

  4. okay so after taking JW for a couple days the irritability has gone down tremendously and i can keep it under wrap. Also my increased hunger has leveled out and isn't getting any worse. the alpha male feeling has kicked in and i just feel like im amazing lol( theirs no other way to explain it) I haven't seen any change in the pump i get at the gym but i do notice more of drive then usual. I can usually do 1x7 100lb bb curls followed by 2x7 90lb but today did 3x7 100lb some of my other lifts also went up. also weighed in today at 155lb but its just water weight probably. so far if i had to rate JW i world give it a 10/10 but that might change towards the end of the cycle.

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