new ultimate 12 week program

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  1. new ultimate 12 week program

    I will be starting presurge unleashed with half a serving of anarchy preworkout.

    I will list every thing I am starting and what I have added.

    Pink Magic new 2x8 Mon wed Fri
    Prime Re starting again 2x8 Mon wed Fri
    Pre surge unleahsed new 1 serving 30 min before workouts
    Anarchy new half serving right before I workout
    Recovery factor My own supplement 20 min before working out

    Omegs 3-4 times a day 100% epa and dha nothing else.

    Gear 5 new caps 3-4 times a day
    Ingredients: 200 capsules per bottle
    Each capsule contains: Super plasma protein: 250mg Hydrolized Caseinate aminos: 100mg
    Whey Fraction complex: 100mg BCAA's: 525mg Aminogen and Bromalain: 50mg

    Need to slin new twice a day or three. Let me know
    2 caps per serving 60 servings per container.
    1.) 450mg gymnema sylvestre, a whopping 75 percent gymnemic acids!! 2.) 250mg Acetyl L-carnatine 3.) 200mg NaR-ALA 4.) 200mg L-norvaline 5.) 90mg Coleus forskholi, 20 percent forskolin. 6.) 30mg synephrine HCI 7.) 18mg Banaba leaf.

    New kind of coq10 micronized pre workout.

    As for my post work out protein source I will be doing peptopro from PF new and power shock by vpx mid. Powershock mid workout with some gear 5 caps and peptopro and workout maxamizer which has carbs WPI and MPI. with another 5 caps of gear.

    Multi,antioxidants, joint product.
    Ghenerate 3x a day 6 sprays
    3 sprays of sleep miracle which has melatonin passion flower, valerion root 1 cap of igf1 and 4 caps of hgh pro 30 min before bed

    I am 133lbs my goal by 12 weeks in DC training is to gain 10lbs.

    I will be not taking 1.5 to 2 grams of protein since gear will help make my protein more anabolic at the same dose.

    As long as my leucine is 3 grams times 8 hours I should be fine.

    I will be posting pictures videos etc.

    Gear should help make my protein meals/shakes more anabolic.
    Need to slin should make my carbs anabolic.

  2. Also soon as my hypoxico machine comes in I will be sleeping in it.

  3. I can't get a hold of the hypoxico company. Pissing me off. I downed around 4k and they won't email me or return my calls.

  4. sounds crazy
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  5. Rack Dead lifted 365 8 reps than 20 reps 225lbs WM.
    Dumbell pressed 90lbs 8/6/4
    Dumbell Shoulder press 75 6/5/4 Not so great. I think the 90lbs of dumbell press killled me.
    Tricep ez extention cable 90lbs 12/5/3

    All my stretches at 30 seconds up to a minute.

    I really felt the pump from pre surge. GPLC is for sure awesome stuff. Not sure how much GPLC is in there product but I felt a pump. Something I did not feel with Jacked.
    The focus was there from the 1,3 and my energy was there too.

    Power shock taste awesome mid workout with light carbs fast acting. Pepto pro 8 grams with a little power shock for another 4 grams and than some fast acting carbs and need to slin at 40 grams of carbs with gear 5 caps post. We will see if my recovery times improve now that I am adding gear.

    We will see if my strength goes up as pink magic goes on.

  6. am i the only one?
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  7. Not sure but I have never dead liftd rack that kind of weight. I am using versa grips to grip the bar which helps a lot too.

    I emailed AEN to see how much GPLC is in the product. I wan't to make sure I am getting in 4 grams and if not add just few more caps from online to make sure I am getting 4 grams.

  8. My hypoxico machine will be in thursday.

  9. I will be adding monster v protein for night time along side my slow digesting carbs i will do that 1 hour before bed than 10 min before bed my spray and caps.

  10. For those that don't know what monster v is.
    From protein factor dot com web site

    The new protein is called, “Monster V Protein”. And I decided to give it that name because this protein is a beast, a juggernaut, a jack of all trades, it has a ton of great muscle building advantages to it. So I just couldn’t focus on one property of this new protein and then focus the name around that, so I had to give it a title that exemplifies “large and powerful”. So Monster V Protein is its name!

    Monster V Protein is a 100% made in America protein. This is important to know today because most of the dietary supplements sold today, like the preworkout supplements that get you wired, contain ingredients made in China. I never recommend using anything from China. Monster V Protein is a high quality bovine sourced albumin concentrate. It is NOT anything like the “out-dated”, “try to resurrect dumb idea because they have no research and development department with brains” beef protein that is sold right now by a couple of other supplement company’s. Monster V is a beast of a protein powder. Don’t even think about comparing it to low quality beef protein or beef protein isolate.

    King of Slow Release Protein
    Monster V protein is now the ultimate slow digesting anti-catabolic protein. When someone calls me up and asks for a recommendation of a protein formula I usually tell them to go with a combination of protein sources and not just one, like using only a whey protein. First I will recommend a combination of whey and casein. Something like 50% CFM Whey Protein Isolate and 50% Heliogen Casein. This way the person gets a fast and slow digesting protein. Now, if a person asks me to formulate a night protein or sometimes a breakfast formula I will steer them to a formula with more slow release proteins. Something like 100% IPI Protein Isolate or 50% Aussie Casein, 25% Egg White Protein, 25% Whey Protein. So what is the advantage of a slow release protein? Slow release proteins provide the body with a slow digestive rate of amino acids into the blood stream. This results in an anti-catabolic or anti-muscle wasting effect. You can theorize that one reason anabolic steroids work so well is NOT the fact that they are so ANABOLIC but the fact that it keeps the body out of a catabolic state 24-7. While on steroids the body is in a constant state of anti-catabolism. Dr. Carlon Colker, probably the best sports nutrition guru on the planet lectured one time on how he feels CATABOLIC hormones in your body are MUCH stronger than ANABOLIC hormones. And I believe he is right. Think about it. How long does it take for you to gain a measly pound of muscle in the gym? 4,5, 6 months? Then you get the flu and how long does it take the body to shrink your muscles down to nothing and zap your strength, 2, 3, 4 DAYS!!. If you can somehow make your body more anti-catabolic your potential to grow muscle will be even greater in the long run, than quick anabolic bursts from anabolic steroids or fast digesting proteins.

    Monster V Protein is now King of Slow release proteins. And from a layman stand point it’s very easy to understand. The larger the protein molecule, the longer it takes the body to break the protein down and digest it. The slower the digesting the protein, the more anti-catabolic it will be. Protein molecules are measured by molecular weight. Good quality hydrolyzed proteins (like mine) can have a molecular weight average of about 5 kilodaltons, which is extremely fast digesting and good for postworkout. Whey protein has an average molecular weight of 18 Kilodaltons. This is considered a fast digesting protein. Egg white protein has an average molecular weight of 45 kilodaltons. Egg white protein is considered a moderate digesting protein. Casein protein, the ONLY slow digesting protein to date (until now haha!) has an average molecular weight of 30 kilo Daltons. Now get ready for this! Monster V Protein has an average molecular weight of 65 kilodaltons, double the size of casein! Thats mean it takes the body twice as long to break down and twice as long to digest making it super anti-catabolic. Easy enough to understand? I thought so. So forget all these other supplement company’s protein powders that they claim to have some sort of time released protein and all that other bull****. Unless they can tell you what the molecular weight is on their protein supplements, then they can’t hold a candle to my new Monster V Protein in terms of slow rate of absorption. Monster V protein will give you a super anti-catabolic effect. Using it 3 to 4 servings a day can leave your body potentially anti-catabolic all day long.

    Real Undenatured Protein
    Undenatured! How many times have you hear that? Most protein novices that I speak to one of the first things they ask about is, “Are your proteins undenatured?”. Right away I know this person really doesn’t know too much about whey protein or proteins in general. So let me set the record straight. All dairy and egg protein powders are denatured. Does this shock you? It shouldn’t. Here in the United States we have laws that the government created so that the foods you eat don’t kill you. The USDA regulates dairy and egg producers and makes sure they follow the law and pasteurize their products. Pasteurization kills the stuff that can kill you, salmonella, e coli, listeria, and other nasty microbial varmints. Pasterurization involves heat to kill microbials and heat denatures the protein. Their is no way around this. The whey protein you have been using has been subjected to pasteurization. I don’t care what you read on the internet about cold processed and all this other jazz. It’s simply not true. Pasteurization is the LAW! So does this mean the protein you have been drinking is krap? Hell no. Just because its pasteurized doesn’t mean its worthless. Whey protein is still great to drink and a great source of protein, so whats my point? The bad thing about pasteurization is that it does destroy to some degree protein subfractions. Protein subfractions do possess muscle building properties. For example, the bioactive protein in whey is albumin, whey protein only has an albumin content of about 2%. Monster V protein has an albumin content of 70%. So whats the good news about Mostern V Protein? Because Monster V protein is not a dairy or egg product it is not subjected to heat pasteurization. It goes through another process that does not destroy any protein subfractions. It’s a REAL 100% undenatured protein. Need proof? Lets compare egg white protein vs. Monster V Protein. Immunoglobin G (Igg is a main protein subfration found in protein powders. Chemical analysis shows that Monster V protein contains 10% IgG. Egg white protein there is ZERO IgG.

    How Monster V is made
    Previously I mentioned the “process” that is used to make Monster V Protein. The process was invented back in 1940 by Dr. Cohn from Harvard University. He found a way to separate the albumin in the blood. Then, when this albumin was given to wounded G.I.’s it helped expand the volume of blood and led to an speedier recovery. Monster V Protein is this fractionated protein from blood plasma using this Cohn process. It’s remarkable that we muscle hungry bodybuilders now have access to this process that was used to expand the volume of blood more quickly.

    Amino Acids.

    Monster Albumin Protein is jacked up on Amino Acids.

    Compared to Whey protein Monster Albumin Protein has

    •113% more Arginine
    •50% more Methionine + cystine
    •65% more Histidine
    •91% more Phenylalanine + tyrosine

    Compared to Egg Protein Monster Albumin Protein has
    •45% more Leucine
    •117% more Lysine
    •75% more Threonine
    •127% more Cystine

  11. Today
    Preacher scoffs curl 75 10/8/4
    Reverse 145 12-8-12
    Hack squat 225 6 reps 100lbswm 20 reps
    Calves 200 5 seconds 10 second pause 12 reps
    Leg curl 70. 12/6/3

  12. Looks good James, that is a ton of supplements. Glad they are working for you AMJUNE50 50 % off

    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online consultations

  13. Did you see the performance and physique and vitalier. I have 3 other drawers with Shaklee products in there.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Did you see the performance and physique and vitalier. I have 3 other drawers with Shaklee products in there.
    I saw a B complex as well. Outstanding . In addition, I saw some HGhpro and Recoverpro. Fantasic AMJUNE50 50 % off

    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online consultations

  15. My anarchy came. Sill make a film todsy

  16. YouTube- My lunch today

    4-5 grams of gear 5 caps is just about a gram
    8 grams of pepto pro
    Ramon with eggs 9 grams of protein
    22 grams of protein with total of 3 grams of leucine from the 22 grams

  17. After I'm done with pslin I will switch over to need to slin and compare to the two.

  18. I'm in for this. DJ you are ****ing crazy with your supps and I don't know what you do but apparently you are also very rich. Hey I'm not hatin I'm a supp junkie and I'd probly take just as much **** as you if I could afford it.

    And wtf is a hypoxico machine??

    The RBC is a count of the number of red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood. In response to hypoxia, the hormone erthyropoietin, secreted by the kidneys, stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. The formation of red blood cells is known as erthyropoiesis.
    Great for recovery

  20. YouTube- Floyd Landis Altitude Chamber this explains exactly what I'm doing but I have a tent in my room

  21. Machine bench 230 10/4/3
    Up right row 80 8/5/4
    Triceps bench 8/6/2 120
    V grip pull down 144 6/4/3 ss wm at 95 20 reps

  22. Quote Originally Posted by mDeezy View Post
    I'm in for this. DJ you are ****ing crazy with your supps and I don't know what you do but apparently you are also very rich. Hey I'm not hatin I'm a supp junkie and I'd probly take just as much **** as you if I could afford it.

    And wtf is a hypoxico machine??
    I work in a doctors office during the day teach martial arts at night run a gym on the weekend.

  23. My new toy came in. Will film tonight


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